Take that Fritz!

June 27, 2010

Not long after finishing my daygame I’ve showered off, redressed, recharged and then go out with Jambone for a quiet pint. We aren’t fussed about sarging but we’ll keep an eye out for any decent venues. On the way up to London Bridge I see a fuckin’ smoking black girl walk past. Facially she’s only a 6 or 7 but she has an unbelievably voluptuous figure and it’s all natural – narrow waist, huge curvy arse, and rounded breasts. I give chase and do my normal streetgame. She’s loving it and her manner is charming. She’s Ugandan and unfortunately says she’s got a boyfriend of 3 years who she is happy with. There was clear attraction though – I ran the set perfectly but she was simply unavailable.

Jambone and I get a pint and make our way into the beer garden of a nearby pub. It’s fairly student-y but not especially busy for a saturday night. There’s only one set that is approachable – 2 girls sitting at a wooden table. It’s convenient too because the other end of the table has the only free seats in the place. We sit. There’s a drained puch of Caprisun juice there so I open matter of factly asking if it’s their’s and how it’s rude to bring your own drinks into a pub. Then I talk with Jambone for a while and we gradually pull them in.

Achtung! Schnell!

This set is now run using mechanical half-arsed Mystery Method. It’s quiet, relaxed and totally suits our talkative low-key game. Perfect conditions really and no rush. It’s like we are robots running through the motions:

  • Periodic takeaways to talk amongst ourselves
  • Opinion questions thrown out to reopen
  • DHV stories
  • Teasing with cocky funny

When I come back from getting Jambone and my drinks I catch one sentence from him of “she’s like a different woman now” and I immediately think “oh, Jambone’s bed & breakfast DHV story”. And the funny thing is it all hits home with the girls and they are loving it.

The SNL was a 50/50 if we’d been prepared to stay out clubbing with them because they were drinking solidly and definitely up for something. Both 19 yr old Germans. I’m afraid that means my 22 yr old German squeeze is now undercut and needs to up her game. We number close, facebook add and have an early night. I’ll probably call her.


  1. Hi fellow DayGamer,

    Stumbled upon your site, and its great to see a fellow PUA whos comfortable wit Daygame and not just nightgame. 😉 its great to have a set of skills that you can integrate into your daily live eh? 😉

    I hope you don’t mind that i’ll be adding your blog to my blogroll?
    I write about specifically about DayGame and i think its cool that my readers who’re interested in game and self-improvement get to read about their favourite topic just by jumping from blog to blog 😉

    If its not too much trouble, do u think u could add me to your blogroll as well? — http://www.mydaygamejourney.wordpress.com

    Thanks! and i hope to hear from you!

    Phronesis (Singapore)

    twitter ID: daygamejourney
    email: phronesis.singapore@gmail.com

  2. Black women normally have great asses and boobs thats why i love them yumm

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