A new personal best – 6 dates in one afternoon

August 10, 2010

I’m coming off by best ever week for daygame, having instant-dated something like 7 girls in 7 days but then manage to top it in one day. Suave is off work and calls me up for a spot of day-stalking. Even though I’m pretty comfortable doing solo game I still maintain better state with a trusted wing. We have a quick preliminary coffee in Caffe Nero and then walk over to Trafalgar Square. I see a pretty Persian Girl walk by and give chase. I open direct and she hooks well. Right away I go into Roissy’s love test and she’s lapping it up – first time I’ve ever done it.
We chat about ten minutes and it’s clear she’s got nowhere to be any time soon so I bounce her over to the raised grass area (helping her up is the first handhold) and I really enjoy the chat. She’s 20yrs old and a bit quirky in a nice girly way. I tease plenty then walk her down to Embankment park hand in hand where we lie down for an hour. I tell her I’m gonna have to head off and I’ll kiss her at the Strand. Once we get there she gives me a big hug but refuses the kiss demurely. Already got her number.
I meet back up with Suave in Covent Garden and jump into set with a Slim Italian on her way into the transport museum. Good instinctive opener: “hey, wait. Don’t go in there yet. I wanna talk to you.” Easy hook and when I try to guess her nationality she gives me three guesses, so I pace around pensively like I’m on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (I guess Japan, Nigeria and Taihiti – even though she’s white European). My state is fantastic – when she tells me she’s a waitress I make her put her hand up like she’s carrying plates – but with my keys in her hand – then shake her around to try and make her drop them. I bounce her for coffee and we walk around a bit. Despite a legendary first ten minutes she seems to lose interest a bit and I let her go after a number close.
Walking back through the piazza with Suave I do my most technically satisfying set of the day. A girl, HB Ribena, is sitting at a pavement table outside a pub with her drink, an empty chair, and a pint of lager:
Me: Excuse me. Is that a man’s drink? *pointing at the pint*
Her: Yes. Why? Is it important?
Me: Yeah, I’m deciding whether to hit on you
Her: Oh, it’s a man’s *laughs* It’s not my boyfriend, it’s my boss’s
Me: OK, I’ll hit on you *sits down*

The two 20-something guys at the next table are amazed and oggle at the scene, not surprisingly. It’s so ballsy and my state is stratospheric. I tease her a bit, throw in a few SOIs and then the boss comes back out – an early thirties asian dude. I shake his hand, give him his seat back:
Him: Are you poaching my employees? *joking*
Me: No. I’m hitting on her
Him: *laughs* even better! *sits back to watch*

I have to hurry it up now so I ask a few questions then take her number. She wants to take mine instead so I put it in to her phone and ring to mine while he’s holding mine to check it out. When it rings he says “I think I’ve just dialled by accident” and I reply “No, I’m just doing a sneaky dodge to get her number” and they both laugh. I walk away victorious to much admiring stares from the next table. Through Trafalgar Square I spot a stunning girl with a cheerleader top and huge perfect tits. The shirt has a “chargers” logo. I catch her eye and walk up direct:
Me: OK, I have to ask. Does that chargers stand for Dodge?
Her: Tee hee. I don’t know. It’s just a retro cheerleader shirt.
Me: You’re a dancer aren’t you.
Her: Yes
Me: It’s obvious, you have all the cheesy dancer clothes. The shiny trainers, the low cut jogging trousers, tied up hair.
She’s hooked well and I really go at it ballsy. Stuff like:
Her: Blah blah
Me: I like your tits
Her: *laughs, smiles* Wow, you actually said that!
Me: Yeah, I’m a man, you’re a woman. And you have great tits.
Her: Thanks *really pleased with the compliment*
Me: By the way, I’m hitting on you now. Just in case you hadn’t noticed.
Turns out she’s got a boyfriend of three years. I just self-amuse for a while and give her a good time. At the end I don’t bother trying to close. I just say:
Me: Just for intellectual curiosity. If you weren’t taken…
Her: Yeah, I’d definitely have a drink, a date, with you.
Me: I’d have loved to fuck you.
Her: Tee hee *beaming smile*
Me: Anyway, get going. Nice meeting you.
I get the facebook of some American girl outside the cinema just before Sylvestor Stallone turns up for the Expendables premiere and open a two set Kosovan/Dutch who hook but aren’t so hot up close so I eject. Walking on to Piccadilly with Suave I spot a Cute Chinese across the street and give chase. The way I’m feeling I could open the Queen and fuck her.
Me: Hi, how’s your English?
Her: Pretty good
Me: On a scale of one to ten, with one being shit and ten perfect
Her: About a seven *she’s cracked out a big smile by now*
Me: Cool. I just saw you from across the road there and you looked so serious and unhappy *she laughs* but I could tell you’re usually really cute. I wanted to come and talk to you.
Big strong hook all the way down to her vagina and we go sit in the Leicester Square park for ten minutes before her work starts. Easy number and she’s well into me. Suave has to go so I wander into Covent Garden again. I compliment a Korean girl I’m not interested in on her hair (it’s unusual and nice) then open a Korean Fashion Student I do like. She’s really flighty at first but I hold my ground and draw her in. We go sit down for a while and swap numbers. She’s giving me the “I’ve never done this before. I can’t believe I’m giving my number to a guy I just met in the street”. I consider trying to push for a SDL as a long shot but she’s making noises about getting a bus home. Two minutes later I walk past a tall Brunette Italian who’s wearing shades.
Me: Hi, how’s your English…. blah blah….. I just saw you there and the look on your face. You seemed so scary.
Her: *laughing, smiling* no no no. I’m not scary, I’m nice!
She’s loads of fun and I sit her down around the corner for ten minutes. I’d stay longer but my Japanese girl from Wednesday is meeting me really soon. I go fairly strong on the Italian:
Me: Do you dress up much for nightclubs? You know, putting on the warpaint and squeezing into a short skirt. Wearing fuck me boots.
Her: Yeah, sometimes. It’s fun
Me: Do you look sexy? Hang on, stand up and let me check out your legs
Her: *laughs* You’re making me blush!
I ask if she has nice tits (more laughs) and generally frame it sexually. She doesn’t want to give the number but takes mine. That’s a high chance of slipping away so I try these on the spur of the moment preventative measures:
Me: This is how it’ll be. When you get home you’ll make a cup of tea and run a hot bath. When you’re lying in the bath, relaxing, you’ll think about this. You’ll be all like – He’s really cool, and really confident. But he might be dangerous. But he’s cool. Hmmm. I’m attracted to him. I don’t know what to do – then you’ll text me and say hi.
Her: Yes, that’s how I like it. I like to take my time.
I have to let her go and join my Jap for the Day 2. Amazing day. Five instant dates, a Day 2, and another few numbers on top. It kinda underlines how abundant things will be when I get consistent at converting dates into lays – this still eludes me despite a hot run of recent form.


  1. you are a legend

  2. This is the PUA equivalent of a “Made Man”.

  3. Personally I think your game with the Italian was my favorite.

  4. Snowball effect.

    It’s not just social proof. It’s also inner game. Hyper confidence.

  5. So are you able to earn a living that supports living in London, and traveling to fairly nearby Euro locations like Paris and Lithuania quite frequently, by giving game workshops?

    What do you tell girls you do for a living when it becomes time to seriously answer that question, after kidding around about it?

  6. doug1 don’t be such a downer, they never ask, theres no time between sighs and screams op pleasure. do stripper tell you they take of their clothes, do teen tell you they are useless leeches of their parents? no, and they aren’t eny better then us

  7. Great focus on Day game – bravo.

    I noticed in a couple of your sets you’ve gotten direct relatively soon in the interaction. For example “I like your tits”, “I’d have to fuck you” etc. Also the Korean you chatted online with you were pretty explicit about fucking her soon after you met.

    Question: Do you think this adds value? I’m not referring to amping the sexuality but rather conveying it so bluntly? Specifically, in wide-open conversation saying Tits, Ass, I’m gonna fuck you etc. It seems to me that this would force the girl to accept she can/will be demeaned (according to social norms).

    On the plus side it distinguishes you from other guys and keeps sex in the picture.

    However, while i expect every girl on the planet to play along while you’re speaking (to avoid confrontation) I’m inclined to think some/many will reflect negatively on it after they’ve had time to digest it and either blow you out or later flake. Not that it bothers them personally – we all know chicks are no angels. But it seems to me that you introduce negative social pressure by making comments that society deems derogatory part of your open, public conversation with her. On the other hand I’ve found you can say anything your demented heart desires in a chicks ear and this definitely ADDS value. Kinda like the Muslim chicks who won’t kiss if the other is observing them.

    Thoughts on “in your face” comments vs innuendo in the first few hours? A genuine question here.

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