Insta-date a Brazilian

August 10, 2010

It’s Saturday daygame on the bootcamp and I take the students out. Suave, Burto and Moran are along and expecting to be a wing down I invite Jake Turner along to help. We’d met a couple of times and seeing him in set he has the same direct natural style as us and is pretty good. I had two really good demo sets and then met the two Frenchies for a couple of hours. Again the miserable cockblock did her thing so when we adjourned before the evening I rang up Suave to bitch and moan about her. I walk into HMV to get away from the street noise – still on the phone. I see a really hot Brazilian. Slim, tall, olive skinned. I open:

Me: Hey. You’ve got grass all over your back *brushes it off, kino from the off*
Her: Oh, thanks *beaming smile, turns towards me*
Me: I’m gonna guess, you look Brazilian
Her: Wow, yeah!
Me: *Suave can hear all this* Here, my friend on the phone is Brazilian too. Talk to him *hands the phone*

Suave DHVs me down the phone in Portuguese telling her I’m his best friend and to look after me. She’s laughing and loving the moment. I tell Suave I’ll call him back, hang up, and chat to the girl somemore. I move her out of the dvd aisle and after ten minutes bounce her to Starbucks for a coffee that we drink in the park. The set is going fantastic because my state is soaring and everything is coming out naturally. Kino is full of pinging, she’s laughing at everything and within 15 minutes we’re talking about fucking. Stuff like:

Me: Ok, let’s imagine we get married tomorrow. We won’t, obviously, you’re not my type – but let’s just imagine for fun. We are going on our honeymoon. Where would it be?
Her: Maurtius Islands
Me: Ok. We wake up in a beach hut. One of those on stilts. We haven’t fucked yet because I’m making you wait. You’re wearing a bikini. What colour is it?
Her: Red.
Me: Nice. I’m wearing my red speedos. Like in 300. *she laughs* We are playing in the clear blue sea. I’m splashing you, then I carry you around on my back. I keep ducking under water to get you wet. Then we walk along the beach. We write our names in the sand with our toes.
Her: *eyes closed, happy listening noises*
Me: Then I pick you up over my shoulder, slap your arse, throw you down on the sand. And fuck you hard.
Her: *crazy eyes, short of breath*

There’s plenty of push pull. I tell my little-boy-in-church story that melts her heart as expected. I deliberately get diverted in a story then I’m “Hang on. What was I talking about. It definitely wasn’t about us fucking. I don’t talk about fucking – I’m English and shy” She’s lapping it up. After an hour I really have to rush home for my date so I take her number with:

Me: Ok, you’re weird but I like you. We’ll do this properly when I’ve got time. A proper date. And if I like you I’ll kiss you.
Her: Ok. My number is……

Later that night while I’m waiting for the Frenchies in Clapham I initiate text game. I go for assumed familiarity right off the bat:

Me 24/07 10:43pm: Oh man, if you could see the jacket I’m wearing tonight….  [it’s all true, want her visualising]
Her 10:47pm: Hahaha… What would happen? What kind of jacket? [interested]
Me 10:52pm: A badass red leather one. You’d jump me immediately 😛  [playful bad boy posture. Assuming the sale]
Her 10:56pm: OMG! Are you really that humble? lol Have a good one. x  [anytime a girl says you’re confident = it’s on]
Me 25/07 10:53pm: Tomorrow evening is good for me. How about you? [assume the sale but still phrase as question rather than command]
Her 26/07 1:44pm: Hey Krauser! How are you? Sorry, I’m meeting some friends tonight. Can we take a rain chek? x [rejection without counter offer, but she’s qualified so not all bad]
Me 8:32pm: No prob. [the Roissy way to deal with a refused date – text just before the date was about to begin with an “ok” or other similar short response]
Me 29/07 2:41pm: I’m in Paris now! Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, cheese, wine… It’s all good 😀  [leave it a few days so I’m not the needy beta chaser. DHV and no invitiation]
Her 5:56pm: That’s great! Enjoy Paris then and we’ll have a hot chocolate when you’re back. 😉 x  [elicited the invitation. She’s starting to chase and fit into my calendar – but only the beginnings of this]

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