Georgian in short shorts

June 6, 2010

I’ve got another one-itis, this time it’s the Georgian dancer I opened waaaay back. The set went great but she put up a convincing boyfriend defense, telling me she met the guy five years earlier and he’s the only guy to put his he-rocket into her she-pocket (while teasingly complaining how Georgian girls really miss out on the excitement of sex with different guys because they are so traditional). She took my card with my number but never called and I just wrote it off. Beautiful girl, but nothing doing.

I’m out today with Suave and Wisdom for a bootcamp. The students go back at the end of the daygame session to get changed for nightgame. I see the dancer walk past again, but this time it’s crazy-hot summer weather and she’s wearing crazy-hot short shorts. Oh damn, I love dancers legs. Nice thick thighs. I give chase and call her name. She turns around. I stare, smirk and then she recognises me.

I wasn’t mic’d up but the conversation was great and she was entrancing me with those wide brown eyes (and tits, pressed up against a too-tight shirt). Should I describe it, or would you rather watch the video? Okay then. Keep a note of how much pussy tingling goes on.

And yeah, my shorts are cool too.

BONUS POINTS: Can you guess the music? Both were from Japanese arcade games. The credits from one with a big peripheral. The main music from Sega.


  1. Man Purse!!?

  2. Iv heard that music before iam sure its from a fighting game not sure which dough dam, haha yea nice shorts

  3. I LOVE this music. Which game is it from, K? I must have it. [Outrun 2, soundtrack is easy to find on torrent sites. K.]

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