Who is to blame for all those girls getting fucked?

June 29, 2011

People have often asked me where I got my game from, as in who influenced me and how did I learn. There’s no secret to it but I guess it can be kinda lost in the sheer volume of posts I’ve put up. I followed the same process that pretty much everyone else has:

Imitate —> Assimilate —> Innovate

At the moment I’m in the early stages of innovation, where I start cobbling together a personalised style of game that fits my character, my motivations, and the type of girls / situation that attracts me. Looking back, I think these are the influences that are still part of my game.

The hub of direct daygame

1. Mystery Method – This remains the foundation upon which everything else is built. My basic understanding of the human courtship ritual, the key concepts such as aloofness, DHVing, takeaways, attraction triggers etc. I very rarely run sets following the actual M3 model and I look nothing like the routine-monkeys that bastardise his method. But at a meta-level, I’m following his basic principles.

2. Blueprint Decoded – More than anything else this turned me into a practiced natural and increased my awareness of the social matrix. So many concepts here allowed me to chill out and realise my place in the world and how so much of it could be shaped by me into the life I want to lead. The two most important concepts were (i) looking internally for validation and (ii) it’s all in your head. Like MM, it’s impacted me at a meta-level so it’s hard to see in my actual sets.

3. Roissy – Reading his blog was like a watershed. Suddenly so many of the concepts I’d been vaguely grasping for made sense. I’d felt like the famous PUAs didn’t really understand society and the reasons why their methods worked. I’d felt like much of the advice was taking me away from the kind of man I wanted to be. Roissy provided a map of the world. Suddenly so much of the dark side made sense, stripped of all the “just be positive, bro” commercial uptalk. He really put the importance of Alpha front and centre.

4. Jimmy Jambone – So much of my teasing and text / chat game comes from watching this lazy cunt work. Pretty much my entire Facebook method was inspired by one evening in Lithuania seeing how he replied to texts from girls. It’s how cocky-funny is meant to be so it’s actually cock and funny. The frame control of positioning girls into the right boxes came from him too.

5. Tony T – Before I discovered the importance of Alpha through Roissy, I discovered the importance of masculinity and sexual polarity through Tony. He first showed me how you can attract and seduce girls on body language / vibe alone so that the words are mere dressing. Before this I’d assumed it was the words doing all the work. So much of my body language both in the approach and on dates is copied from him, to overwhelm the girl with my masculinity and trigger her extreme femininity

6. Yad – For actual technical ability for street game, the hairy one has been a huge influence. He really showed the importance of non-reactivity, dialling down energy, and that intricate verbal bamboozlement can get the girl.

7. 60 Years of Challenge – Recently I’ve been incorporating much of the mindsets and sexual aggression that 60 recommends. This has led me to push girls faster and further sexually and helped me open them up verbally for talking about sex and their fantasies. He’s also helped me water down my purity fantasy so I’m less judgemental of girl’s sexual activities.

8. Skeletor – My most significant inner game leaps in the past 8 months came from my sessions with Skelly, such as how I can now approach tens and genuinely feel like I deserve them. Rather than taking my game in a new direction these sessions have been fine-tuning with the occasional new theoretical insight. Along with Yad, Skelly has been helping me figure out the high-level stuff.

9. Burto – He’s showed me how to eat pies and get good at Call of Duty Black Ops when not doing sets.


  1. Cheers for that – knew all these influences as I’ve followed you for a while but the new people can get lost in a sea of references, blogs, styles etc.

    I would like to add for punters new to game that its important not to read through the mammoth of information available from the above cited references without matching it or exceeding it with real world in field practice. I am guilty of accumulating over 150gb of pickup material before I started doing regular practice. That really is silly because I will never look through all of it.Time better spent in at the coal face, shovelling the coal, sweating under the heat. I always think of a beautiful quote by keats:

    “I leaped headlong into the sea, and thereby have become better acquainted with the soundings, the quicksands, and the rocks, than if I had stayed upon the green shore, and piped a silly pipe, and took tea and comfortable advice.” –John Keats

  2. Shame on you for not mentionning MODEONE or Tariq Nasheed….tsst tst… [I read them and liked them but pretty much everything I learned from them I saw somewhere else first. I sometimes use the Mode One concepts when I’m explaining game to people but I never think about it in set. Same with TN. I still recommend their books to anyone. K.]

  3. Krauser, out of curiosity, what fraction of your lays are one night stands, or one night stand with next morning lay?

  4. I’ve actually never looked at Blueprints Decoded before. I’ll have to take a look at that.

  5. I blame myself.

  6. Imitate —> Assimilate —> Innovate

    But most important of all is that you are devoting your time to it, otherwise it wouldnt work.

  7. I think Blueprint Decoded has had a huge influence on me, your videos have also helped me because they show me what an alpha male approach in the daytime looks like.

  8. Thanks for this list Krauser.

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  11. What’s Skeletor’s website ?

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