I bang my first French teenager

August 3, 2010

I arrive in Gare du Nord at lunchtime and it’s full of fucking Frenchmen. I endure long enough to reach my hotel so I can have a bath and a nap. Frenchie finishes work at 4pm and comes to my hotel. There’s no messing around. After half an hour preamble I bang her. She’s massively up for it. As lays go there’s nothing unusual or technically proficient about it but it’s a helluva lot of fun – cute shy feminine 18 yr old girls don’t find their way to my bedroom often enough. We talk a little and she reveals I’m the fourth man she’s ever kissed and only the second she’s ever banged. Hmmm. We go out for the evening to eat and I play mindgames with her. We are sitting in an Indian restaurant and start a people watching game with the two couples near us, taking turns to comment on their body language.

I explain to her the pussy tingle leg cross, then I trigger it by eye fucking her and doing NLP to raise her buying temperature. When she realises I’ve just led her into it she blushes and laughes shyly. Then I triangle-gaze her and she licks her lips unconsciously. I say “you are thinking about kissing” and she’s shocked that I knew. Then I explain the trick. She’s loving my total mastery over her buying temperature and for trick three I eye-fuck her into another pussy tingle. She’s got the full-on doggy dinner bowl look now.

Next day I pull the Korean and then meet Frenchie back at the hotel and bang her again. We go out for night sightseeing in Paris and it’s just like a proper date. My last full day I see the Korean again then meet Frenchie for another date and this time get her to deliver her first ever blowjob back at my hotel. I’m trying to think of technical learning points from the close but there aren’t any really – all of the hard work was done in London, after that I just had to not fuck up. A lovely girl.

I felt an unwelcome twinge of guilt in turning out such a nice young girl so I gave her a long lecture on the dangers of men like me and warned her not to fall in love, though she probably will anyway. As Suave would say: “I think I’m gonna break her heart….. oh well, that’s what we do.”


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  2. ok, but pls explain: the triangle is when you look at her eyes and then her mouth and like your lips or smth? and the leg cross pussy tingle? explain exactly how bad is it? if i get one how far should i go=))

  3. Well hit sir….very well hit!

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  5. Ok, she’s a high 7. And does seem adorable. Fun kid.

    You should be getting a lot more commenters. I’d bet your readership is way higher than your commenter numbers would suggest though. What you write is not in the least political or gender realist, unlike Roissy. Controversy is what generates comments, far more than great game advice and inspiration.

    I’ll try to send more people from Roissy’s your way though.

    • Doug1, don’t bother. A lot of readers/commentors of those blogs are more interested in bashing/shaming women than actually trying to have sex with them.

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