Taiwan Day 3

April 19, 2010

I’d written off this target because while she’d accepted all the kino up to handholding on the way back to the station on Day 2, she had refused the kiss. Actually, she’d stood there with lips pressed tightly together and accepted a weird 4th Grader peck. DLV.

There were also some other things that meant I really didn’t feel the reward justified the costs. I’d go into them, but they are kinda private for her – she really opened up to me about the details of her life so I guess I should respect that privacy. As I bid farewell at the tube station at the end of Day 2 (about midnight) I told her to send me a text that she got home safe. I always do this – shows a protective spirit.

Starting to grow on me

HB 12:57am: I’m home safe Krauser. Thanks took me to the relax place, made me want to be a member too! Night x
Krauser 7:50am: Cool. I had fun too.  Some detachment after failing kiss close.

I decide I should probably at least try to progress so I wait a couple of days and pick up the ball again:

Krauser 1:28pm: I reckon a bit of food next time. Implicit invite.
HB 2:02pm: Lots food even better.
Krauser 7:19pm: Just don’t go stealing food off my plate, ok? I’m free Monday evening
HB 10:36am: I’m only free on 13th April the Tuesday afternoon [over 2 weeks away] She’d said how busy she is but is this just a shit test?
Krauser 11:49am: I’ll be at work in the afternoon. Till six.  Just the facts ma’am.
HB 9:18pm: Hi Krauser, maybe we can have dinner after you finish work, without try lip kiss and hold hands, just like a normal friend so you can relax and no need to try anything on me, if that is ok for you. I’m fully booked before I go back home, so this will be the only time I can offer so far. I hope you well. God bless you.

Sounds like quite a brush off. I wait three days then respond:

Krauser 11:15pm: Yeah, could be fun.
HB 11:21pm next day: Your reply was on the apple fool day. So yeah means yes or no really?
Krauser 11:41pm: Oh, I didn’t realise. Yes.  If the connection is still there, no reason to break it.
HB 11:42pm: Where are we going to meet up? I will arrive Waterloo in the afternoon.
HB 11:43pm: How are you? Saw your Facebook about you handed the notice, anything that I can pray for you?
Krauser 11:44pm: No rush, not meeting for another 10 days. I’m great. Very happy to be quitting.  Positive and unconcerned frame. She’s already decided I’m a player so I should act congruently with that.
HB 11:45pm: Keep happy. Night x

What the hell do I make of this? She’s an ex-party girl with a finely tuned player radar and thus strongly responsive to alphaness, yet she’s also tried (and failed) to settle down and then turned to god and thus wants a stable nice guy. The classic front brain / hind brain conflict. So I figure my overt stance should play to the nice guy while the body language and subtext is bad boy. She seems a nice girl but probably too much hassle, so I’m thinking I’ll treat her like a crash test dummy – meaning I will try a higher risk strategy because I don’t care if I fuck up.

Don’t get me wrong – this girl has a lovely tight ass and will be a fucking raging demon in the sack – I do want to fuck her. There’s just only so much I’m prepared to invest so I leave it at that. She deletes me from Facebook – only the third time it’s ever happened. And then, April 13th rolls around and as I’m walking to work my phone vibrates:

HB 8:31am: Morning stranger! Are we still doing the dinner thing or milkshake thing today then? Have a good day  She’s investing and bringing the energy. Qualification.
Krauser 8:35pm: Yeah, I’m in.  Nice words, bad boy subtext.
HB 8:36am: Haha so how we going to meet?
Krauser 8:37am: What time can you get to Piccadilly? Direct. Don’t waste words.
HB 8:38am: 2ish
Krauser 8:38am: pm?
HB 8:38am: Ya
Krauser 8:39am: I finish work at 5. How about we meet at St Paul’s Cathedral then? Meet me on my terms.
HB 8:40am: OK 🙂 have fun at work!
Krauser 8:40am: Ok. See you soon 🙂 Reward her good behaviour.

A normal exchange but what’s the subtext? Why delete me from Facebook, see me show no attempt to rebuild the connection, and then suddenly show strong commitment to seeing me again? Is there a time-delay pussy tingle detonating? Later that day:

HB 1:05pm: Which is the station near by the cathedral?
Krauser 1:06pm: Haha. Guess. It was a retarded question so I’m being nice here.
HB 1:06pm: Liverpool station.  Retard.
Krauser 1:07pm: St pauls
HB 1:10pm: I know but there are few same name when I serch it, just tell me please. Such player!  Oh, sounds like a little banter is being struck up. Shift to attraction game…
Krauser 1:12pm: Central Line. Shall I send a limousine to pick up the princess?
HB 1:15pm: Hahaha, I don’t like them, old English mini will do 🙂 central line which station?
Krauser 1:20pm: Ok – St Pauls station, central line. Do you need GPS coordinates too?  Subtext = she’s a retard and I’m just about tolerating it. Playful.
Krauser 1:21pm: Btw, wear something nice. I’m dressed like a tramp and one of us needs to look good. Pull her into my leading frame, make her qualify to impress me, underline that I don’t give a fuck about stuff.
HB 1:26pm: I think I look nice hahaha
HB 1:36pm: I wear something like Spartan, hope is nice to you.  Yeah, interesting.
Krauser 1:37pm: Cool. I’ll wear red Speedoes.  Worked for Gerard Butler.
HB 1:38pm: Check you out, I will kiss you if you do! Nice one  Interesting that she brings that up. What’s the maxim in Game – “If she’s talking about sex, that means she’s thinking about having sex with YOU”?
Krauser 1:41pm: Heh. That depends how sexy YOU look. I look AWESOME in Speedoes. Like Borat Run with it, force her to think of my in underwear but release the tension with a push/joke
HB 1:48pm: Awesome! I love borat. I’m not sexy type btw, more like Taiwanese type. “I’m not a party girl anymore, even though I obviously am”
Krauser 1:52pm: Yeah, Taiwanese are not sexy. A nation of librarians and lawyers. Push her away, screening frame – but playful
HB 2:03pm: Shame, can’t do kiss then. Beta bait.
Krauser 2:05pm: Maybe just some light touching and shy smiles. I’ll call you and raise you.
HB 2:09pm: The weather is awesome.  Not sure about this. Is she banking that little bit of escalation (a good thing) or snipping the thread to avoid it (a bad thing)?
Krauser 2:13pm: Like summer. Squirrels running up trees, geese wandering around the lake. I love it.  Positive imagery. No questions.
HB 2:14pm: Hmmm, such a waste because you work and I am going to enjoy it! Tease to regain her superiority
Krauser 2:20pm: Take a few photos to show me. Try to catch a squirrel.  Put her into her place as trying to impress me.

I meet this girl and she’s dressed nice. For the first hour or so things are slightly awkward because I’m trying not to show interest and she’s being a little sassy and guarded. We walk down to the South Bank and to an old school pub. I’m having to carry the conversation and gradually she loosens up and invests until by the end of the pint she’s really into it. Before showing up I’d already made the decision that either she chases me or nothing happens – I’m not gonna kino escalate – so I settle into a strong alpha frame and the DHVs are all subtle. I’m not even sure what my goal is (obviously I’d like to fuck her, I just don’t want to jump through any hoops to do so) but I sort of settle on befriending, entouraging, and then letting her come to me over the course of the next couple of months.

We walk on to Pizza Express and things really change. She’s IOIing like crazy including an almost comical wanking of her glass of water – over and over again for about ten minutes. She pinkens a little, changes her posture to be more alluring, suddenly gets itchy around her neck. All of the classic non verbal signs. It helps that I keep dropping in casual conversation about fucking.

As we walk out she’s grabbing onto my arms and doing the whole doe-eyed please-protect-me little girl stuff (which I love) and as we say goodbye at the tube station she’s in a deep hug with me, face tilted up to me, lips almost touching. The kiss close was there for the taking but I’m thinking “no, you rebuffed me last time, this time I rebuff you”. She wants to come out again on Saturday.

When I get home she re-adds me to Facebook and messages. I accept and we have a one-hour chat session (while I’m also chatting with the Aussie and Italian). That gets more overtly sexual and it’s clear that she’s seriously turned on while trying to hold herself back. The classic forebrain-hindbrain conflict. The whole time I’ve made it clear I’m a player and pick up girls. Much of the Day 3 conversation was about technical aspects of game and me telling stories from actual sets. It kinda solidifies that central tenet of game – it’s the hindbrain that determines the lay, and preselection helps trigger it. Doesn’t much matter if her forebrain thinks you’re a womaniser, its pussy tingle uber alles. I’m kinda pleased to get this girl back in play.


  1. Hi, Krauser!

    I´d like to ask you some questions.
    Here in Brazil the “process” of picking up a chick and fucking her goes more or less like this: if you meet her in a club, you always kiss close right there and you generally fuck her on the 2nd or 3rd date. If you meet her elsewhere, like in a pub or in day game, you kiss close on the following date and fuck her in the date right after it.

    Why am I saying this? Because it seems that things are more difficult in Britain!
    I personally don´t have much patience to put up with a girl´s crap for more than 2 dates, since most of them have nothing but sex to offer, which, when you think about it, is not much.
    My question is: what do you do to develop patience and persistence to keep chasing chicks who take lots and lots of dates to put out?

    • It’s because of my goal: I want to pick up the very hottest girls, at the very peak of their sexual market value, and make them my LTR or fuck buddy.

      This is a big ask. I will not fuck ugly girls or women over 30, nor will I waste time with sluts.

      A quality girl takes time. The other thing is that I enjoy dates and also value the extra time it gives me in set to learn. If I enjoy being with a girl I won’t bin her just because she won’t put out.

  2. your text message dialogues are an education!

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