3 hours, 3 dates

June 24, 2010

I’m out day-stalking with Shammers today and it’s burning hot. I do a few warm up approaches that go ok – I compliment a stunner on her dress and get into a ten minute conversation with some young chick who has written top-10 hits and  has recently signed to a major to sing solo. That one is going well but she gets a call from her parents before I’ve got good rapport and it ends in a  facebook when she claims she can’t give out her number. She has her own wikipedia page and wasn’t bullshitting – this girl is a genuine hot property and I think she is on the verge of stardom.

I’m trying a new frame today, based on the Gunwitch audio set I’ve been listening to. I think my technique and calibration are totally fine now so I don’t have to think about anything in set – I trust my faculties to sort it out. The major missing link is inner game, specifically that I take a long slow route after the opener when I ought to be showing far more sexual intent once I’m a couple of minutes in. I decide today’s theme is:

1. Strong sexual intent through subcommunication (NOT verbalised)
2. Keep plowing all the way through to the same day lay. Only take a phone number if the SDL is ruled out (e.g. by her time constraint or more than one rejected extraction)

With this in mind I decide to focus more on target selection rather than in-set skills. All targets must pass these logistical filters:

1. Alone
2. Dressed in a sexually provocative manner (as opposed to merely pretty)
3. Showing some leg and/or cleavage
4. Not in any apparent rush
5. Get my blood tingling in a “oh man I’d love to fuck her” compatibility

My third set hits well. She’s a half English / half Indonesian ambling along Neal Street wearing a tight revealing black top and tight black leggings. Her large-ish breasts are nearly falling out of it. This is a girl who left the house at least intuitively wishing to be noticed by men. She’s also wearing beige suede boots.

Krauser: Hi. I just have to ask. What’s with the silly boots?
HB Cleavage: *smiles, taken aback*
Krauser: Yeah, I was just back there when I noticed you ambling along – you had a very feminine manner, by the way, I like that – and you caught my eye. Then I noticed those boots!

She hooks easy and quickly takes up the conversation. Utilising the ten-minute-rule (in daygame if she’s still there after ten minutes she’s ready to be bounced) I insta-date her in a quaint cafe nearby. I start to turn on the sexual projection and eye contact, tell her to wear her hair down, light kino and so on. These are thrown into a conversation that is otherwise mostly rapport and some attraction material. She’s responding well, IOIing plenty and I’m starting to think the SDL is on but she refuses the extraction. I pick up the earlier vibe and further light probing suggests she’s got a legit time constraint. I take the number. Seems solid but she’s only in the UK another 2 weeks.

I never do find Shammers again because while I’m walking up from Trafalgar Square to find him a 23-year old Korean tourist walks past and I have my next insta-date. She had lovely short-shorts, tight top and the general manner that screams “please open me, I’m receptive”. She wasn’t especially hot – perhaps a 6 on the universally agreed scale – but she got the blood a-tingling. I opened asking about her shoes which were ludicrously bright Converse trainers. I bounced her to a grassy knoll then to a pub. She was IOIing but refused the extraction. She’s here for five days and like most Asian tourists has a full schedule. Travelling alone, so I might be able to drag her out. A long shot.

I make my way to Covent Garden again and there’s a few forgettable sets. I open a black girl and she’s initially frosty but starts to get into it. As I’m gearing up to bounce, her friend arrives to cockblock. No big deal, the vibe wasn’t strong. I immediately stop a lovely Asian in a summer dress and she hooks nicely but claims a boyfriend on the number close (she’s on the way to work, so I don’t try the bounce). There’s also a tired dancer that chats for a little while.

The asian

Outside the station I see Clouseau, one of the two French PUAs recently arrived on these fair shores (I made up that name). We are only chatting a couple of minutes when HB10 Lithuanian strolls by. Long legs, hot pants, sunglasses. Absolute stunner. I give chase. My opener is shit. As I’m closing in on her I can’t think of anything about her that interest me except that she’s super hot. So I insult her bag. Surprisingly she likes it and after a tough sixty-second plough she’s laughing and into it. I bounce her to the Starbucks across the road for a takeout and then we sit outside chatting for nearly an hour. She’s real nice but seems to be going through some sort of angst over what to do with her life – can’t be older than about 23. I try to walk the line so that I build rapport without being an emotional tampon. She’s a waitress and soon starting work so I again have to take the number rather than go for the SDL. While she’s asking me about my hobbies I dust off the old NLP boxing routine that has her panting. Don’t have a photo but she’s very similar to this chick and equally hot….

Imagine this with black hair

As I walk her back down Neal Street who should I see but Soup Man. He’s coming the other way and I’m ready for the AMOG attempt but he doesn’t try it. As he sees me and notices the super hot girl with me she happens to grab my arm and hang on to it. She’s actually demonstrating how some bolshy customer grabbed her in the story she’s telling, but to any onlooker it looks like she’s my girl trying to cop a cheap feel of my muscles. Soup Man is crestfallen.

Leaving this chick at her work, I walk along the piazza and catch sight of a hot Bengal-looker with dyed red hair sitting on the kerb. My blood is a-tingling and she’s showing cleavage and thigh. I immediately walk directly up to her (she sees me coming five seconds away) and open:

Krauser: C’mon, I have to know about the hair. It’s brilliant.

Strong strong hook and we chat about twenty minutes. She’s a stylist and her next client calls, some rock star she says, so I get her number and she practically thrusts it onto me. My state is so good that I can do no wrong. Finally I decide I have to pop by the office, so I just do a couple of light sets on the way. I give a few compliments, get decent responses but my intent is gone now. Great day and nice to be back on form. Photos to follow if the number turn out solid.


  1. Have you abandoned direct approaches then? These seem semi-direct.
    I’m going to be on Oxford St tomorrow making approaches. Maybe I’ll bump into you!

  2. trying to subscribe to the site and can’t see any other way to do it except by leaving a comment!

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  4. “Great day and nice to be back on form.”

    Good to see it. Your approach game seems to pretty strong. I like the semi-direct route that Jake also picked up on. This is kind of what I’ve been doing lately. I noticed if I go too direct, I have so much adrenaline built up about delivering the opener that I soon as I say it, I’m kind of at a loss for what to say next.

    I need to work on establishing the sexual intent early without doing it verbally as well… anything you’re reading or listening to for things to work on doing this?

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  6. Dam that annoying irish git trying to cause problems again lol, my that asian girl is very hot to bad nothing came of it dam, good luck with the begali babe with red hair she sounds great these are my fav type of girls just cant ever pull one 😦

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