Dating the Taiwanese hairdresser

March 30, 2010

I did two dates in a row this week. The day before my second date with the black girl, I was out dating my new Taiwanese acquisition. It started in Covent Garden on the sunday afternoon, like it usually does. Suave and I are playing with the video camera when I see a cute little pixie girl walking past with a sad expression. She stops to look at a street vendor’s cart and I go over. I use the “three-finger turn” to get her attention then open:

Krauser: Hey. I was over there with my friend when you walked past and caught my eye. I decided to come talk to you and as I walked over I tried thinking of something really cool and impressive to say. But my mind is blank.

That did the trick. She laughed, introduced herself and away I go. Most memorable bit was when she said she was a hairdresser and I teased her on her haircut. That’s the bit where I’m circling her and examining her on this video  [warning: some commercial branding]

We get interrupted by the vendor when she overhears me seeding the instantdate at a nearby retro sweet shop. She asks us if we know some other shop and gives directions. I take the cue and lead the way. I don’t realise at this point but Suave is following me with the camera (I thought he’d gone off to his 3pm date). Finally coming out the sweet shop I see him locked in at a lampost so I stop my girl in front of him for a better camera angle.

I lead her off to a nearby Caffe Nero and get into the business of DHVing, taking her Facebook and so on. Suave shows up with his new girl soon after so we double date.

Not had a "throwabout" for a while

A few days later I pull the girl out onto a Day 2 with these texts:

Krauser: HB Pixie. We’re gonna have that milkshake. What’s your favourite flavour
HB Pixie: I would like to have chocolate under, strawberry in the middle and valala on top please. When?
Krauser: Tonight or Thursday. You pick.
HB Pixie: Emmm, I finish work at 9pm, would be too late I think, and I am not available until Monday. What then?
Krauser: Depends where you work. I was thinking 8pm, but 9 is ok if you’re close
HB Pixie: I’m far, I’m [zone 4]
Krauser: How long does it take to Central London? Can’t do milkshake that late but there’s a great retro members club that’s open late. Very 1930s jazz and art deco.
HB Pixie: Sounds fab, but take me about 35 mins get to the [station], if I can be there 10, too late no?
Krauser: 10pm is fine HB Pixie. We’ll have a couple of hours in London’s most relaxing bar. So the next question is – are you impulsive (tonight) or methodical (thursday)
HB Pixie: Tonight would be better, do you mind that I have leave at 12:00 because of last train?

Date goes well but she says a few biographical details that make me screen her out. It’s a shame, because she’s kinda cute. She also recognises me as a “player” within ten minutes. I just reframe:

Krauser: I’m not sure I get you. Do you mean [indicates left hand] I’m a guy who is successful with lots of women or [indicates with right] I’ve made a lifestyle decision to surround myself with pretty girls?
HB Pixie: I’m not sure which. I’ll think about it.


  1. Ha! Good for her.

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  4. This is an old post, but what is a “three finger turn”? Thanks in advance.

    [For girls who are stationary and looking at something, e.g. a DVD rack. You can’t get in front of them but you need their full attention, therefore you have to turn them to face you. The most dominant yet non-aggressive way is to use the top three fingers in a back-handed turn on their upper arm to slowly turn her upper body to face you. It’s not grabby but it leads. It doesn’t freak them out. K.]

  5. so how is the progress now ? wonder where you found her ? taiwanfriendfinder is a nice site meet lotsa laiwai there 🙂 [She was husband hunting so a no-go. She got married a year later. Still friends. K.]

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