A Disastrous 3-Way Date Part Three: Merged Sets

September 30, 2010

I figure that HB Low Esteem wants to stick around so I bring her along when I meet Jambone outside the Prospeckto cafe at about 6pm. Earlier when I was DHVing about the fashion parties I organise I told her how I’d set them up with Jambone because although he’s not part of the industry he has dated lots of models – multi-layering the DHV by subcommunicating I have high value friends. Then as we sit down I introduce him with: “You know why Jambone looks like a rock star? Because he actually is one” and JJ rattles of a reflexive DHV about his music.

Mistake 1 – I over-DHV’d my wing. The pre-selection and social proof combined with his inherent mystery and new-shiny-thing-ness to elevate his value above mine.

About thirty minutes in Squirrel and Leggy text to say they’ve arrived. Although Jambone-Leggy is the nexus it still remains my set on account of the open. I text directions and the girls come join us as we run introductions.

Mistake 2 – I didn’t clarify my preselection in the merged set. When the girls arrived Leggy naturally projected investment towards Jambone and thus the two girls were preselecting him, not me, in Low Esteem’s eyes. Even when two hours later they tell her how we met it is immaterial because the emotional spike has already happened in Jambone’s favour. What I should’ve done is go meet the pair myself and bring them to the cafe so Low Esteem sees me leading two cute girls.

I got some of the set on video so watch for more subtle errors. The set wasn’t lost yet, but Low Esteem was starting who wonder who the leader is and with her being a slut she would value that more than the two hours rapport advantage I had on Jambone.

0:10 – Girls are getting to know each other by talking about learning Russian at school. We let them invest.
0:35 – Shouldn’t have said that. Looks like I’m trying to elbow my way into the conversation. I was already starting to lose my frame at this point.
0:51 – Note how relaxed Jambone’s vibe is, leaning back with little movement. He never broke this posture and thus was strongly DHVing. Too strongly for a wing.
1:09 – So the two young girls laughed at what he said after having ignored what I said. My value is sinking.
1:17 – Recognising the dynamic, Jambone jumps on my comment to DHV me.
1:43 – I’m talking waaay too fast now. Another symptom of losing the frame.
1:52 – Jambone subtly orders me to talk to the waitress. It’s subconscious but while including her raises my value, the fact I was following his lead keeps him higher still.
2:00 – Low Esteem’s reactions shows the set isn’t lost, it’s just in the balance. I still had plenty of value at this stage. The problem wasn’t that she didn’t want to fuck me, just that eventually she wanted to fuck Jambone more.
2:07 – Teasing the waitress, who was beautiful and had seen us daygaming from this table for three days in a row and rotating a stream of women through her coffee shop. God knows what she thought of us. Certainly no lack of preselection.
2:31 – Teenagers really don’t have good social skills. They still look nervous and uncertain.
2:38 – Why on earth am I asking Jambone where we should go? That’s approval seeking. I should be deciding and then Jambone supporting me.
3:07 – Jambone had been working a Lady Gaga meme with the two young girls on the previous date. He now revives it, making the girls laugh. More value to him. He’s the fun guy, not me.
3:38 – Reference to a joke Low Esteem made in her texts to me the prior day.

Mistake 3 – The wing didn’t support the player with his subcommunication. Jambone is leaning back and making me lean into him to continue the conversation, thus making me seek rapport and qualify. Even when the words are DHVing me, the mannerisms don’t.

We head off to the next bar and then make the worst possible mistake. We are sat in a U-shape booth around a table. I sit in the middle bend of the U, the best position, but then Jambone slides in between Squirrel and Leggy while Low Esteem sits across. So what happens? Anytime Low Esteem wants to talk to me she has to turn her head whereas anytime she sits comfortably she is facing Jambone with his arms around two giggling girls as they compete for his attention and talk across him to each other. The two 17 yr olds are basically ignoring me. When Suave turns up later he said it was blindingly obvious where all the power and magnetism in the room was.

Mistake 4 – Never ever let the wing take the magnetism of the set’s attention. Jambone should’ve been sat out on the end and leaning in to qualify to me, or sitting next to me on the right so the girls had to talk across me to talk to him, thus including me in every exchange. Even when Jambone is telling a story, that position would keep eyes on me too.

An hour in I go off to collect HB High Esteem. She’s expecting a one-on-one date so I have to preframe her on the way to Papparazzi. I’d have loved to just sit her down solo but it’s the last night and I don’t realise Low Esteem is slipping away. She walks in and sees Jambone with the two little munchkins and her face drops – Jambone later described it as the sort of face she’d make if she’d caught him shitting on the floor.

Learning Point – While preselection is a big hit on low esteem slutty girls it doesn’t have the same impact on a high esteem nice girl

Part four coming up….

Hi-tech sarging for £50

September 30, 2010

Back when I was heavily into Brazilian Ju Jitsu I used to be rolling twice a week for about an hour a time (“rolling” being the colloquial term for free sparring at the end of a training session). We decided to video ourselves one time and it was an eye-opening experience. For the most part it was gratifying to see myself applying correct technique and generally having the look of a BJJ player. I also got to see many tiny little errors in posture and form, the kind you can only notice from a third person perspective. I saw opportunities grabbed and missed. I could rewatch a session multiple times to figure out how I could’ve turned it around, or to pinpoint the exact moment my opponent began to set up a move.

You can see what I’m getting at here. Videoing your in-fields is one of the best learning tools there is. My recommendation is to mic up and have a wing video from a distance. Then watch your sets over and over again with an eye on:


  • Body language
  • Vocal tone
  • Speed of vocal delivery
  • Filled pauses
  • Kino or lack of it
  • Distance


  • Initial reaction
  • Point of killed momentum
  • Investment
  • IOIs

Watch the flow of the sarge. Are you talking too much? Can you feel the ebb and flow of energy? Analyse her answers to see all the “hooks” she gave you to build a conversation that you didn’t take. See how she tried to invest and build rapport but you broke it by trying to hard to get your own words in. I’ve recorded lots of sets and here is my personal favourite tech solution.

Gum Cam

This camera is freely available on Ebay for about £10, plus another £20 to put an 8GB miniSD card into it (this card can be swapped between cameras). Clip it into the breast pocket of your jacket and it looks like an MP3 player. I’ve never once been busted for having it. Picture quality is pretty good in daylight and the mic at the top picks up the audio. It can also be clipped to your belt or trouser pocket but then you are losing the video angle and the mic will struggle to pick up your voice. Search: “Mini DV Gum Video Recorder Spy Camera Hidden Camera DVR”

For Day 2s I like the watch cam. It’s a normal sports / waterproof watch which also has a camera embedded at the 6 o’clock spot. Audio and video is fine. Just sit across from the girl with your elbow on the table. The watch automatically flips the video so it’s the right way up. You can use it on your approaches too if you have a shoulder bag – just hold the strap and that’s a natural pretext for having your hand there. My watch was £20 on ebay, via China. A search string like this should find it: “4G Clear Waterproof Spy Video Camera Watch Mini DVR Cam”

That’s all you really need. For the Third Person Perspective your wing could just use a mobile phone camera cos this isn’t about Avatar-quality 3D HiDef. If you’re gonna do alot of sets then invest in a handheld camcorder that has a swivel screen – this is absolutely crucial so the wing can hold the camera nonchalantly at waist level like he’s not even watching the set.

About £100 from play.com

My videos are edited with the pre-installed Windows Live Movie Maker. This isn’t rocket science. When you get really into your James Bond shit you could start experimenting with pen cams, two-way audio link up, and carrying a wireless portable screen. Knock yourself out. But to get 90% of the value, this is a cheap science. Now you see why I have little respect for gurus who don’t show in-fields.

Approach Cam: £10     –     8GB SD card: £20     –     Day 2 Cam: £20 =      total £50.

NB – Anyone feel free to send your in-fields (via youtube link in the comments or email me at krauser@ on my rocksolidgame mail) and I’ll do a public analysis of the good and bad on the site. If it’s really good, I’ll rank you in the Daygame Allstars Top Ten.

A Disastrous 3-Way Date Part Two – Low Esteem girl

September 29, 2010

It starts like it always does in Lithuania – I’m out daygaming with Jambone, trawling the main street at Gedminos between the catherdral and the McDonalds. I spot a blonde girl – HB Low Esteem – with long flowing hair – really long in the way I like but rarely see (last girl to impress me so much with hair wa Borat). I’m mic’d up but the camera is a bit shitty.

I open by slotting a spontaneous observation into the usual structure, highlighting the contrast between her bad girl black clothes and her nice girl glasses. It hits. She’s soon laughing and lighting up a cigarette. Turns out the girl fancies herself as a psychologist and also into fashion. I give it ten minutes then take her number. Text game ensues:

Me 9:13pm – Is this HB Low Esteem? The slightly cute, slightly fun girl with librarian eyes and biker-chick clothes? The one who owes Nick a coffee (white americano, no sugar)
Her 9:19pm – Wow mr.krauser wants some coffe.. maybe yes maybe no..maybe rain maybe snow..if u will find mw on fb=) and fuck we lost the game [reference to Lithuania getting trounced by USA in the basketball]
Me 12:06am – Bad luck with the game. Still – getting to semi is impressive.
Her 12:09am – wining would be impresive 🙂 how long are u going to stay in lt?
Me 3:13am – I’m here till Wednesday. Too short :/ I love it here
Me 12:54pm – Good news – Mr Krauser is available for coffee this afternoon, to anaesthetise the pain of basketball failure. 4pm good for you?
Her 1:05pm – Bad news – HB Low Esteem is very sorry to announce that she is available for latte tomorrow at 6pm? so mr krauser…? rain or snow?
Me 1:43pm – Hmmmm. Monday might be tough. Today or Tuesday are good. Can you check with Low Esteem’s secretary, see if she can be flexible. Tell her it’ll be lots of fun with a cool charming guy. Tell her she’s lucky and shouldn’t waste her opportunity….
Her 1:49pm – And what about mr. krauser? isn’t he lucky to get a remarkable opportunity to drink coffee with no sugar (white death) with the young lady.. like Low Esteem?
Me 1:53pm – He said she’s cute, but he doesn’t get excited over just any girl. He is curious – maybe she is more interesting than the other girls. But he’s not quite sure…
Her 1:59pm – Mr krauser has a lot of demands for such a young boy. but Low Esteem will give him a chance on tuesday, the time mr krauser is on ur hands?
Me 2:05pm – He says yes. details to follow….

Her 4:05pm – Hi krausy, my secretary just informed me that u really want to see me on tuesday… so I am waiting news from u… and today we are going to win =) sending you a big hug.. see u =)
Me 5:03pm – Krauser says “she’s funny, Low Esteem is funny”

OK, so that’s nicely framed. No doubt about the sexual dynamic and she’s intrigued after throwing out a few tests. We meet for late lunch and she’s 15 minutes late then immediately runs off to the bathroom. I’m expecting it to be difficult but once she’s sat down we slip into rapport very easily. She likes talking and is one of those “seeker” girls who is into psychology and charity, health foods and all that shit. Like PT Barnum once said – every seeker is a sucker. So I play up the emotional depth angle.

I was only planning to do this a couple of hours but she’s hooked strong. She’s also a slut, though I don’t really grasp this until much later, so she’s very selective with her alpha screening. That means that what I initially take to be IODs are really just shit tests. By 6pm the vibe is great and I just have to Not Fuck Up.

Between 6pm and 10pm I fuck up. Part three coming….

Facebook Abundance

September 28, 2010

Here’s a screen capture of my morning Facebook chat in Starbucks while I was sipping on my coffee.

Morning coffee

HB Brazil – She’s a street pickup in Piccadilly when I was out with Suave. Had a 30 minute crappy Day 2, then a proper Day 3 last week and a walk around Camden Market on Sunday (where the photo was taken). Kiss close, she’s into me big time, and coming round the house to get drunk tomorrow evening. Full post and video to follow.

HB Muslim Virgin – She’s on maintainence pattern until her next visit to the UK. I’ve banged her already. This chat ended with her promising to send a sexy photo.

HB Vampire – A Romanian waitress I street gamed in Trafalgar Square months ago. Weak hook. I’m playing the Long Game through Facebook, experimenting with heavy douchebaggery. She’s got the gypo look, which I like.

HB Finland – My most recent f-close. She’s visiting in a few weeks so I’m just building comfort and hand.

HB Frenchie – She’s gone off to university across the other side of the world. I like her alot so I’m being very nice to her, while planting the seeds of threesomes and porno videos which she’s surprisingly receptive to. She’ll be back in December

HB Salsa – Still a fair amount of work to do if I’m gonna get her to visit London this year. Still doing plenty of attraction.

HB Italy – Another quickie Facebook close with a weak hook. She’s back over there now so playing the occasional chat to build comfort, just on the off chance. Not investing much and using it to try out new ideas.

Gypo Vamp. I love it

Maintain hand through Facebook – Finland

September 23, 2010

My recent posts on Facebook chat / text game seem to have piqued the interest of readers. I guess most bloggers just don’t put up full conversations so a reader is left grasping vainly for a true contextualisation. For example it’s easy to overestimated how much douchebaggery to put into an interaction if the writer isn’t showing you all the normal boring comfort that it was paired with. Anyhoo, here’s another full chat from this morning. Finland has bought her tickets to come see me in a few week’s time and I can tell you right now most of her week is gonna be spent with my cock in her mouth.

12:53 Me – boo!  [I like to open Facebook chats with a silly noise or assumed familiarity]
12:54 Her – =)   hey    how are you?    how is London without me…?   [she’s seeking rapport and “our world”]
12:55 Me – Rainy  [true. That’s why I’m on Facebook and not in a cafe writing my new book]
12:56 Her – what about your mood? =)     i think in London always is rainy
12:56 Me – Weather has been good until today      I went to a fashion party last night     it was warm all evening  [drive-by DHV. Just because I got hand doesn’t mean I can neglect the basics]
12:59 Her – how is party? you have to know now everything about a fashion =)
12:59 Me – The main designer is a friend     I organised a show for her in February  [DHV, all true]
13:00 Her – at 09 a.m. i tried a full flight simulator Boeing 737 CL – that is amazing! the feeling is so so real  [She is clearly excited by this and wants to talk about it. It interests me so I’ll run with it. Also, it’s a good chance to build comfort and reframe her]
13:01 Me – one of the pilot training machines?
13:01 Her – yes     real pilot training mashine    !     i love it     i was a pilot today =)
13:02 Me – I’ll bet you crashed it      300 computer passengers died in a ball of flame  [tease – it’s good to create fantasy scenarios where if things were left up to her chaos would ensure and it needs the stern hand of a man to restore order – credit Jambone]
13:02 Her – =DDD     noooo     really not     i’m good pilot     =)     instructor helps me a little  [it hits, she qualifies]
13:03 Me – I wouldn’t let a woman fly me     We’d hit a mountain   [running with the tease and letting her know I’m my own boss]
13:03 Her – but if the woman is – superwoman? =)))  [enjoying the banter]
13:03 Me – then I’d fuck her  [Me>Superwoman. Now that’s high value!]
13:03 Her – hahaha
13:03 Me – and tell her to let me drive
13:04 Her – o.k. i would like to fly with you for the next time
13:04 Me – I have flying games on my Playstation     and the planes have guns and missiles!  [more about my stuff being better than her stuff, but playful and boyish]
13:05 Her – oh, i forgot, a Playstation is the thing number one for you     but i’ll try     =)   [never let a woman be #1 in your life]
13:05 Me – you can be number 12    below eggs     but above cheese  [exaggerated, based on a game we played on the Day 3]
13:06 Her – you are very kind… =D     could i be a no 2? =)      at the time, when i’ll be in London   [qualifying, reinforcing my framer]
13:07 Me – Temporarily     if you’re nice  [I’m a challenge but I’m not heartless in dishing out rewards so I set a condition]
13:08 Her – i’m always nice =)      with you   [qualifies to meet condition – frame is her trying to please me to win my approval]
13:10 Her – 1 week … is not too long time?
13:11 Me – Depends if you are a good cook
13:12 Her – ??? i would like to see you and London, i’m not porofessional cook
13:12 Me – You’ll love my new house     Tony is painting my bedroom red  [snip thread, mild leader of men DHV]
13:14 Her – who is Tony?      red – wow, is so active color     is it dark red?
13:15 Me – Yup   My room will be hot, passionate and dangerous     like me  [playful, projection]
13:16 Her – you are passionate, but not dangerous =)    you’re good boy   [you can’t be 100% douchebag. For the girl to hang around after initial sex she must think you are either “Nice guy with a dark side” or better still “Bad boy with kind heart”]
13:17 Me – And right now I’m also sweaty from exercise    I’m gonna shower now    talk soon  [subcommunicate I have shit to do today]
13:18 Her – o.k. i’ll be here     what exercise you had?    everyday?
13:19 Me – laterz    😉   [ignore her attemptes to stretch out the chat]

[abrupt log off]

Aquiring hand – HB Finland

September 21, 2010

“Hand” (the abbreviated form of Pimp Hand) is a sustainable relationship dynamic in which the woman willingly accepts her submissive position, thus allowing you to do pretty much whatever you want. Aside from being the best possible dynamic in a normal LTR – because the woman thoroughly enjoys submitting to a superior man – it’s also absolutely crucial for harem maintenance. I’m writing a seminar on hand / harem game but for now an example should suffice.

It’s Tuesday morning on my penultimate day in Lithuania. I’m about to leave for a lunch date with one girl and then got a 4pm coffee date with another. I’m also likely to get an evening date with a third girl and will try to squeeze a fourth in later still. HB Finland texts me:

Her 11:38am – I will be able to meet with you today at 21pm or 22pm.

Fuck! No way can I date five girls in one day. Something has to give and I’d rather put a fresher target in the coveted 9pm slot than a girl I’ve already banged two nights running. So I decide I’ll cut my lunch date short, daygame a little with the boys, then merge my three evening sets into one almighty date (which ends disastrously – another post and video to follow). I text Finland:

Me 11:40am – Ok, sounds good.

Later in the day my 4pm date is going very well and the evening dates are confirmed so I have to push Finland back to the graveyard slot:

Me 7:45pm – Probably after midnight is best for me. How about you?
Her 7:51pm – Hey, why so late? You are meeting with someone before?
Her 7:55pm – If you have no time and no wish to meet with me, you need just to inform me earlier….  [needs comfort]
Me 8:15pm – No! I want to see you  […though I can’t actually tell you when….]
Her 8:25pm – Then tell me exact time and place of our meeting…

I get this as I’ve just walked HB High Esteem back to her flat (but not to try an f-close) while HB Low Esteem is still in the bar with Jambone and the two 17 yr olds. That set has been going downhill but there’s still a 50/50 shot at an f-close tonight. So I bring out the big guns and blast Finland with a MOAR  (Mother of all Reframes):

Me 8:28pm – I want to show you I am not only about sex. That’s why I feel uncomfortable meeting you late to fuck. I was thinking about coffee tomorrow morning. To prove I like meeting you even when there is no sex. Does that make sense to you? I want this to be real, not just fucking.  [I’ve already fucked her and need to snowflake her. I want this to be an ongoing harem membership so I was going to have to do a no-sex date soon anyway to give comfort and avoid it descending into mere fuck buddy relations. However I put her on the defensive by challenging her to understand it]
Her 8:32pm – O.k.i understand… that is great… so when you would like to meet with me?  [accepted. You can almost sense her shrinknig into the submissive crouch]
Her 8:33pm – Tomorrow i’m not working at all 🙂
Me 8:36pm – Early. Maybe 9am  [you’ll see why further down – I’m always scheming]
Her 8:37pm – So text me, then you’ll know exact time. i’ll sleep tonight. have a fun night in Vilnius!
Me 8:53pm – Sleep well darlin’  [comfort, reward]

That frees me to go back to Paparazzi Bar to completely fuck up my remaining set but its all educational. None of us have figured out how to get to the airport the next morning but fortunately I planted the right seed with Finland – note the time:

Me 4:21am – Btw, this is a bit cheeky but… Could you drive us from our apartment to Hotel Panorama for the bus? We have suitcases so it’s tough to walk. And we don’t know the way…   [it’s not just laziness. I want to invest her even deeper and the investment momentum is good. I also want her becoming used to doing things for me]
Her 4:24am – O.K. Krauser. I need to find out, there is the panorama hotel. i’ll park niere your appartment. we could meet ther and take a walk to McDonald.  [she’s coming right to me]
Me 4:26am – Brilliant!!!!! Can you get to our apartment for 9am?  [reward, demand]
Her 4:27am – Yes, you allready woke up me… %-)
Me 4:29am – Sorry thanks  [comfort]

So she dutifully shows up after her nighttime date turned into a morning coffee which turned into her providing taxi services to the airport bus. A general rule of acquiring hand is never refuse a woman’s offer to do something for you (assuming it’s not merely a barter for her to get your to give something in return) and be shameless in asking for favours. After we have coffee in McDonalds and are safely on the bus I text:

Me 10:40am – Thanks for the help this morning 🙂  [reward]
Her 10:49am – Thank you for the nice time in Vilnius. I hope we’ll meet again one day. And thank you for the respect last night (you know what I’m talking about)…. 🙂  [MOAR fully accepted]

Reframe success! And lest anyone think this is a short-term spell, next day I’m back in London and have this exchange:

Her 7:34pm – Hey Krauser =) how are you? How is London? I’m ready to sleep and i already miss you 😉
Me 8:03pm – Miss you too darlin’
Her [two days later] 6:45pm – I wish to know you more… i like you a lot =)
Me 7:25pm – Come visit me and you’ll know alot more
Her 7:41pm – I will =) we need to agree all details, next week (?)

So she’s coming for a week in October. This should give an idea of how easily a girl will slot into a harem when your frame is strong.

Dating the TV Girl

September 20, 2010

I had about nine dates during my week in Vilnius and loads of other sets on top of that so I can’t really do them all justice here, hence I’m gonna be pretty quick on this one. The educational point is in the video – this is all from the first half hour of the Day 2, beginning from one minute after I sat down in the cafe where she was waiting.

I opened by complementing her walk and then teasing on the leather jacket (“where’s the motorbike parked? I bet it’s just a tiny little scooter”). Strong hook and I stood for ten minutes before number closing. It was easy to get her out on the date so we met for lunch. I just wasn’t much into her even though she’s a lovely woman. The texts to set up the date:

Me 10 Sept 3:01pm – Is this HB Biker? The slightly cute, slightly fun biker girl who owes Krauser a coffee (white americano, no sugar)  [Credit to Jambone for spontaneously coming up with this text. I’ve used it alot since]
Her 3:09pm – Yes it is HB Biker. It was to meet you 🙂 have a nice time 🙂  [fast response, smileys]
Me 11 Sept 6:50pm – Hmmmm…. Basketball……  [USA just beat them in the semi final – it’s not clear what I mean and it invites a longer response]
Her 6:55pm – Sad to say… but, i know, tomorrow we will win! 🙂
Me 12 Sept 11:55am – I’m gonna be looking for a girl to have a drink with soon. Maybe a brunette, with a black biker jacket, kinda cute. Do you know any?  [my new way to set up a date when the prior texting hasn’t helped]
Her 12:15pm – Yes, happen to know one, she is right in front of me 🙂 so, I say smth to her? 🙂
Me 12:19pm – Yeah, tell her lunchtime tomorrow she’ll be having coffee with a stranger

Her 12 Sept 12:20pm – Done 🙂 she said ok 😀

Watch the video for how quickly she starts showing interest and how her bodly language softens over the half hour and her eyes fix in on me. Note also how she initiates the kino.

After lunch I tried to extract her for the lay within an hour but she refused so we walked around another hour, hand in hand, while she showed me her favourite places. I tried the kiss close in the street before leaving and she gave me a “not here” refusal. It’s on, but I’m not fussed. She doesn’t do Facebook but I’m trying to talk her into setting up a page so I can Long Game her.