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December 26, 2011

Same Day Lays are a strange thing for many reasons. I suppose if you take a typical non-community guy and tell him you can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the day, take her on a date, and then fuck her before the moon comes up he’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Yet there is a method for accomplishing just that and there’s plenty of guys who have racked up a whole bunch of them. I’m personally not an SDL guy. I’ve had some but I think it’s way overrated. Like having a fight or appearing in porn, it’s something every man should do just for the experience and the dinner-party story but taking it too seriously will unbalance your life over time.

That said, it’s a fucking awesome feeling when you pull one off. You just wanna run around the streets with your shirt over your head Ravanelli-style.

A new close, yesterday

Nonetheless its an ego thing and will lead you to unnecessarily burn too many sets that you could’ve closed with a more patient 3-date model. I’ve yet to meet the man who can SDL better than a lost tourist 7 or a mentally-unbalanced low-8. Maybe someone has done it somewhere but I never saw nor heard about it.

This summer I went for SDLs whenever the circumstances seemed right. I got a few but most of them drained away into nothing or blew up in my face. Here’s an example of a girl who was a prime candidate…. but it never happened. In this case it was pure logistics. I got her heated up and ready but she got called away to her host family’s dinner table and then the trail ran cold. A few facebook chats later and she was back to 50/50 but I couldn’t get her over the hump.

I’ve put the video up because for the first thirty minutes it was textbook, so you can still get some ideas from it.

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  1. Waz up mate, lovin this kick ass vid, she’s hot. do you have your lay stats for day game stuff youve done this year. i saw some on yoshas site blog and i guess you keep yours to, just be cool to see the top guys sucess numbers like in premiership league lol! easy bro, steve

    [Do you mean this post from Tom? His % ratios sound about the same as me, though I don’t keeps stats. He’s a very hard worker hence the final number is high. I think his overall comments are spot on for fairly high-level guys doing street cold approaches. K.]

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