But will I get to bang her?

August 2, 2010

I had five simulatneous Facebook chats open with targets this evening. This one with the Korean was the most testing. Remember she’s a virgin and I’d pushed pretty hard and fast in the grand total of two hours we were together. I’d added her to facebook the day after I get back to London. An hour later she accepts and I open the chat with this:

17:13 Me: cool
17:14 Korean: heyy =)=)  back in hometown?
17:15 Me: Whassup :):)  Back in London
17:16 Me: I need some help….
17:16 Korean: for what?
17:16 Me: you have lots of photos….  Where do I find the ones of you in a bikini?
17:17 Korean: looool.  it wouldn’t be funny if i told you   XP
17:17 Me: C’mon! You’ve got hundreds of photos :(:(
17:18 Korean: hahaha
17:19 Korean: the hint: what’s the name of a famous town in south of france?
17:19 Me: Milan?
17:19 Korean: that’s Italy =_=
17:20 Me: Hang on, found a couple
17:23 Me: Nice, right?
17:23 Korean: bingo!
17:23 Me: Disappointing. Can’t see your tits
17:24 Korean: ;P
17:24 Me: Send me a better one pls
17:25 Korean: ha! if you send me photos of you in bikini i’ll think about it
17:26 Me: Your dad still there?
17:26 Korean: nope he left yesterday
17:27 Korean: i gotta go.  good bye mr pervert! XD

Disappointingly tame

So far so good. Maintaining the sexual frame and playing with it. But seeing as she’s in a different country and a rather tough close, I figure I might as well leap off at the deep end and continue field testing my “I was just thinking about you” chat routine. Two days later she pops up online:

19:52 Me: I was just thinking about you
19:53 Korean: =)=)  how are you doing?
19:54 Me: Can I be rude?
19:54 Korean: it’s not like if it was new lol.   i’m all ears
19:54 Me: I suddenly thought about fucking you
19:56 Korean: ha…  ecchi
19:56 Me:  Sukebe.  Really  …. I’m having a facebook chat with a girl right now
19:56 Korean: sukebe?
19:56 Me: And she’s telling me about her favourite sex.  sukebe = pervert (in Japanese).  Then you came online, and I suddenly thought.  “Hmmmm. Didn’t fuck Korean. I wonder if she’s good”
19:57 Korean: loooooool.   you’ll never =p
19:58 Me: Yeah I will. It’ll just take a little time.  Have you got a good imagination?
19:58 Korean: it depends
19:59 Me: Tell me how you’d like your first sex to be
20:01 Korean: euhhh normal
20:01 Me: Start from the beginning.  Where does it begin?
20:03 Korean: i didn’t thought about details but i’t like him to be experienced
20:03 Me: please continue…..
20:03 Korean: wait a sec
20:06 Korean: don’t tell me your masturbating =_=
20:06 Me: No. Are you?
20:07 Korean: no.  never did
20:07 Me: Really? :O  You should
20:08 Korean: lool yeah i’ll try some day
20:08 Me: It’s good to learn how you get pleasure. Especially for girls. Men are simple for sex. Each girl is a little but different so I have to learn what they like
20:10 Korean: humm true but that’s why i’d like to have a boyfriend who can teach me XP
20:12 Me: Yeah, every girl needs a man who can first teach her.  It’s much better than having rubbish sex for years through trial and error
20:13 Korean: it sounds like it comes from experience
20:14 Me: True. Ok, I’ll describe how we’ll fuck
20:15 Korean: how I will fuck with my future boyfriend   =p
20:16 Me: Whatever.   So you’ve arrived in London and we’ve had a date. We’ve walked along the river in the evening, and then had a drink in a blues bar
20:16 Korean: yes
20:18 Me: We’ve spent about four hours having fun, but we’ve started touching and holding strong serxual eye contact.  So we go back to my place
20:20 Korean: yep
20:20 Me: Just before I open the door, I push you against it and kiss you. Kiss harder than you expect
20:21 Korean: like that part
20:21 Me: Yeah, but I won’t feel your tits there.  and you’re not allowed to touch my cock yet
20:22 Korean: well i don’t care XP
20:22 Me: Then I open the door and carry you inside. We are laughing. I carry you to the bedroom and throw you onto the bed
20:23 Me: I kiss you again, but very lightly. I don’t touch you with anything except my lips. I tell you to take off your t-shirt and shorts. So you are in your underwear. I look at you. Enjoying the female shape of your body
Am I talking to myself here?
20:25 Korean: i’m listening.   or reading
20:26 Me: Tell me when you like things. Or make a suggestion.
20:29 Korean: well honestly i have no idea for the fucking part i’ve never tried so i don’t even know what i can suggest
20:30 Me: Just tell me what sounds like something you’d like, or suggest small changes
OK, so where are you in this…..
20:31 Korean: what do you mean by where am i in this?
20:32 Me: On my bed. So I’m looking at your body.  I take off my t-shirt and jeans. and lie next to you. I kiss you harder now. And grab your tits. You are breathing very heavy, your heart beating fast
20:34 Me: You try to grab my cock but I don’t let you
20:34 Korean: i don’t think i’ll do that =_=;;
20:36 Me: You’d be surprised what you do when you get really passionate. The animal comes out. It’s ALOT of fun
20:36 Korean: haha
20:37 Me: Are we at the bit where you are allowed to grab my cock?
20:38 Korean: if i’m not mistaken yes
20:38 Me: Ok, so you’re imagining the scene?
20:39 Korean: let’s say that i’m trying
20:39 Me: So would you want to grab my cock now?
20:39 Korean: no
20:39 Me: What would you want?
20:40Korean: with you?
20:40 Me: Yes, at this moment in the fantasy
20:41 Korean: nothing…
20:42 Me: Passively waiting. Learning?
20:43 Korean: we’re not at the same level sexually speaking, and i think i had a good time with you but i won’t like to go further than that
20:43 Me: Haha, we’re just doing a fantasy here
20:44 Korean: well fantasy means that you think about it.  and i don’t…
20:45 Me: No prob. Was just trying to have a little fun with you
20:46 Korean: =p
20:47 Me: I’m fine with being friends, even without the sex
20:47 Korean: hahaha something tells me that you’re partially lying
20:48 Me: Let me be very clear.  can I do that?
20:48 Korean: please
20:49 Me: 1) I find your manner very pleasing. You are very open and seem honest. 2) I find you sexually attractive. 3) Your sexual innocence makes you more attractive, not less. 4) I am seeing a few girls. It’s no big deal if I don’t fuck you. I’d like to, and we’d both enjoy it – but I get sex already without you
I can be friends with you but don’t need to fuck you. But I’m a man, so I’ll still try occasionally. ok?
20:53 Korean: good. my turn!
20:53 Me: ok
20:54 Korean: 1) i appreciate your honest and direct side that must be why i’m still staying in contact with you
20:57 Korean: 2) nevertheless even if i’m quite adventurous i don’t think i’ll fuck with you because i don’t think it’s necessary too appreciate your company and i just don’t feel it
3) so friends would be perfect
20:59 Korean: oh and thanks for all the compliments i’m really flattered and quite surprised
21:00 Korean: you’re handsome too i particularly like your blue eyes but without being rude you’re too old for me XD
21:00 Me: No problem. Each one is speciific to you. I don’t say them to every girl
For sure. We aren’t getting married.
21:01 Korean: wow thank god haha
21:02 Me: Look,
I’m not looking to pressure you. I’m not looking to tie you into a relationship. I’m not looking for any commitment. I attract girls because they like me. I do things with girls because they like doing them with me. That’s how it is. So you do what you like. I do what I like. When those are the same things, we do them together
That’s all.
But I think you know that
21:05 Korean: yes. I just wanted to make it clear between us
21:06 Me; Cool. Can we stop being serious now?
21:07 Korean: lol i was waiting for that
21:07 Me: Tell me a joke
21:08 Korean: wow let me think about it ;;
21:08 Me: …
21:09 Korean: ahhh dammit sorry i don’t know many jokes
21:09 Me: Here’s one. Iron Man is a superhero. Iron Woman is a command.
21:10 Korean: yup
21:20 Me: Just booked a flight to Lithuania  😀
21:20 Korean: that’s fast! lol.  going on another crazy trip with your friends?
21:21 Me: Yeah. You saw the photos on my Facebook of the last one?
21:21 Korean: nope wait.  ahhhhhhh francee! XD

Define "innocence"

So what, my dear readers, is your considered opinion? I reckon optimum strategy is to back off for a week then run comfort game with just a light sprinking of sexualisation. Keep that going until we have deep rapport, and then let her come to me. It’s a tough one but the fact she’s still hanging around means she’s available. I think it’s her ASD and social conditioning holding her back and it’s my job to navigate her through the minefield towards the fucking she so richly deserves.


  1. Frankly, you probably won’t fuck this one, but it won’t be because you didn’t play your cards right. Also, she’s not among the hotter Korean girls I’ve seen… I’d find a few subtle ways to remind her of that.

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