Paris Coffee Shop Game

July 31, 2010

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Saint Michel, near the Notre Dame cathedral feeling pleased with myself. I’d just f-closed the 18yr old French girl last night and was gonna meet her again this afternoon. But I’m a greedy man and I noticed a cute 19yr old Korean virgin sitting a few seats away. My daygame radar was tripping out with her signals – sitting alone, bored looking, short shorts, breasts fighting to escape her t-shirt. Everything screamed “bored, looking for excitement”. Probably at peak ovulation too. I’m reading my book and my sexual lust is fully satiated. So I dither.

Finally after about ten minutes I realise I’m gonna be really bothered if I don’t at least open her. No idea if she speaks english. No idea if I’ve already creeped her out with my staring. Right at the beginning I’d noticed she had a strange small hardbacked book that looked like the old Readers Digest story compendiums from the inter-war era. I lean over:

Me: Hi. How’s your English?

Her: Um, I speak a little bit [obviously speaks well from her delivery]

Me: OK. I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out what that book is and why you’ve got it.

Her: *smiles* It’s my diary

Me: *stack into conversation about how my grandmother used to give me similar books to help with my reading when I was a little boy*

It’s one of the easiest pick-ups I’ve ever done. My state was sky high and everything felt natural. Within a minute I’m sitting with her, feet stretched out over another chair, holding her book narrating a dorky Dear Diary that has her laughing. Then we’re drawing Garfield pictures. When she tells me a good story I reward her with one question – about anything – where I have to tell the truth. She asks if I was lonely! Once I hit the ten minute mark I bounce her outside and we go for a walk. At a nearby church garden I climb up onto a low ledge and pull her up – that’s how natural we get to handholding. I do the usual push-pull verbally and with kino. As we leave the gardens she asks my age:

Her: How old are you?

Me: Too old for you.

Her: Really, how old?

Me: I’ll tell you, but you have to guess first

Her: *screws up her nose, looks hard, tries to guess* 27

Me: Higher

Her: 30

Me: Close. *gives real age*

Her: How old do you think I am?


Her: *laughs, bats eyelashes*

Me: It’s hard to tell with you asians. There’s a whole range from 16 to 30 where you all look the same age. Let me have a look  *blatantly checks her out from head to toe*

Me: Turn around

Her: *turns around, giggles self-consciously*

Me: 21

Her: No, I’m 19. *smiles proudly*

As we walk on towards a park I escalate verbally.

Me: What’s the craziest sexual experience you had?

Her: Um….. that’s a tough question. I once kissed a guy I didn’t know in a nightclub [yes, really, that’s how naive she is!] What’s yours?

Me: You’re not very original. All you do is repeat my questions.

Her: Yeah, but I want to know. What’s your craziest sexual experience?

Me: Hang on, here’s a church. It’s better if I tell you inside the church, like a confessional *launch into DHV -NLP story about fucking my girl in a parked car on the streets of Seville*

Her: Wow!

We lie down in the park. Like the whole of this sarge it’s me leading with strong dominance and her allowing herself to be swept away after token resistance. She tells me she’s a virgin, has only ever kissed two guys, and hasn’t kissed anyone since January. I believe it. At first she’s sitting upright next to me while I have my hand on her thigh and eventually she lies down and puts her head on my chest while I stroke her hair. She tells me the type of guy she wants (strong, confident, able to dominate her).

Me: I should tell you. I like you, so I’m going to kiss you before we leave this park

Her: How are you going to do that?

Me: I’ll dominate you

Her: *giggles*

So I kiss her and after five minutes resistance she gets into it. She’s a hopeless kisser, which is fucking awesome. I feel like the first man who walked on the moon, like I’m corrupting something beautiful. I feel up her tits and tell her I’m gonna fuck her, even though I very much doubt I’ll get that far before leaving Paris. She likes the idea but says it’s not gonna happen. She talks about how this has never happened before, how she can’t believe things can move so fast in one hour and so on. Obviously she’s really enjoying it and when I explain the whole forebrain-hindbrain conflict she agrees enthusiastically. Finally she has to go meet her dad.

We meet for lunch the next day at Starbucks and right from the beginning I’m kissing her and touching her up. She’s totally surrendered into her feminity now and letting me do almost anything. While talking to her I keep taking a peek down her t-shirt at her tits (she expresses half-arsed outrage and then clearly enjoys me doing it. her tits are great – really big for an asian but beautifully round), I mash her tits in full view of the other customers, and we make out sloppily. I move on to The Stone so she’s rubbing my cock and then I start finger fucking her. I stop anytime a child walks by. I’m not an animal.

Again she’s got a time constraint, having had to sneak out her apartment while her dad was sleeping. I future project us getting married going on a honeymoon and fucking on the beach, invite her to London and so on because I know that my game isn’t tight enough to fuck a shy 19yr old virgin in the toilets of a Starbucks after only two hours of total meeting time. Plus I’ve got my main squeeze meeting me an hour later. So I shoot some video and send her back to papa.

Oh man, this was good for my inner game.

My week in game

July 31, 2010

Sunday – Thai girl comes round to cook me dinner, gives me a new shirt. I fuck her and introduce her to vibrators. All on video.

Monday – My favourite Lithuanian comes to visit London. Big make out. On video.

Tuesday – Go to Paris. Fuck the 18yr old I picked up a few days earlier in London, while her dad is at work. On video.

Wednesday – Pick up 19yr old Korean virgin in Paris Starbucks. Big make out.

Thursday – The 18yr old gives her first blowjob. The Korean touches her first cock. Both on video.

Friday – Back in London. Meet the young Muslim virgin. Big make out.

SaturdayBang the Muslim virgin and Suave bangs her friend. On video.

Lithuania 4: Belarus and Russia

July 27, 2010

Ace wants to have a quiet drink for us to talk business and theory – to catch up having not seen each other in a couple of months. Suave comes along too and we head into town. The heavens open en route and it’s like a tropical thunderstorm. I see a beautiful leggy girl walk past from the supermarket. My perfect ten (no, not this one). I open her in the rain – direct. We are standing there getting soaked while I tell her how feminine she is. She’s giggling at this Love Actually moment and I pull her under the cover of a tree long enough to get the number. 18 yr old Belarussan staying at our hotel, just arrived the day before. I rejoin my friends and we camp out in the nearest bar.

Love. Actually.

We are joined by HB Red Dress, who I’d daygamed two days earlier, and her fat gay best friend. He’s not actually gay, but he’s very protective and immediately tries amoging Ace who rebuffs him comfortably. The dude keeps trying it on all night but he’s progressively less bolshy and Ace does a fantastic job over the next few hours to give me isolation. HB Red Dress looks much hotter than I thought now that she’s dressed up. We chat plenty and while I like her energy she’s got a bit of the night-club-princess vibe that I detest. But overall she’s a good target.

I lead to Disco 311 and we dance. I’m three quick pints to the good so it’s a bit of a blur now. While I’m dancing with HB Red Dress I get re-opened by the crazy 20 yr old gymnast from two days earlier. She’s hunted me down and determined to tell me, in broken English, how I’m a good guy and she’s a good girl and definitely not a slut but she drinks too much so her friends have to take her phone and blah blah crazy talk. If it was London I’d run a mile, but I know I’m not here long so I indulge her. And she’s hot. A former medalist in some world games, she says.

My kind of librarian

That begins the jealousy plotline so I can easily bounce Red Dress into the chill-out sofa room. I run comfort and she’s all over me – until I go for the kiss close that she rejects. More comfort, more kino, and another rejected kiss. Now she wants to dance and there’s no keeping her seated. We go back in and Gymnast pushes herself into my space and I dance with her. Red Dress is doing the princess routine with her fat gay friend and encouraging other guys to flirt with her. Suave is in set with a hot girl that every other guy is trying to pick up. Ace and I help him out for a while, with me defusing and removing 2 amogs. When he’s isolated I get him a whiskey to DHV (and his target has seen me already isolated with Red Dress).

Red Dress is still fannying around and I decide I don’t care. I grab HB Gymnast and pull her downstairs. We make out big time and the SNL becomes likely. I take her back upstairs and now both targets are competing for my attention. I see a 2-set of 19yr old Russians standing bored by the wall, wanting to dance but not fitting in. I make eye contact and gesture her onto the dancefloor. She smiles but stays still. I jog over and do the Saturday Night Fever finger point and really cheesy dancing. I’m in such good state, and totally preselected, that she cracks up laughing and I drag her onto the dancefloor. I am now playing three targets off against each other, often ignoring them to dance with Ace – who is still dealing with the fat gay cockblock.

It’s all great fun and at the end I’m dancing one-on-one smoochy style with Red Dress. Time goes by and we are outside the club. I kiss Gymnast, try to kiss Red Dress (rebuffed even though she’s all over me with kino) and try to caveman HB Russian (very close – only ASD in front of her friend stops it). Suave is now gaming up the other Russian. I give it one last try to extract HB Gymnast and she’s walking with me before her friends pull her back. I have the numbers of all girls and decide that’s time to call it a night.

Two days later I have a lunch date with HB Belarus. We sit out at a pavement cafe in the sunshine. She’s got a time constraint because her exams are this week but we have two hours chatting. It feels like there’s no chance of escalating to a kiss because we’re sober, it’s sunny, and we are in a cafe. I do lots of rapport and some attraction game. The eye contact is good, she’s investing, but she’s not actually very interesting so I find it hard to build sexual tension. I do very light kino and it’s not really reciprocated – she accepts it but doesn’t really play ball. I decide to bail before it gets stale, and consider doing a proper date at night.

Lithuania 3 – We hit the streets mob-handed

July 20, 2010

We’d just arrived in Lithuania the night before and were itching to see if it really is the fabled land of beautiful women. After a quick spot of lunch we hit the streets on Friday afternoon. Suave opens a 4-set of jailbait which hooks but we kinda slink off when we realise their age then as I’m walking past a pavement cafe I see a perfect 10 sitting down. I open and she’s all smiley but doesn’t speak English. She’s not dismissing me at all and the body language is fine but her eyes have that vacant look of someone who has no idea what I’m trying to say. I eject.

In the town centre I see a nice seated set and hook until her boyfriend shows up. I plough anyway and then the set is invaded again – this time by the 4 jailbait girls. Seems everybody knows everybody in Vilnius. I eject out of that and when the rest of the gang show up for the Brazil game we get a nice double number close. Note how the motorcyclist turns his head to watch my set before he hits into the back of a car.

On the way home Suave and I open a few sets in the supermarket but none are very hot and then it’s time for nightgame. There’s a nice bar with a beer garden and as we walk in Shammers opens a 2-set of underage catwalk models on the stairs to the basement lounge. We manage to royally fuck up this set. I get him a drink and wing the obstacle. Plenty of IOIs and we bounce them across the room. Shammers then just wanders off. I decide to hold the set for him and then Suave comes in. He does too much attraction so I signal him and he backs off. I’m looking for Shammers to come back in but he doesn’t – it’s miscommunication – he thinks I’ve jacked his set and maybe I have. The slimmer girl is showing me lots of IOIs so I decide to just game her rather than wing (she was the obstacle). Then Moran comes in and jacks the set going after her.

Ended up with Moran

It’s a clusterfuck but the girls are happy. Moran and I bounce them outside to the beer garden and now I’m gaming the other one and Moran is salsa dancing the 15 yr old. My new target is 16 so I know that when push comes to shove I won’t try to close her. Moran ends up cavemanning his for a k-close outside and then they run away. We get their numbers but when Moran follows up his girl she says she’s too scared to come on a date so it goes nowhere. They add me to Facebook and that’s that. There’s a team inquest afterwards in which we are reminded that we completely fucked up Shammers’ set – myself included.

Across the road is a great little club. We’d tried to get our jailbait in but the doorman carded them. Once inside I’m opened by a hen night that plies us with drinks and I get a flakey Facebook from the hottest girl in the club. She had big brushed metal discs for earrings so I opened with “Excuse me. Did you make those earrings from the hob on your cooker?”

Most random part of the night is I’m dancing with Suave when some girl pushes between us and starts grinding. I pull her off the dancefloor and she’s ranting on in broken English:

Her: I not a slut

Me: Uh-huh

Her: You are nice guy. I can see

Me: Yeah

Her: I not girl who fuck guy in club

That sort of thing – within two minutes of meeting. I kiss close. She wanders back to friends and I figure I can find her later. Over the next hour she keeps dancing a few yards away from me and signalling for me to join her. I refuse, locked in to the wall, and occasionally beckon her over – about half the time she comes. It’s one long attempted cock-tease by her. It’s heating up and I figure there’s a good chance of an extraction but then she suddenly grabs her friends and leaves the club, me mistaking it for them going out for a ciggie.


July 19, 2010

Right-ho, this is a trial balloon.

You’re all well aware of my “no in-field = no game” approach to internet scammers pua gurus. I suppose I ought to live by my own code. I was browsing Youtube trying to find infields of the RSD instructors, a thankless task, when I came across a vid of Ozzie having a threesome with two hot girls. Not an actually pornographic vid – just him kissing them in his hotel room and then fade to black just as they were unzipping him. Looked legit to me. So Ozzie has moved up my list of gurus.

So here’s one of mine.

Still not entirely sure about this. There’s a niggling feeling in the back of my skull. Not sure if it’s a hangover or my conscience. Comments appreciated.

UPDATE – Lest I confuse anyone, this is NOT a pick-up video. The post about the initial approach is here. This vid begins when I met her for the fourth date, long after the initial f-close.

Lithuania 2: Finnish blonde

July 16, 2010

I’m teaching the daygame session on Sunday and we take the students out. Towards the end I see a really cute blonde striding purposefully down the street with her headphones in – my favourite type of set. I run over and open by complimenting her walk. She cracks a beautiful smile and I’m hooked. Turns out she’s half Finnish and half Lithuanian. We chat for ten minutes and I’m conscious that the students are hanging around for me to finish. I take the number and some easy text game ensures:

Me: Hey Miss Fashionable [I gave her my standard neg of “let me guess where you work. Not fashion, obviously”]. I guess we’re text buddies now 😛 Krauser.

Girl: =D my big smile. how is your evening? I don’t like the rain =/

Me: We’re all having a hotel party, listening to the thunder, drinking White Russian. You?

Girl: In which hotel? =) i’m at home. still relax.

Me: [Hotel name]. If the rain stops we’ll go out. Wanna come join me?

Girl: I would likem to meet with you tomorrow for a coffee =)

One-itis risk

We meet at the town hall and I walk her to a bar, via a restaurant to get DHV’d off Burto. The playful vibe is excellent, with us both teasing, prodding, poking and shoving each other. We walk into Shooters bar arm in arm. It’s early evening and we can’t even see a waitress never mind customers. I take her downstairs to the big sofa. I start to realise how challenging it is to kiss close a sober Lithuanian – especially the good girls that I always attract. Her buying temperature is good, she’s fully invested in the conversation and qualifiying, reciprocating kino, hand in hand – but there’s just an invisible barrier between us. She’s hyper-sensitive to PDA and even though she obviously wants to kiss, she won’t. There’s no LJBF bullshit – I literally push her up against the wall and spend ten minutes trying to caveman her for the kiss. She keeps head-turning away and yet makes no attempt to leave – just giggling and refusing. Finally I tire of this and it’s almost time for my next date. Later, we get into texting and Facebook mail:

Me: Was fun today. You’re weird, but I like you.

Girl: =))) i think you are drunk… I just not like others 🙂

Girl [next day]: Hello =) how are you? today again club? I wait for fuball.

We don’t get to meet on the Saturday as planned because I end up 400km away at the beach. So it goes to Facebook:

Me: 12 July at 12:29: I’m back in London now. Palanga / Nida were amazing, but I’m so burned now I look like a tomato. It’s unlucky we couldn’t meet on Saturday but we had to decide as a group where to go and we agreed on Nida.

Girl: 12 July at 12:38: Hello Krauser, you are lucky tomato =))), because i spend my Saturday at office…  I’m happy, because Spain won! =) I wish to see you one day… Maybe you’ll come again to Vln?  =*

Me: 12 July at 13:43: Yeah, I’m glad Spain won. Before the match I didn’t care, but when I saw how the Dutch team were fouling I wanted Spain to beat them. I’ll be returning to Lithuania. Possibly October – we might have a long seminar then. We’ll definitely meet. Let’s stay in touch on Facebook for now – keep your chat window open.

I’m sitting having coffee on Tuesday when my phone vibrates with this:

Girl: Hey Krauser =) how are you? I saw your pictures from Palanga – a lot of girls 😉 today is to rainy, i’m almost sleeping

Me: Sleeping at work or in your bed?

Girl: At work =D i wish to sleep at my bed (not alone)

WOAH! Stop the press. Hold the phone. What the fuck did she just say? Phase shift…..

Me: 😉 I know the feeling!

Me: When are you coming to London? I want to show you around.

Girl: -=) are you invite me? Actually i’ll have 1 week in August free, so… who knows =) i wish to see London and… you

Me: Great, let’s do it! I look forward to seeing you.

Girl: That is nice =) you are very kind 😉

Me: We’re gonna have fun. I’ll show you my favourite places – give you a dream holiday 😉

Girl: OK =) when i will know the dates, i will inform you. thank you 😉

Me: Cool

That’s pre-selection in action. I’d run tight game on her in the solo approach and again on the date, but she’d basically seen nothing of my life except what I showed her there. Suddenly when she adds me to Facebook and gets to scroll through the long scripted DHV that is my profile – including 50 photos of me having a great time in Lithuania with cool friends and hot girls – baddabing! Attraction trigger overload. Must… have… sex… with…. alpha….

Lithuania 1: Brazil vs Holland

July 16, 2010

This is the first in a series of posts from my 10-day jaunt in Lithuania. We went to teach a bootcamp for a few days then have a team-building sargeathon. Way too much happened to cover everything, so this is just highlights.

I will NOT be writing a post on when I had to pretend to be asleep while my roommate Suave was fucking a 19 yr old girl he’d just picked up that night. *shiver* .  No post about Shammers fucking a girl on the beach in Nida. Nor of Moran coming gloriously close to a same night threesome. Anyway….

I’m out on Friday afternoon with Suave and a few more of the RSG crew for the Brazil match. Just round the back of the town hall is an open air bar showing the game on a big screen. It’s rammed. From a distance Suave spots a 2-set of blonde and brunette, saying he might’ve gotten an approach invitation. I suggest we open at half time. Dr Becks actually does the grunt work for us and does a nice pivot job. I’ve already decided I want the brunette so it’s an easy division of targets. Textbook game is run and the girls respond great. We bounce them up to our table and isolate. I’m running normal comfort and establish deep rapport quickly. Dr Becks DHVs me a few times and it’s all very easy. This girl, HB Long Hair, is exactly my type – petite, olive-skinner, flowing dark hair, cute shy smile, oozing feminine class. Suave has to take a different line because his team are playing an important World Cup match so he mostly ignores his girl in favour of the football but she’s looking at him alot and the other guys are keeping her from getting bored.

Half Cheryl Cole, Half Borat

By the time Brazil are eliminated we’ve both got hand-holding and it’s a done deal for the number. We swap a few texts and arrange a double date for the Sunday. This is where it gets technical.

First thing that happens is the girls are twenty minutes late. Rather than DLV on the town hall steps Suave and I go to the nearest bar and watch the game, making the girls come to us. For some reason Suave’s girl has brought a spare wheel – a crazy Russian girl. As we walk off to the next bar I’m in immediate isolation with HB Long Hair walking arm in arm. I tease and neg her, run more rapport. Suave has a weaker isolation with his girl because he couldn’t run all the rapport during the game like I could. The Russian is starting to get angry with being excluded.

I suggest a burlesque-style bar that is virtually empty and we have the full downstairs to ourselves including the soft sofas. We talk more and when I feel my girl is ready I take her upstairs “to have a look around”. At the first moment of true isolation I kiss close her. She’s really happy about it and we make out for about ten minutes before I lead her back to the group. She’s soon sitting on my lap like a purring cat. She has to work at 3am the next morning so I know there’s not enough time to try an extraction, though I do anyway. Now attention turns towards getting Suave the k-close. I take my girl out for her taxi, makeout again, then back.

Suave and his girl want to go to a famous lookout point but the Russian is in full-on cockblock mode and keeps screeching “No! I don’t go there. I want to dance!” We are exasperated with her and Suave’s girl (who wants isolation) argues with her. I decide its time to take one for the team and lead the Russian to a dance club, with Suave and his target to meet us there an hour later. For the first ten minutes the Russian is testy but I don’t take any shit while also giving her attention and she calms down and turns out to be a sweet girl. We are way too early for the club so we have the dancefloor to ourselves. We do stupid dancing and I make her work for my attention, which she does. Soon after the RSG guys begin to show up and we are soon lording it.

Seriously motivated cockblock

Suave texts to say he’s on his way and needs DHVs, so I pass the message around the group. He shows up having k-closed but stalled in his escalation and we great him like a king. He locks in to the power position of the group and I get him a whiskey (Burto does so too later). We all treat him as the conversational anchor and the girl is melting. I leave the club about 2am cos I’m knackered but it’s a very successful sarge.

My girl is working crazy shifts, has a business trip to Riga, and is visiting a friend in Warsaw so it’s really tough trying to find time together. I get her out one-on-one on Tuesday and events render my plans unnecessary. It’s 11pm and my group is gonna head back to the hotel for some cocktails before we go clubbing. My girl shows up alone and Dr Becks extracts her for me – this being a group of seven people (including 2 girls) going back for a hotel party. We pour drinks and it’s soon just me and the girl in my hotel room. She’s dressed in short shorts with a tight plunging top. I think it’s absolutely on despite her strongly nice-girl-not-a-slut vibe. I run my caveman kissing routine (picking her up over my shoulder, slapping her arse, ragdolling her around etc) which she loves and I’m soon lying on the bed with her legs wrapped around me. I start to grab at her top when Suave blunders in. He realises the error and leaves immediately, but that’s triggered her ASD and suddenly she’s not gonna be getting naked anymore. We still makeout bigtime and she’s properly wet, but her logical front brain is back in control of her decisions. I don’t push too hard. After a couple of hours I put her in a taxi (early shift again) and go to bed.

Girl: I woke up having a nest in my hair thanks to you! You’re definitely going to pay for that!
Me: What’s my punishment?
Girl: Still thinking…. but i warn you, i’ll be pitiless! 😛
Me: :O I knew you had a ruthless side!
Girl: Too late now, who breaks, pays…
Last time I see her for the trip I just bully her out with this text exchange:
Me: The plan is 2 nights in Palanga then Saturday in Kaunas
Girl: You might not like Kaunas :/ ah seems like we’re not gonna meet for goodbye….
Me: Yeah we will. I want to see you tonight.We’ll have a date.
Girl: I’m afraid we won’t 😦 i’m starting work 3am and had very little sleep tonight, will go to bed early..
Me: Call in sick tomorrow. We’ll meet early so you can go home early.
Girl: Krauser i’m going to bed at 8pm and dentist is at 6pm, how do you imagine our date? 🙂
Me: Break the rules girl. I want to see you. Cancel the dentist. I’ll check your teeth.
Girl: That’s very nice of you 🙂 can’t cancel, no other day left before my trip to UK, my agenda’s full, that’s my usual biggest problem :/ you break the rules, come to Vilnius after Palanga and we’ll meet on saturday! 😉
Me: I might, but won’t know for sure until later. If I do, you have to clear your plans on Saturday so we have a looooong date. My friends will all be in Kaunas 😦
Girl: I’ll call and ask if it’s possible to make an appointment for sunday, the only option for me.
Me: Yeah, do that 😀
* few more texts*

Me: Ok, good try. Meet me tonight after the dentist for an hour.
Girl: You want me to die tomorrow at work..
Me: You’ll die happy 😛 7pm? Same steps
Girl: I’m gonna kill you! 😀 7 is impossible, won’t manage, you do realise it will be a very very short date, don’t you? 🙂

We have a real girlfriend-boyfriend vibe and I very much like the girl. She’s said she’ll be visiting London at the end of the month (for one day!) and because I already know I’ll be back in Lituania soon I decide to play for the long term. We meet for an hour, have drinks, some light kissing and she gets the bus home. A lovely girl. Definitely LTR material if the logistics work out.