My week in game

July 31, 2010

Sunday – Thai girl comes round to cook me dinner, gives me a new shirt. I fuck her and introduce her to vibrators. All on video.

Monday – My favourite Lithuanian comes to visit London. Big make out. On video.

Tuesday – Go to Paris. Fuck the 18yr old I picked up a few days earlier in London, while her dad is at work. On video.

Wednesday – Pick up 19yr old Korean virgin in Paris Starbucks. Big make out.

Thursday – The 18yr old gives her first blowjob. The Korean touches her first cock. Both on video.

Friday – Back in London. Meet the young Muslim virgin. Big make out.

SaturdayBang the Muslim virgin and Suave bangs her friend. On video.


  1. Paris. 18 year old. Perfect day?

  2. guess what? we want that video

  3. One of the few PUAs that are actually legit.

  4. Meet the young Muslim virgin. Big make out.

    Uh oh. Hope you’ve taken precautions here man. Don’t want you getting your throat slit by her camel-fucking relatives while you sleep.

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