Positioning 101

December 29, 2011

You should constantly hammer away at a girl’s frame in order to impose your own. The strongest reality wins. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly actively do stuff (DHV stories, negs etc) but you do have to constantly hold your own frame while her’s crumbles. Have you ever been in a party / dinner full of strong characters who feel entirely comfortable in the environment whereas everybody and everything is new to you? If so, you probably felt it was an uphill struggle just to be yourself and prevent their frame from overwhelming you. Every minute is a slog and its easy just to surrender your frame, unburden yourself from the responsibility of holding the line, and then you can actually relax.

Obviously the girls in your life feel the same way and yet, even better, they are designed to gratefully surrender their frame to yours once they’ve tested yours. So just hold your frame safe in the knowledge her’s has inbuilt structural weaknesses and is built to fail.

One way of chipping into her frame is to constantly position her below you, as having certain characteristics. Keep putting her in that box, let her qualify her way out of it, dole out a reward, and then put her right back into the box. Eventually she’ll tire of climbing out and will sit wherever you figuratively put her. You should make the whole process playful so she enjoys it.

Here are two great examples to use when she’s on facebook or sitting next to you at a laptop in isolation. They put the girl in the following box:

  • Clumsy
  • Attention-seeking
  • Cute
  • Tolerated by the adults because she’s well-meaning at heart

In both cases it’s good to bait the trap first by getting her to qualify on some (initially) positive personality trait such as independence, chattiness, athleticism etc then you hit her with “You know who you remind me of? There’s a children’s TV character just like you, who is also [independent, chatty, athletic etc]”

You’ll have also seen there’s alot of “our world” shared joke opportunities in this. If you couldn’t figure out which character is the girl, you ought to unsubscribe from this blog.

* This is my 400th post. Fuckin’ hell I’m good to you people *


  1. * This is my 400th post. Fuckin’ hell I’m good to you people *

    Congratulations! 😀

    Does this mean you’ll get your own subforum now on PUAHATE?

  2. * This is my 400th post. Fuckin’ hell I’m good to you people *

    I`m still no alpha-master of game, but my social life has improved vastly since studying your posts, and your videos are a constant inspiration, they make it look easy, and that`s the mark of masters. So yeah a sincere thank you for giving the rest of us a bit of your time to tell us a thing or two. keep the good stuff. [’tis my pleasure. Ta. K.]

  3. You are one of the best right now.

  4. “Fuckin’ hell I’m good to you people”

    yes you are.

  5. @akmed

    “your videos are a constant inspiration, they make it look easy, and that`s the mark of masters.”


  6. Hey, Krauser. To join in the “good to us” lovefest, I was at your San Diego bootcamp and it was a superb experience. The imitation you showed me of the approval seeking way I was coming across really opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong. I still picture that all the time when I’m talking to women, and it has helped me. I highly recommend your training to anyone out there who’s thinking about it. Definitely let us know when you’re back in the States. [It was a pleasure to meet you, fella. K.]

  7. Krauser, love your blog man. Tell us about your experience day gaming in the US. Would be interested in your perspective on day game pickup in the US vs. Europe.

    • LOL… “daygaming”… US is english speaking country, which means normal girls have no problems telling bald creeper to f_uck off… thats why you hardly see any videos of him picking up british girls on this blog… he only goes after vulnerable 3rd world types that would do anything to marry a rich foreigner who would take them away from the craphole country….

      unless he goes to Southern states, where there is a lot of illegal immigrants. por favor? si?

  8. There is some truth to this.

    The vast majority of day game closes I’ve seen have been:
    1) local guys going after foreign girls without an established large social circle
    2) foreign guys going after local girls and playing up their exotic card

    krauserpua.com is one example.
    sashapua.com is another example.

    IMO girls with established social circles are generally much harder to bag than those without. Many of my lays have been girls who had limited social exposure (perhaps had only one or two friends) or didn’t have friends at all. These were cool chicks, but for one reason or another, they just didn’t seem to have friends.

    I’ve only once laid a super popular chick with tons of friends and that was (unsurprisingly) – through a social circle! I’ve found that it’s next to impossible to lay Facebook junkies with thousands of friends if no one is vouching for you… just forget about it.

    Also, it’s always easier to lay foreign chicks than locals, especially if you’re a local yourself. When one of you is foreign or when she is in a foreign environment, a lot of social rules as to what is acceptable and what isn’t tend to go out the window. This is why expats find it easier to get laid no matter where they are, why European guys get laid more in the US, why American guys get laid more in Europe etc. It’s the foreign factor. Some of the most successful players are guys who target a certain foreign demographic or move abroad themselves.

    My opinion is that you need much more “alpha capital” to lay a local chick if you’re a local yourself, whereas a foreign guy can get away with a lot of shortcomings because they either get lost in translation or they are purposely overlooked.

    I’m interested in Krauser’s input on this.

    • I’d agree with this. Roughly speaking a girl with a strong social network around her (which is what they all crave) really only wants the Alpha within that network and it’s hard to pull her if that’s not you.

  9. “they are designed to gratefully surrender their frame”… true. But another way of saying it is that their frame has inbuilt structural weaknesses which yours, as a male, should not. These weaknesses include such things as viewing the world through an obfuscating estrogen fog, not always being able to remember which is left and which is right and where your brain lacks the circuitry to make 2 plus 2 always equal 4.

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