Delusional fools: This is the anti-daygame

June 20, 2011

Sometimes when I’ve finished watching a decent infield on youtube I’ll let it recommend a few related vids and watch them. There’s all the usual dross: faked daygame kiss closes, nerdy virgins doing a webcam piece-to-camera from mum’s lounge, a big-name upsell. The one that just came on tonight and inspired actual nausea in my gut was from the alleged bosses of the Vegas and NYC lairs.

Good lord, check this out…

Here’s my play-by-play thoughts. Bear in mind it was painful to watch the first time, nevermind the second. I’m just about to make myself person-non-grata in Vegas.

0:07 – He actually calls himself an MPUA. Here’s a rule of thumb – the more 2002 jargon a guy uses, the worse his game. Calling yourself an MPUA is almost a guarantee of not being one. Like Saint Margaret of Thatcher once said: “being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people, then you aren’t”
0:22 – A weird-looking MPUA. Here’s a second rule of thumb – daygame is a test of how socially normal you are. If you’re not normal you are almost certainly hopeless at daygame. Someone recently asked me if Yad is a personable guy to be around. I said “of course, how else could he be so good at daygame?”
0:28 – Who is that weirdo on the right and why is he biting his nails, covering his mouth, and starting a sentence he doesn’t finish?
0:57 – Oh holy fuck they are walking across broken glass to shatter their limiting beliefs. For fucks sake you fucking retards, stop being retarded
1:26 – Creepy body language to ambush a trapped girl then forced intimacy. Video cuts away before girl rejects him more obviously.
1:56 – Horrible opener by weird creepy guy doesn’t hit. There’s a surprise.
2:14 – I’d be alot more forgiving if they didn’t call themselves MPUAs and then talk to the camera like they have something valuable they can teach.
2:26 – Graphs = science
2:46 – Don’t tell me. Show me.
3:03 – Another creepy ambush of a girl who IODs immediately and shows social politeness, then the video cuts away from the impending blowout. For training purposes note he had aggressive body language, telegraphed too much interest, forced rapport too early with a handshake, and sat down without an invite far too quickly. He also offered no value.
3:22 – Weak open, little value, and then creepily follows. Read more Tolle bro. This set could’ve easily been rescued because they were amenable to a decent approach.
3:29 – Following an escaping girl while DHVing and building kino???? This guy has no understanding of daygame. Predictably, the set doesn’t even hook.
3:43 – More disinterested girls showing minimum politeness. A recurring theme.
3:48 – He actually did a salsa spin.
3:50 – Fuck. He did another one
3:53 – and again! Holy fuck, he puts the M in MPUA!!!!
4:03 – Did he actually do a cartwheel in the middle of the street? Hang on, I just rewatched that. He actually did do a cartwheel in the middle of the street. Look at the disgust on the girls’ faces.
4:21 – High five = definitely down to fuck
4:29 – finally a girl gives what looks like a genuinely pleased respond. Almost five minutes into the highlights and there’s one girl not trying to GTFO.
4:36 – “this’ll look good on Facebook” and no close
4:44 – More creepy stalking and inability to capture girl’s attention
4:52 – ambush!
5:00 – Walking up to girl and directly asking for number immediately = tight game. Mystery Method should’ve been one paragraph long.
5:45 – My guess is that a flaky number really is a rare treasure for this guy.
5:51 – When the skillz don’t work, turn to prayer
6:11 – “picking up women, what we do”. At least they have the balls to attempt an epic reframe on their youtube followers.

This is the worst video I’ve seen all week. No girls. Not even a hook. Lest you think this is a one-off, here they are flash-gaming / monkey-dancing for a couple of drunk trashbags.  This is what happens when MPUAs roll?


  1. Man, you ruined my evening by finding that guy. I had a look at one of his other videos. Scary stuff.

  2. They all just come across as fucking weird. I can’t possibly see how any woman could appreciate the vibe put out by that video. Yes it’s targeted at men, but if I sense that you’d come across super creepy to women that’s very unconvincing. Unfortunate that they fail to demonstrate that women actually like them even though that’s the only goal of the video.

  3. Krauser – you should go to NY and show them how it’s done 😉

    [My buddy Justin Wayne is already there, showing people. Check out his videos. K]

  4. These guys are pretty bad, but then again so are quite a few of my bad sets. But unlike them I also hook more sets. These guys have something creepy about them that puts me off.
    However, I don’t call myself a Mpua and I’ve only been doing this for 6 months.
    I wouldn’t feel so disgusted if they had been a bunch of newbies.

  5. I’ve met the Nathen guy when he came to the DC Lair. He was one of Psych’s assistants, he was trying to sell us one of his bootcamps. He got into an altercation with some student at the 21 convention according to some review I read. Not surprised with the video haha.

  6. What we have here are a bunch of NY douchebags (see final segment especially) spitting out some horribly wrong and miscalibrated game – however we can be almost certain that judging form how bad they are now, they must have been warcraft/ultima online addicted social retards before and are almost certainly now getting some action with girls, if anything just from the volume of approaching they do in my favourite city for pickup.

    As such I applaud them for doing what 99% of men will never do and getting out here with their ego on the line, approaching and being blown down until they get better. They are still muppet douchebags and their video actually only shows what noobs they are.

    I remember the old mantra: make 100 bad/uncalibrated approaches, and at least a couple will hook, probably more. Nice analysis, cheers.

  7. That was really bad. Really, really bad.

    I feel sorry for these guys. It seems clear to me that they have almost nothing going on in their lives outside of boring ass shitty jobs which they probably aren’t good at due to their borderline depression.

    Someone mentioned that outside of meeting up to PU their only ‘social’ activity probably is Warcraft (if that actually counts as a social activity).

    In my opinion there is a time and place for trying to get into daygame. If you are a reasonable looking guy with a reasonably good life then it can help you to meet and date women.

    If you have major deficiencies in either life or looks (some of these poor sods have both) then doing more daygame is a road to nowhere. They need to get hold of lives that women want to be a part of.


    PS: Saint Margaret of Thatcher – made me giggle.

  8. I am literally laughing my ass off 😉

  9. Krauser, I`m thinking of buying your book, but the table of contents you put in the promotional post is a bit sparse.
    Does your book have anything on the “Rapid escalation method” if not, are we going to see in the future a video of such technique? Thanks.

    [Rapid escalation is something I just do for fun every now and then. It’s not part of my core method and I’m not good enough at it to feel comfortable teaching it. K]

  10. The approaches seem so needy.. compare their feet to Krauser’s, they’re doing “approach and chase” or blatant “ambush”… it looks so lame! Doesn’t hurt to see this as a reminder what not to do.

  11. Yeah, the Nathen [sic] guy was the instigator of the “choking incident”.

    I’m not convinced this video is serious. This HAS to be a parody. Or not even a parody, its just really really big failure. Although I have seen others who are as energetic/high energy as they were do good pickups. They’re just not as idiotic and needy.

  12. wow – After seeing Nathan in field (Chicago) and now in this Video I´m becoming more and more convinced that not ONLY does he have no game, but perhaps even worse that he is ONLY about the profit and doesn´t GIVE A SHIT about guys improving.

    I don´t know which is worse given that he´s selling the stuff – and I`m pretty convinced that with his fancy ear pieces and camera equipment he somehow thinks this will automatically show the world that he´s actually good @ this shit.

    O and the # @ 5:45 was TOTALLY fake lmfao! This girl probably gets asked 10 times a day for her number and its way easier for her just to write down a fake one and say “have a nice day” – esp. in NYC lol

  13. I am not hating on American PUA and ‘experts’ but everyone I have ever watched on youtube have left a feeling of pain for them. They really are terrible compared to the Brits and Europeans. Perhaps this isn’t fair, David Wygant and Paul Janka have a lot of great stuff to teach. The rest are beyond terrible. If you compare this to the likes of Yad, Tom Torero, Jon Matrix, Steve, Krauser, and Alex Coulson (AUS ) there is no comparison. Sadly it is the flashy guys that seem to be considered the best.

    I know there are the more night based guys like beckster and La Ruina as well from the UK. It would be cool to see some of their daygame vids as any night game vids I have seen from those two have been impressive as well.

    These American guys are so over the top . I have tried to read the Game and Mystery method but keep stopping then restarting, they just dont hold my attention at all

    I bought your book mate a few days ago so am looking forward to starting it

  14. love these breakdowns of other peoples videos… please do more

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