Paris Coffee Shop Game

July 31, 2010

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Saint Michel, near the Notre Dame cathedral feeling pleased with myself. I’d just f-closed the 18yr old French girl last night and was gonna meet her again this afternoon. But I’m a greedy man and I noticed a cute 19yr old Korean virgin sitting a few seats away. My daygame radar was tripping out with her signals – sitting alone, bored looking, short shorts, breasts fighting to escape her t-shirt. Everything screamed “bored, looking for excitement”. Probably at peak ovulation too. I’m reading my book and my sexual lust is fully satiated. So I dither.

Finally after about ten minutes I realise I’m gonna be really bothered if I don’t at least open her. No idea if she speaks english. No idea if I’ve already creeped her out with my staring. Right at the beginning I’d noticed she had a strange small hardbacked book that looked like the old Readers Digest story compendiums from the inter-war era. I lean over:

Me: Hi. How’s your English?

Her: Um, I speak a little bit [obviously speaks well from her delivery]

Me: OK. I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out what that book is and why you’ve got it.

Her: *smiles* It’s my diary

Me: *stack into conversation about how my grandmother used to give me similar books to help with my reading when I was a little boy*

It’s one of the easiest pick-ups I’ve ever done. My state was sky high and everything felt natural. Within a minute I’m sitting with her, feet stretched out over another chair, holding her book narrating a dorky Dear Diary that has her laughing. Then we’re drawing Garfield pictures. When she tells me a good story I reward her with one question – about anything – where I have to tell the truth. She asks if I was lonely! Once I hit the ten minute mark I bounce her outside and we go for a walk. At a nearby church garden I climb up onto a low ledge and pull her up – that’s how natural we get to handholding. I do the usual push-pull verbally and with kino. As we leave the gardens she asks my age:

Her: How old are you?

Me: Too old for you.

Her: Really, how old?

Me: I’ll tell you, but you have to guess first

Her: *screws up her nose, looks hard, tries to guess* 27

Me: Higher

Her: 30

Me: Close. *gives real age*

Her: How old do you think I am?


Her: *laughs, bats eyelashes*

Me: It’s hard to tell with you asians. There’s a whole range from 16 to 30 where you all look the same age. Let me have a look  *blatantly checks her out from head to toe*

Me: Turn around

Her: *turns around, giggles self-consciously*

Me: 21

Her: No, I’m 19. *smiles proudly*

As we walk on towards a park I escalate verbally.

Me: What’s the craziest sexual experience you had?

Her: Um….. that’s a tough question. I once kissed a guy I didn’t know in a nightclub [yes, really, that’s how naive she is!] What’s yours?

Me: You’re not very original. All you do is repeat my questions.

Her: Yeah, but I want to know. What’s your craziest sexual experience?

Me: Hang on, here’s a church. It’s better if I tell you inside the church, like a confessional *launch into DHV -NLP story about fucking my girl in a parked car on the streets of Seville*

Her: Wow!

We lie down in the park. Like the whole of this sarge it’s me leading with strong dominance and her allowing herself to be swept away after token resistance. She tells me she’s a virgin, has only ever kissed two guys, and hasn’t kissed anyone since January. I believe it. At first she’s sitting upright next to me while I have my hand on her thigh and eventually she lies down and puts her head on my chest while I stroke her hair. She tells me the type of guy she wants (strong, confident, able to dominate her).

Me: I should tell you. I like you, so I’m going to kiss you before we leave this park

Her: How are you going to do that?

Me: I’ll dominate you

Her: *giggles*

So I kiss her and after five minutes resistance she gets into it. She’s a hopeless kisser, which is fucking awesome. I feel like the first man who walked on the moon, like I’m corrupting something beautiful. I feel up her tits and tell her I’m gonna fuck her, even though I very much doubt I’ll get that far before leaving Paris. She likes the idea but says it’s not gonna happen. She talks about how this has never happened before, how she can’t believe things can move so fast in one hour and so on. Obviously she’s really enjoying it and when I explain the whole forebrain-hindbrain conflict she agrees enthusiastically. Finally she has to go meet her dad.

We meet for lunch the next day at Starbucks and right from the beginning I’m kissing her and touching her up. She’s totally surrendered into her feminity now and letting me do almost anything. While talking to her I keep taking a peek down her t-shirt at her tits (she expresses half-arsed outrage and then clearly enjoys me doing it. her tits are great – really big for an asian but beautifully round), I mash her tits in full view of the other customers, and we make out sloppily. I move on to The Stone so she’s rubbing my cock and then I start finger fucking her. I stop anytime a child walks by. I’m not an animal.

Again she’s got a time constraint, having had to sneak out her apartment while her dad was sleeping. I future project us getting married going on a honeymoon and fucking on the beach, invite her to London and so on because I know that my game isn’t tight enough to fuck a shy 19yr old virgin in the toilets of a Starbucks after only two hours of total meeting time. Plus I’ve got my main squeeze meeting me an hour later. So I shoot some video and send her back to papa.

Oh man, this was good for my inner game.


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  2. if your the devil where do i sign?=))

  3. in the video there are a few moment when i say how shit you blew it. but no its like

    kiss me
    yes i really like the way you are so direct

    5 mins later: i dont like the way you did that
    you: yes whatever, show me your tits
    yes, i like the way you are direct

    5 mins later: i hate you
    you:shuuuuuuuure you do, now touch my cock
    yes i love you

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  5. You’re getting such a tight game bro, i’d love to see u move on more than one girl, i thought in croatia u had the htree of them eating out of your lap, u can do it 😉

  6. ha ha ha ha…..Guys in Asia must be crying……but then on the other hand they must be wanking off to you doing their women……they’re crazy like that

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