I bang my first Muslim virgin

August 1, 2010

Up the arse, naturally.

This was a slow burner. I’d picked her up in daygame one afternoon while she was a tourist in London and only took the facebook. Once she’s back in her homeland we do lots of facebook chats – probably 12 times over three months. I’m concentrating on comfort building / rapport but throwing in some light attraction. For the first ten or so chats there’s very little sexualisation. She talks of coming to visit again and I encourage her. Once the flights are booked the last two facebook chats amp up the sexual / dating frame. This girl is coming with a chaperone so I want my intentions to be clear.

Then I book that sudden trip to Paris so I don’t meet the Muslim till she’s halfway through her trip. On Friday they show up nearly two hours late in London Bridge where I’m out with Dr Becks, Suave and a couple of randoms. I’m relieved that the obstacle is reasonably good looking so Suave isn’t sacrificing himself too much taking her out. I lead the group to one of the few pubs that’s still open and we drink. My girl is drinking her first ever alcohol – vodka lemon – and this will be a weekend of firsts for her. I’m wearing my bright red Fight Club jacket and I keep getting opened by people complimenting it and asking where I bought it. Great social proof.

Sitting in a booth downstairs Dr Becks DHVs us both and I do a good photo routine. Targets ask me to take a photo of them so I do but completely cut my girl out of the frame. That gets a pussy-tingling laugh and then Dr Becks jumps into the frame so the next photo I zoom up onto her tits and when I hand back the camera say “I think I captured your personality there”. More laughs.

We get mini isolation with Suave and I on opposite sides of the table with our targets. His girl is totally into him and he plays it well to also number close a Canadian on a jealousy plotline. Kino escalation is easy so we’re soon holding hands. Seeing as this girl is from a non-gaming country I run the Cube and she scores it 9/10. It’s all going great except logistics – the girls’ hotel is miles away and they refuse to be separated. I suggest a walk along the South Bank riverside.

I’m leading hand in hand and Suave drops back 100m with his girl. When we turn the first corner I push my girl against the wall and kiss close. Easy – not even a moment’s resistance. She suddenly disengages when we hear footsteps and throughout the weekend both girls refuse to kiss when their friend might see – there’s a strange refusal to publically acknowledge what they both know is happening. It takes us an hour to walk back to Piccadilly because we stop to sit on benches, watch the river at night, and makeout. Before long I’ve got my girl rubbing my cock while I frig her. Then they get the bus home.

Next day they are dicking around again and show up two hours late. Suave nearly bails he’s so angry and I would’ve too if I hadn’t invested so much in the Facebook. He stays to help me and it works out well. We wait in my members bar and make the girls come to us – I don’t even go outside to meet them. We then freeze them out for about ten minutes – no kino, just taking to each other – so we aren’t rewarding their flakiness. Then I take my girl for “the tour”.

On the top floor I push her into the toilets, lock it, and make out. I’m quite surprised how fast it’s going. Within a minute I’m finger fucking her and another two minutes and she’s sucking my cock. I’ve left my condoms in my wallet in the basement but it’s moot because when I pull her trousers down she refuses. So I say “I want to come in your mouth” and push her head down. She does it, but then spends rather too long spitting it all out into the sink, cheapening the romance of the moment. Apparently it’s another first for her.

I walk back down to Suave with a big grin plastered on my face. He’s making out and soon extracts his girl to a nightclub (that turns out to be “Chateau Suave”). My girl is happy to stay and half an hour later when she’s squirming on my lap I figure it’s extraction time. Back at my house I take her into the bedroom and close the deal. She confirms she’s a virgin.

Oh yeah – it was up her bum. I’ve never done that before and frankly I didn’t really enjoy it. Well, it was ok – third girl I fucked in 7 days – and I suppose it’s worth it for the memory but I was left feeling pity for Muslims and gays that they get such a poor substitute for proper sex. And for Muslim gays too, I guess.

Anyway, being well aware that I’m an infidel and she’s my enemy in the Clash of Civilisations I finish by coming on her face. I aim for the eyes.


  1. Perfect ending to a great story, though I wouldn’t touch a Muslim girl out of fear that her crazy brothers would come after me and slit my throat (not to mention hers) in the night.

    • Talk about a shotgun marriage…….Don’t worry, its only ISIS coming over to discuss why you fucked their daughter up the arse. I’m sure you’ll have loads to talk about. Don’t forget to use the best china!

      It adds new meaning to the saying Don’t lose your head over a girl!

  2. Krauser to what do you attribute your recent success? To me it sounds like a combination of habitually approaching coupled with super confidence and great frame of mind. It does not appear to be due to any particular technique or routine. Curious.

    • For a long time my sticking point was escalation. Now I seem to have found a way that works for me. I used to open direct and then after a minute or two turn off the sexuality and build rapport. That killed the original sexual momentum. Now I verbally escalate continuously, am very open about my intentions, pepper the conversation with more statements of interest, and most important of all I’m 100% honest (including telling them I date other girls, if they ask).

      The biggest improvement to my inner game was deciding I’m not gonna tell any lies. Now I’m way more congruent and my frame is something like “I’m a man, she’s a woman. It’s the most natural thing in the world for us to want to fuck”.

      Once I’m certain about this stuff I’ll do a theoretical post. Still field testing.

  3. Lol, great story.

    Is there something about her being a Muslim that she’s saving her vaginal virginity or something? (Don’t really know too much about Muslim chicks..)

    “throughout the weekend both girls refuse to kiss when their friend might see – there’s a strange refusal to publically acknowledge what they both know is happening.” – I laughed at that. I definitely run into girls like that all of the time. It’s stupid, but it is what it is, obviously you did a good job isolating her around a corner for a kiss.

    Really, it sounds like you did a good job with everything in this whole scenario. Well played.

  4. Is there something about her being a Muslim that she’s saving her vaginal virginity or something? (Don’t really know too much about Muslim chicks..)

    Yeah, Muslim girls aren’t themselves necessarily inclined to be more chaste than any other kind of girl, but in many Muslim societies, the family will enforce female chastity by murdering the sister or daughter who brings shame and dishonor.

    • Shia Muslims are definitey easier than Sunni chicks. If you bagged a Sunni chick from Saudi you hit the motherlode mate. Shia Islam allows this system of temporay marriages to get around the adultery = death rules of Islam. Sunni’s are generally laced up pretty tight……and they are the fuckers who will send the beards round to get something into you head. Oh, sorry, I meant the other way round. Get your head into something. Like a carrier bag or a box.

      BTW, you’re really lucky they didn’t send her with a male chaperone. I’m guessing she probably came from one of the slightly more liberal Islamic countries, like UAE or Turkey. Their mistake, your gain mate!

  5. It would be quite a thrill if her family did murder her, though because of the f-close. Like a kind of super-close.

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  9. like she was a virgin, oh yeh, hahaha….great work, unlike u, i think she tells the odd porky, lol

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  11. This story is disgusting and sick…. you are a sick sick creepy pervert. I hope this story isnt real…. you have a filthy and dirty mind

    [Thanks man, she was a great lay! K]

  12. Interesting story! However, she seems to be a higher degree infidel than you, as you claim yourself to be. Islam is a system of belief. One requirement is not to engage in any extramarital sexual acts. If she has done that with you, she is an infidel or has commited a grave sin. Secondly, extramarital sex is not allowed in all Abrahamic religions i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Getting themselves fucked around randomly by Negroes, dogs and donkeys don’t make western women more christain. Lastly, rape, racism, killings, cheating is built-in system in western nations so it is not a surprise you have done that with your so call crusade agenda. [You write like an angry virgin. Next time I do a muslim bird in the arse, I’ll think of you. K]

  13. There is no blanket prohibition of extramarital sex in Judaism.

  14. Fucking a girl from a conservative muslim country is the acme of skill…….my hats off to you! Some day I hope to fuck a pakistani girl

  15. But you didn’t do it in the virgin hole, so you gotta change the title

  16. A western Muslim girl generally falls into one of two types… either,

    (a) the girl who lives the ‘double life’, wearing a headscarf because she doesn’t want to dissappoint her family, but not because she really believes in it… being a ‘technical’ virgin on the side, because she genuinely believes in a more laid back lifestyle. She doesn’t feel guilty at all about what she is doing, she believes that she is getting the best of the West while protecting her parents.

    (b) a naive conservative girl who has barely any experience, doesn’t realize she’s pretty, believes that her virginity is a sign of her value, and is sexually repressed to the point that she doesn’t notice her sexuality/sexual feelings anymore, because she is THAT sheltered by her family. Along comes an expert PUA, gets her to a comfort stage over a few months or so, makes her see a side of herself she’s never seen before, and then in that one night, she loses control completely and goes wild. at one point, when the guy has left, she begins to believe that she has totally lost all value to herself, and has betrayed her family (as she knows that her family who she’s extremely close to, will disown her if they find out, and that knowledge is heartbreaking to her). she goes into depression, because she thinks she is not worth anything anymore, and she remembers that one incident for years. I know a girl who went through this exact same situation.

    Please tell me you wouldn’t bang the second type.

    With great PUA power, comes great responsibility [Interesting but these aren’t the only options. My girl was from North Africa, lived there. Probably closer to the first type but was very inexperienced. I think she viewed me that way teenagers view a gap year – something to do before getting on with your normal life. K.]

  17. ^reply to Krauser

    Fair enough – and a gap year mentality wouldn’t create the kind of super-self-destructing-guilt that I’m talking about, so I guess you’re fine. My point is that I think you’re a pretty powerful PUA who’d be able to pickup almost anyone, and that I hope you have some kind of body language reading skill and some kind of moral system which tells you that there’s a limit, and that certain particular girls, based on the unusual nature of her beliefs, shouldn’t be ‘picked up’.

    The girl that I knew is 25, and she still is pretty ashamed of a handful of second base/third base incidents that occurred when she was naive between the ages of 18-20, even though she hasn’t had any experience beyond kissing at all after that. Although I don’t understand her beliefs, I respect her immensely for being able to stick to those set of beliefs for so long in a European environment … my guess is, she’ll get married within the next couple of years haha

    Sex leads to pleasure in most girls and so what Krauser is doing isn’t wrong. But for these girls, even a second base/third base experience can lead to long lasting unhappiness.

  18. I am a Muslim man and I have FUCKED many infidel woman using oua technques infidel woman see me as a taboo I gues tht only make s thm want to fuck me more

  19. PUA is LARGELY BULLSHIT. Y’all better get your asses to ManhoodAcademy to learn what REALLY CONSTITUTES SOCIAL COMPETENCE instead of mindlessly following the preaching of an obscure set of “tactics” preached by cowards who are too scared of allowing their views to be subject to public scrutiny. At ManhoodAcademy, we CHALLENGE ANYONE IN THE WORLD to debate our views LIVE and see if they can expose our views. A man who goes by the name “Professor Plum” put together the FREE EBOOK, “The Principles that Govern Social Interaction” which is the holy Bible of social interaction including the basis of attraction. It OWNS anything else out there on the subject, because of its HOLISTIC nature. Social interaction isn’t just about fucking bitches. The principles that govern it are universal and govern all interactions including friendships, leadership over a nation, family ties, being a boss, etc. [Evidently you didn’t read this post of mine about Principles Of Social Competence. Like you, the book’s ideas are okay but delivered in the angry tone of someone who doesn’t get laid much. K.]

    You make many claims on your site, and I’ll definitely take a look at some of them in greater detail, but judging by your amusing “field report” here, I get the impression that you and your fan boys have a lot to learn about social interaction. Don’t jerk off to the fact that you (apparently) “fucked” a “Muslim” chick (prob from Morocco huh — they’re hot). The label “Muslim” here is completely arbitrary and its plainly obvious that even if this did happen, this was not a religious girl by any standards (ex. travelling alone, drinking, associating with an unrelated infidel male without her male relatives etc.). Women are directionless and incapable of setting and enforcing boundaries without the guidance of men, and if this was a girl who wasn’t religious to begin with, then seducing her is no great feat. There are plenty of women in the “Muslim world”, which isn’t a monolithic entity to begin with, and each of them come from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances. What does NOT change, however, is that human needs are universal. Those who know how to get their needs met and meet the needs of others sufficiently, are gonna achieve social competence. A girl who lives under circumstances where her core needs are not met (ex. she’s still single, hasn’t gotten married, parents/relatives don’t acknowledge her need for intimacy and relationships etc.), is gonna eventually cave in to the advances of a man who CAN meet those needs. A religious girl will TRY HER BEST to get these needs met within the context of a religiously acceptable way, but not all scenarios are picture-perfect. We are bound to our natures. Are their saints who somehow can hold off? Maybe. Islam doesn’t require that though, which is why the father is obliged to ensure he gets his daughters married off to competent men. Islam has an entire social philosophy (gender-function, including the duties of a wife to her husband and vice versa(, to ensure satisfaction over all), that prevents the emasculation that afflicts most European men now that feminism has demonized masculinity.

    What this all means is: fucking a woman is not supposed to be a super-human feat. This culture of worshiping “game” represents how far masculinity has declined since the onset of feminism such that emasculated faggots who are neurotic as fuck day-dream about being super-heroes capable of seducing women. Women, by their VERY NATURE, NEED MEN for: DIRECTION, PROTECTION, RESOURCES, SECURITY (emotionally, physically), PLEASURE and the list goes on. This is why MEN are IN CHARGE OF RELATIONSHIPS and those WHO AREN’T get CHEATED ON, CASTRATED, or LEFT behind. ALL Abrahamic faiths understand this; this is why the man was made the head of household. To think that “PUA” has discovered some new secret is NONSENSE. PUA is nothing more than a reaction to severe emasculation in a post-feminist world. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  20. I would like you to live in a Muslim village and behave the way you talk about
    You wouldn’t last long ,your a big mouthed son of a bitch who deserves to be flogged
    No wonder the world is in a mess , and your comments only make things worse
    You will end up in Hell [Fuck you and your paedo god. K.]

  21. All of these stories about “muslim woman” going to fly out just to get fucked by a ugly dude in the ass seem fabricated reality is muslim woman can get exploited just like rest of the woman but you are just too ugly and to childish for that type of woman i just hope you dont rape these woman from the stories since i can just imagine how much you are pressuring them and yeah muslim woman dont go out with strangers sorry to burst your bubble of fucking a “muslim woman” probably no headscarf and a city slut wherever she came from and prob 2/10 for normal humans you just hate muslims so much that you are salty and have to fabricate some stuff but its ok since its an interesting story [Sorry pal, even your own women don’t like you. K.]

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