Another Georgian idate to nowhere

December 28, 2011

I still don’t have the Georgian flag. Apparently they are still very strictly brought up with a no-sex-before-marriage culture and thus everyone gets married at 17 to their high school sweetheart. Or so I’ve been told. I was briefly dating such a girl last year but couldn’t close. Mind you, back then I couldn’t close an open door. Since then I’ve had a couple of numbers from Georgians but no jollies.

Here’s a sweet girl I met this summer on Oxford Street. I don’t usually follow girls into shops but it makes little difference to how you talk to them. As often happens with instant dates this started fine and then fizzled out by the second date. My follow-through is improving with time but the simple fact is most instant dates go nowhere due to factors outside your control. This girl had a particularly complicated family situation. We have the occasional skype chat but I put it at 1/5 chance of taking the flag.


  1. damn… judging by your videos, there are 2 types of women that are even remotely interested at staring at your bald head… they are hookers or ones that come from 3rd world countries… tsk tsk tsk…

  2. Maybe you should start negging her hard that she is a traditionalist and is too afraid to experience new adventures.

  3. I like the Apple reference in the title.

  4. I felt there was something left out: One moment you’re in the store looking at t-shirts and then you’re having a beer and yet not once (unless I missed it) had she invested. Indeed, she said hardly anything and just giggled most of the time.

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