Facebook game to set up the f-close

August 26, 2010

I haven’t banged this girl yet. Picked her up in Lithuania and kiss-closed easily enough but the gods were against me for the lay. I’m gonna be back in her neck of the woods within a fortnight so I’ve been playing the long game. Out of my entire harem, this girl will be number one if I can slide her into position. She’s adorable.

It doesn’t really need a commentary. This girl is hyper-innocent and really needs comfort, seeing as she knows I’m a player and knows I have a harem. So this chat is all about giving that comfort, snowflaking her, and getting the LMR now so that the wicket is clear for my trip.

Formatting note: long spaces like this       mean a new line. Just removed the line breaks to reduce the post length. Timing is important.

Borat left. Suave's girl right

23:00 Her: trololo   evening good   evening good    i`ve got schedule for september
23:02 Me: hey!   my favourite Borat girl!
23:02 Her: auch, not Cheryl ;/
23:03 Her: good at least you like borat type girls
23:04 Me: Not borat girls. I like you
23:04 Her: even better;]   sooo    what i wanted to say   is that i know when i`m free in september
23:05 Me: which is?
23:05 Her: not perfect situation but a bit better than i expected    9th
23:05 Me: so you are free all day everyday?
23:05 Her: then 3 days of work    and 13-15    haha, u wish:)
23:05 Me: So let me get this straight…..   I have you completely   totally   exclusively   for one day    then three days for you to cry with loneliness      then I got you again for three days    totally    exclusively
23:06 Her: right     and you gonna have some fun with non-borat girls while i`m crying    nice    but well    there`s nothing i can do    need to accept the fact
23:07 Me: Yeah    You are my favouritist thugh
23:07 Her: will cry on somebody`s arm at work ;p    lovely :*:*
23:08 Me: So we’re kinda like boyfriend-girlfriend     In a weird way
23:09 Her: in a very weird way     `cause not aware what`s happening when we appart       no     i know actually
23:10 Me: If you lived in London we’d be proper boyfriend-girlfriend      not weird
23:10 Her: you`re visiting France ;p      but i don`t     so..
23:10 Me: Yeah     😦     you’re totally my type too…..
23:10 Her: half of Asia is your type:)))
23:11 Me: Just the Borat half
23:11 Her: what a relief;pp
23:12 Her: how is that my “boyfriend”`s at home today?
23:13 Me: Just been for work drinks.     Darling….
23:14 Her: i see     i`ve just came home from work      need a cup of tea
23:15 Me: OK. I’ll put the kettle on      now that we’re boyfriend-girlfriend, I have to be nice to you
23:17 Her: finally!      it`s a miracle    ;p
23:17 Me: Any other requests?     shall I warm your slippers?
23:18 Her: a massage would be nice:)
23:18 Me: shoulders?    legs?    breasts?
23:19 Her: a bit everywhere:]      i also see dust on the table      would be good if you cleaned it   honey    ;p
23:20 Me: I’ll clean your mouth out with soap, woman!      I mean…… darling…. 🙂
23:21 Her: ;D     ok, your not a husband, just a boyfriend      will keep such requests for the future   ;p
23:21 Me: So are you gonna ride on the back of my motorbike?
23:22 Her: cool bu not romantic;/      *but    how`s my tea?    don`t forget    no milk..
23:23 Me: Just boiled     I could take you for a dinner date in a castle by the sea     We’d drink the finest wine
23:24 Her: ooooh,i`m totally in love with you now   ;D
23:24 Me: Then we’d walk down the steps. Stone steps, cut into the cliff
23:24 Her: hahaha
23:24 Me: We’d walk along the beach, with the wind whistling around us    We’d hug tightly, to keep warm     The waves would lap the shore by our feet    We’d write our names in the sand with our toes
23:25 Her: and then we`d kissed under the rain
23:25 Me: It would say “[Borat] + [Krauser]”
23:25 Her: THE END    ;DDD
23:25 Me: Or alternatively….     …. I’d just fuck you up the ass in the nightclub toilets
23:26 Her: 2nd option just amazing     i`m fascinated!
23:27 Me: 😉
23:27 Her: as there`s still no warm tea on my table gonna have to go and make it by myslef     *myself     ;/
23:28 Me: glad you have your priorities right
23:29 Her: we`ll deffinitely chet before you come    *chat    nice eve to you    muah
23:29 Me: ok
23:29 Her: *
23:29 Me: try not to think too much about me
23:29 Her: not going to be easy..

MLTR-game is much maligned as impossible but right now I’m having a good go at it. I’ve got five girlfriends and every single one of them knows I see other girls. So far, they don’t seem to mind. There’s a perfect mix of alphaness, honesty, and comfort. I haven’t found it yet but it doesn’t seem so tough. At least in the short term.

Anyone who noticed I shamelessly ripped off a Jeffy routine = +10 points. Respect the cock.


  1. Any reason why all your girls are foreign? How’s your game with the local English gals?

    • I’m simply not attracted to English girls. I like the more exotic look and I find the personality of most English girls abrasive and tiresome. Occasionally I’ll open one who turns out to be English and if I still like her vibe I’ll treat her like any other set.

      • Sometimes I hate you. I have to travel thousands of kilometers to find girls who are not American. Having such variety so close must be wonderful.

        Remember: A hundred miles is a long way to a European, a hundred years is a long time to an American.

  2. Great job given where she’s at.

    She’s tentatively entertaining ideas about moving to London I’d bet.

  3. whats the Jeffy routine?

  4. recognized the jeffi push pull with the ass fuck…i never pull it of coz i bust out laughing.

    i liked this a lot:” So let me get this straight….. I have you completely totally exclusively for one day then three days for you to cry with loneliness then I got you again for three days totally exclusively” im going to steal it.

    i’ve almost banged my target, was eating her out in a room covered in pictures of her boyfriend(lol) and she flat out rejected me when i asked her for a bj( stupid and incongruent of me but i want what i want) she seamed ok though …she wasnt, it was guilt not rejection. I’m also being honest about what i want and have to constantly be a challange for her.

    i’ve used sex projection well with her like you did with the young korean(to bad you didnt get her), sayd she will never fuck me then next day called me over…… im getting there but my lack of experience is telling a bit

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  6. “and you gonna have some fun with non-borat girls while i`m crying nice but well there`s nothing i can do need to accept the fact”

    That is so fucking money. God damn. You are an inspiration.

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  8. The Jeffy routine: “Or alternatively…. …. I’d just fuck you up the ass in the nightclub toilets”

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  10. “I’ve got five girlfriends and every single one of them knows I see other girls. So far, they don’t seem to mind. There’s a perfect mix of alphaness, honesty, and comfort.” Am I right in thinking that that would not have been possible without the large amount of social proof and third-party DHVing that comes with your night-game and entourage activity? In other words, I’d guess that the solo man without even a wing can only expect the occasional solo girl (and fewer of them, at that). On a related note, is it worthwhile for a raw beginner to find a wing?

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