I bang my first half-Finnish half-Kazhak Lithuanian

September 20, 2010

When I went back to Lithuania I had three decent prospects – Borat, Salsa and Finland. The latter I’d tried to kiss on our Day 2 but she’s stood there for ten minutes refusing the close. I played the Long Game over Facebook and it was all a bit tenuous so  when headed back to Lithuania I didn’t have great expectations.

When she came to visit

The first night we meet at a Mexican restaurant at the end of my street. I give her a beaming smile and a hug – which she later says was very important because it showed I really liked her. Inside we have a drink and I run classic comfort with a sprinkling of chick crack. She’s just giggling at everything I say as if she’s really nervous but I suspect she’s just really having fun. About an hour in, Jambone joins us as planned so he can DHV me. She’s then overwhelmed with a DHV pincer movement and really didn’t have any chance at all.

Jambone has always been a big proponent of the DHV overload so it’s educational to watch how naturally he works it. Finland finds out how I call my gran every sunday, how I checked out loads of old people’s homes to find the right one for her, how I surprise her with DVD sets of her favourite 1960s and 1970s tv shows etc. I watch her eyes to see each DHV hit. It’s not usually my style – I don’t really DHV on dates. I just work the vibe and subcommunicate value but this classical Mystery Method does work.

We do the drive-by “I’ll pop into my house to get something” so she can feel safe inside my house before we leave again, then go off clubbing at 311. Jambone is really working hard to get me laid and in return  I’m letting Finland pre-select him at the club. We are getting lots of visual attention from the available girls there. Finland isn’t drinking (she drove) so I pace myself and the vibe gets better and better. We’ve got deep rapport and lots of comfort. About midnight Jambone goes off to do a few sets. When he comes back I’ve reached the flipping point.

Flipping point – The moment in the date when the momentum has flipped from you gaming her, to her gaming you. Usually characterised by her doing all the leaning in, kino, and qualifying herself. Once reach you just have to Not Fuck Up.

I feel the flip and Jambone comments that when he came back to our sofa (in the chill area of the club) he could really see the difference. Incidentally, the day Jambone SDL’d the 17-year old I spotted the flip in real time too,

On the way out Jambone wanders off into a bar to give me isolation (and quickly number closes a model) while I pre-frame kissing Finland – remember I still haven’t k-closed. I’m telling her how I’m gonna find a dark alley, push her roughly against the wall, and then passionately kiss her until her knees are trembling. Then I do it. She’s ready to be led so I escalate until her hands are down my pants wanking me off while I finger fuck her so hard her feet barely touch the ground. All within five minutes of the first kiss, so I’m pleased with the momentum.

I could’ve probably fucked her right there but I’m playing Harem Game now and I don’t want buyer’s remorse.  Everything so far has set her up as a perma-fuck and I don’t want to relinquish that frame by cannibalising the set to get quickie sex. She’s so keen to see me tomorrow I’m happy to postpone it.

We meet late the next evening and I take her to a pizza restaurant on the main street, five minutes walk from the apartment. Although I invite Suave and Jambone, they know it’s for show and keep out of the way. She’s on a diet and can’t eat so I run douchbag game on her with lots of teasing, and then go for a buying temperature spike with eye-fucking and low vocal tone.

She’s giddy, saying how she feels drunk. When her eyes spazz out and I have the It’s On Moment I walk her back to my bedroom, run the Trololo routine then close. No LMR.


  1. yes what rivelino said…….

    those tits i did want to see…. they look massive, not on youtube- some other hosting would be good. i realized watching the video AFTER the article that you could preframe a kiss while eating something as well “you do realize when i kiss you later i will have sausage breath, is that a problem coz i have gum:)”. it would be a nice tease.
    also krauser, you might want to try a short sleeve shit, the army type, shirt and jeans, its really simple. i know you want comfort but it’s in line with the frame that you are older thus mature…..sorry for my inpertinence, i know nothing im just jelouse that you can do it in a tshirt. Gr8 lay, hot girl

  2. New poster here – am I the only one who thinks that Krauser is due way more kudos than 99% of PUAs operating on the web? Got here through Roissy but now I check every other day for an update.

    This is one of the only pickup guys consistently posting photos and videos of his conquests as proof, as well as excellent line by line deconstructions – some would take an issue with the privacy of the girls but personally I couldn’t give a toss – on a planet with 6 billion people and rising I have more chances of winning the national lottery than one of krausers girls finding herself on the internet.

    Krauser, you’re a star and I salute you – especially like your focus on daygame – by the way, how the hell does anyone send you an email?

    • krauser [squiggle a sign] rocksolidgame [dot thing] co [another one] uk

      I don’t want this blog to come off like a marketing stunt, so I don’t make it obvious how to contact me or what I sell.

    • “am I the only one who thinks that Krauser is due way more kudos than 99% of PUAs operating on the web?”

      Krauser is the best thing on the web, period. This guy has, for me, completely redefined what it means to be a pickup artist, a blogger, and a real man. He is fucking beautiful, cool, interesting girls — not trashy, slutty, fake goth girls like Mystery did. He is a true inspiration.

      I have a theory that the reason Krauser is not more popular is that deep down, most people who read the pua blogs do not want to be exposed to the truth — that if you work hard, have balls, and really focus on perfecting your craft, that you too can be banging gorgeous girls.

      Most “aspiring” puas would rather hear Roissy rant about the government, or hear Roosh rant about American girls, than actually try to change their lives.

      Krauser is living proof that you can change your life for the better — for the MUCH better.

      Krauser is living every man’s dream, and he deserves it.

  3. Krauser certainly sets the standards for f-close vids. Well done.

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  5. It truly pained me watching that pizza get cold. How can that be living my dream? In my dream it would have been piping hot.


  6. I’m not sure. I had to lie down for an hour in a darkened room with a cold flannel over my forehead after seeing the Man-Eater’s sex balloons. My hands were still shaking a day later. I felt all queasy and upset.

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