Day 2 with Lithuanian Perfect Ten

July 3, 2010

I surprised myself when I got the instant date with this stunner. There’s precious few of these girls around so to pull one is a treat. She was one of the textees during the England match and fortunately I had Jambone at my side giving advice – without it I would’ve lost the frame and supplicated before her incredible beauty. Texts go like this:

Krauser 3:50pm: Are you watching the England game? Controversial.

Her 4:44pm: Yeah, i do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Her 4:45pm: Yeah, i do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Krauser 4:51pm: That was painful. I blame you

Her 4:52pm: Why me?

Krauser 4:55pm: If you’d bought me a milkshake like you promised, there’d be happy vibes throughout England and we’d have won 6-0

Her 4:59pm: Did i? Dont remember!

Krauser 5:01pm: Now she’s trying to get out of ย it!…. I cannot believe it! ๐Ÿ˜› You owe me a milkshake. Meet me on Tuesday.

Her 7:25pm: On tuesday i’m busy from 9am till 12pm [shit test!]

Krauser 7:42pm: Wow, Little Miss Busy. I’m impressed!

Her 8:41pm: I’m goin to future teller ๐Ÿ˜€ Then for haircut, and THEN i’m working. Gonna be funny. [qualifying]

Jambone recommends I leave it there then call her after a day or two and before I do I get these late at night on the Monday. Evidently her fortune teller rescheduled:

Her 11:25pm: Hey. That woman told me and somethin about u!

Krauser 11:46pm: That I like coffee and action movies?

Her 11:47pm: Hah. No. She just said that you are good boy.

Krauser 11:48pm: “good boy”? Hmmm, maybe you should ask for a refund

I call at noon on Tuesday and she picks up after a few rings, evidently having just been woken up. We chat for a short while and she agrees to meet but can only make a two-hour window on Wednesday afternoon. I have to accept because I can’t let the attraction momentum die by putting it off ten days till I come back from Lithuania. In all of this my primary concern to to maintain frame control – a girl this hot must have everyone supplicating to her all the time.

The day arrives and we text to confirm. I’m actually thinking she’s only 50/50 to accept so gratified at this:

Her 2:30pm: I hope you are still coming….

She’s early and as we walk towards each other in Covent Garden I’m just thinking “be alpha, keep the frame”. It’s hard because she’s instinctively testing from the off. She’s slightly taller than me, got her makeup on, tight top and tight half-cut jeans. Absolutely stunning. Without labouring the point, she is easily Hollywood Actress / Megan Fox quality. She tells me she wants to eat (I don’t) so I walk her off to Neals Yard and she’s striding ahead of me and off to the side but I keep my pace and line until she lows down and joins me. She’s quite a talker and is immediately launched into a story about her visit to the fortune teller – and she passionately believes the woman despite the obvious cold reading. I don’t want to neg or discredit the scammer because of this:

HB Lithuania: So she was amazing in telling me so many facts that were right. Then she talked about you.

Krauser: *leaning back, semi-interested* Yeah?

HB Lithuania: She suddenly said “Who is Krauser?” Really, she used your full name straight away. I said it was a guy I’d met four days ago. Then she is communicating with my father’s spirit and says my father thinks you’re a good boy

You read that right. I have already met the (dead) parents and they like me. I wasn’t really sure what to do with such a DHV.

She witters on for another ten minutes about it all before I can get her to actually order. I make light of it but she’s actually a very sweet girl and interesting to talk to. She can’t be more than about 22, possibly even 20. I want to escalate but it’s tough because its broad daylight, she can’t drink (going to work after the date) and we are sat at a cafe. I hold very strong eye contact and she puts up quite a fight and only slightly supplicates in looking away first but I think it’s triggering some nice submissive behaviours in her. I also look distracted when her conversation is boring and she tries hard to win back my attention.

After food we move on to a nearby bar and sit on stools in a corner. Our proximity is better now and we already have deep rapport with her sharing lots about her life and anxieties but never making me an emotional tampon. I tell my little-boy-at-church DHV that makes her heart melt and she’s touching me plenty as she talks and her pupils are nicely dilated. But at no point is she in a position to make a kiss possible.

My thoughts are because of her boyfriend back in Lithuania (who she mentions five times, and seemed to have been living with him before coming here). Her talk is like a young girl rady to leave her first serious relationship but not aware of it yet. So I hold back on the kino escalation. I think it’ll need us drinking, and standing up together. After two hours I take her outside and we head our separate ways. I think I’m 50/50 on kiss closing her next time – but if I don’t get it then it’s LJBF territory. Today should’ve been the day but there were too many barriers.

There’s a ton of positives to take out of this primarily that a super hot (did I mention she was hot?) young girl is sexually attracted to me and that I held good frame throughout. I’ll mostly ignore her while I’m in Lithuania, just an odd text. Make her chase.


  1. Hey Krauser,

    Started reading your blog a couple of weeks back and it’s great to see someone actually learning game step by step. This will make your results exponential. Let me explain, as a race we are designed to mate, as such, by eliminating basic approach anxiety you will already get decent results. However by working on every single sticking point, you’re results will be much higher, and now six months into the game you’re getting the results you’d been waiting for.

    However I’m not so sure you should pursue the lay immediately. She seems to have game, probably understands social interactions and if she’s been in London long enough, because of the previous factors and thanks to her hotness has probably integrated into a high value group with plenty of other hot girls.

    Keep writing, your LRs are great.

  2. Good shit, here. Seems like you did really well.

    Sucks about the boyfriend back in Lithuania though… and that she mentioned him so much…

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  4. Its really difficult to make things happen when you cant get girls into a suitable location or area to make things happen for example when i meet a girl and if we are watching a movie i would like her to meet me 10mins or so away from the actual cinema so i can build some confort and rapport with her before going in this normaly seals or breaks the deal

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