The Trololol Video Routine

August 18, 2010

This one was inspired by Burto one afternoon at an RSG team meeting. While the boys were being serious in one room, Burto was showing us his favourite dumb youtube videos on his laptop in the kitchen. So far I’ve done this twice immediately before (like, five minutes before) swooping the girl in my lounge for the final furlong before I tap the ass. I also tried it sending links over Facebook chat and it also worked well.

The scene – You’ve got the girl back at your place and she’s sitting next to you on the sofa. You’re both sipping white russians – an easy cocktail to make and pretty damn strong. She knows what comes next but you want to give her a laughing fit and a buying temperature spike. Play these videos in order.

Then swoop.

Over in Lithuania we found it’s useful to download the videos onto your phone because then even without internet you’ve got something to fill an awkward pause – as Burto showed when we brought these lovely ladies to chill with us in the Palanga sand dunes.


I also use Beatbox Dog as a chick crack routine constantly. Whenever I’m restless, I just tap her under the chin with the back of my hand and make the bwabwabwabwa noises. Trolol is a good one to sing when you’re walking, accompanied by all the gestures.


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  2. Interesting routine, I’m going to test it 😉

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  4. Do you do it with a deadpan face?

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