Saturday afternoon

June 26, 2010

My oh my I’ve been doing some sets lately. Here’s a quick rundown from today, with lots of missing girls when the sets blurred into one.

HB Korea on the underground. Opened asking if she’d painted her nails to match her t-shirt or the other way around. She was leaning in, smiling and qualifying right from the beginning but she had to get off the next station.
HB English Actress was a 2-set walking across a town square. Deep brown skin like an Indian and lovely calves. I open by addressing her fugly friend who amazingly just excuses herself in under a minute and leaves me with the target. We chat about ten minutes and I take her number with “Ok, this is the bit where I’m hitting on you. If you hadn’t already figured it out.” Some text game follows:

Krauser 6:12pm: Hey Miss Actress, are we text buddies now?
Her 6:22pm: Haha!! Yeah 🙂
Krauser 6:28pm: Cool. Just don’t blow through all your best material right away 😉
Her 6:45pm: Well we are still in recession so I’ll wait a while 🙂
Krauser 6:57pm: Have you figured out where you’re watching tomorrow’s momentof international glory yet?
Her 7:49pm: Not yet but I’m at class tomorrow but def wanna watch us beat the Germans!!

That was half an hour ago. I’ve got high hopes of this because she’s super hot and I was very direct.

HB Moscow
was a tall scary-looking ice queen so I used that in my open: “Hi, I wanted to come over and give you a compliment but you look like one of those scary girls who is really mean to guys.” She liked that and we chatted five minutes but it wasn’t going anywhere.

HB Cute was a buxom English chick who I ran across the road to open. She had a cute little pink dress showing curvy legs and a nice black bob. After ten minutes I took her number. Seems 50/50 on whether its solid but she’s absoutely well worth banging.

HB English
I chatted to in the doorway of a clothes shop for ten minutes. Halfway through she seemed ready to leave even though she was having fun so I said “Hang on another few minutes so I can start hitting on you” and she laughed and did, but turns out she’s living with her boyfriend.

I approached HB French Photographer not sure if she was legal because she was so petite. She’s 19. Fantastically stylish dress and apparently she travels internationally for her photos. That was a ten minute or so chat and she gave me her card. Probably flaky which sucks because she’s a 9 in my books.

HB Persia chatted for about 20 minutes and seemed to be warming to it but refused the close and then it turns out the student who was out with Moran had just opened her a few minutes before me. Some HB Foreign didn’t like me at all at a bus stop while HB America did but I couldn’t get enough rapport before her bus came – I felt I was getting close and would’ve done the job given another five minutes.

HB Portugal nearly shit herself when I opened her so I didn’t bother ploughing. I made light conversation with a few seated sets where I didn’t have any intent so it doesn’t really count. I stopped one stunning leggy HB Bengali girl with this opener: “Hi. Do you mind if I give you a compliment? I saw you striding down the street with your long legs – which are nice by the way – but what really caught my attention was your shoes. That leopard skin on them. You know what it makes me think of? Prostitutes.”

She cracks up laughing at that and hooks but I lose momentum and with that she loses interest. A solid 9 and scary looking too so I’m pleased I had the balls to open like that with her. I spend five minutes talking to a lovely HB Nigerian Public School who doesn’t seem better than a 6 at first but she absolutely enchants me with her eyes, smile and manner. Shame she wouldn’t give me her number.

On the way home I open HB Bulgaria because her name is written on her art portfolio and it’s an odd one. I ask her about it. She’s the nicest girl of the day and really responding well, IOIing with her hair twirling and smiling girlishly but again the Underground cockblocks me because she gets off the very next stop. Can’t create enough rapport in sixty seconds to justify her staying past her stop or me getting off to follow her.

I reckon I did another five or so sets on top of this that I’ve forgotten about. It was a great day because pretty much every girl I spoke to hooked and chatted. For about half an hour I hit the social state where you can open literally anything.


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  3. Oh dear stupid HBportugal honestly they should be used to being social wonder what was wrong wid her.
    Well done for going after the indian girl good man

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