My spy-cam is a go!

March 30, 2010

I’ve been buying all kinds of James Bond shit on ebay lately. On Saturday morning a clip-on cam drops through my letter box while Suave and Wisdom come round for some House of the Dead Overkill action. And yes, I have the Hand Cannon and a pump action shotgun. Who needs girls when you have Sega.

"What does a man have to do to pacify a bitch?"

That day is a washout but on Sunday me and Suave are back on the prowl. I only do a few sets. There’s three that don’t hook and then I get some decent play from a Singaporean air hostess and right after that a Georgian dancer. Both nice girls. The hostess takes a while to soften up but I plough and she starts smiling and investing. The Georgian is into the conversation from the beginning.


  1. “You look Turkish” – best neg for Eastern European women. Did you see how disappointed she looked? They HATE the idea that they might not be considered white.

    The second video especially is full of great stuff – “Don’t point that’s rude”, deflecting the bf issue. What happened in the end?

    Cam and mic quality are superb – you could probably charge for this stuff.

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  6. Fat, say fucking FAT!

  7. LMAO. He’s talking to this chick about the Austro-Hungarian and Austrian empires. That’s awesome. But you could tell she did not know what “rivalry” means.

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