Daygame Nitro torrent

July 6, 2011

I noticed in my WordPress analytics lots of people are finding my site by googling “Daygame Nitro torrent”. You cheeky cunts. That’s precisely why there’s no ebook version.


  1. Haha, that made me laugh. Good stuff man.

  2. Cheeky f******s. I just ordered my copy a week ago. Advise everyone wanting to read it to type “lulu coupon” as I got 8 quid off the price. Sweet.

    If I see it in ebook, I would be devastated 😉

  3. Just ordered it, im advertising it too.

  4. It looks like RooshV has done something quite sly with ‘Bang’. If you google to get a torrent of his book you are taken to a load of pages which advertise a torrent of it but actually click through to his buy page.

  5. Haha. Can you blame ’em for trying?

    [Not in the slightest. I’d do the same thing. K.]

  6. You could also make a torrent “daygame nitro” pdf, but make it a selling pdf only with links to buy the real hardcopy 🙂

  7. who searches for torrents via google?

  8. You have the right to fight piracy and try to make a living from what you’ve been working on for the past 2 years, i totally get it. But to be fair i highly doubt you bought the pua books you used , at least when you first started this whole thing.

    I could be wrong though.

    Ps: thank you for uploading your sarging videos they really are helpful

  9. I’d take it as a compliment, that people r bothered to seek it out, not the cnuts part, that’s bad…hehe, someone’s gonna scan it eventually, law of averages matey…not like u r sufferin in life is it…

  10. I’m too thick to download torrents, thats why I always buy physical books.

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