Hope the other Ukranian girls aren’t this miserable

July 7, 2011

Sometimes I’m in a mood where I can’t be bothered with arsey girls. This one started out with such a bitchy response but I decided to plough anyway because Russians often give you one minute of the cold stare before softening. It’s just part of the game for them.

This girl did soften but then decided to take offense at something innocuous. I know my vibe wasn’t there and she was just testing, but I couldn’t be bothered to pour effort into her value vaccum.

So I started arguing with her.

And funnily enough she begins to light up and IOI a little. Turns out she’s unavailable and basically a “no” girl (for me, at least). Good practice for not backing down. If my vibe had been good I might’ve turned it around.


  1. I think you handled it about as well as you possibly could. That’s a win in itself. You kept ploughing when others would have long since bailed. I think i learned more from this one video than i have from the last 20 i’ve watched on various pickup blogs. Thanks for posting these videos – great to see the good and “bad” alike.

  2. Good to see you post some of your failures also. Gives me the confidence to plough through in the face of rejections on the road to mastery, thanx.

  3. She’s in love, she found u interestin, but her heart was elsewhere…she’s happy to talk, but she seems committed elswhere…

    [Agreed. A “no” girl due to unavailability. But even if she was available, there was a long road ahead to bang her. K]

  4. Very impressive how you stuck in there!

  5. World class ploughing on a sour cow. The human race owes a lot to the innocuous testosterone molecule because if it was up to women to make the effort to approach, attract, comfort, last minute palava and then sex men, the race would have died out centuries ago.

    Question to the host, (haven’t read your book yet, its in the post), you’re in a defensive body language with arms crossed throughout the interaction and in a lot of other cold approaches i’ve seen 3rd persons of. OK you are mirroring her which may create some rapport but as you know it subconciously signals a defensive or slightly unsure vibe (hardly alpha). [nope, there’s nothing defensive about it and you can tell just from gut feel watching it. There’s nothing intrinsically defensive about crossing arms – just watch Brad Pitt in Fight Club. What matters is standing how you feel. k.]

    Is this on purpose? As the sarge progresses well do you alpha it up a bit more with more confident BL, fingers in pockets or on hips etc. The position of the hands can be frankly a pain in the arse to get right at the beginning of a sarge, often dont know what to do with them.

  6. Krauser, you handled it very well
    but for sure that HB was rude and not friendly
    I’ve got a request if you can make it Krauser
    in streets, most of girls are moving targets
    could shoot some videos of approaching fixed targets : especially in groceries and bookstore
    I know you shot some approaches in stores, but I would like to see some direct approaches in a grocery

  7. I think she must have had some black blood in her and the lure of the nearby KFC overpowered you.

  8. Ja work my friend , props !

  9. tough set, but nice reframes…

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