Lithuania 5: My girl comes to visit

August 2, 2010

My favourite of the Lithuanians I closed – HB Borat – had already planned a trip to the UK to visit friends so she wanted to squeeze in a date with me. She’s one of these girls that keeps herself permanently busy with work, study, travel and socialising. So she had a window of three hours one afternoon, coming specially to London for the date. Normally I wouldn’t accept fitting into a girl’s diary like that but given the long distance and her making all the effor I figured it wasn’t such a DLV. Plus I genuinely like her.

Before we get to that I have to run some comfort on Facebook to cover the intervening three weeks. We have about six chats. Here’s a transcription of the first. Not the most explosive chat you’ll see but should give an idea of how I run asshole game / social dominance while running rapport.

10:40 Her: g`mornin;)  awake?
10:43 Me: hey!
10:44 Her: how`s life?
10:44 Me: I’m putting together a list of economics blogs for my friend Ace
10:45 Her: very interesting:)))  i`m in the office, looking for some trips in august or september. watching pictures. so many beautiful places
10:46 Me: yup. I think I caught a cold
10:46 Her: poor you.. i usually get sick in summer
10:47 Me: yeah, I’ll have to stay home and play video games
10:47 Her: all the conditioners..
10:48 Me: If you were here, would you be my nurse and make me feel better?
10:48 Her: oh phone.. 1 sec. i`ll give a new guy to answer. ;p ;p
10:49 Me: Good idea. Talking to me is more important
10:49 Her: would you trust me?
10:49 Me: probably
10:50 Her: i use folk methods
10:50 Me: like a witch?
10:50 Her: strange concoctions u know?
10:51 Me: So long as your treatment finishes with a massage, I’m good
10:51 Her: sometimes ;p  ok, must go now
10:52 Me: ok
19:04 Her: how r u feelin` now?
19:04 Me: just got home. Much better
19:06 Her: you were out?  nto really sick:)   *not
19:06 Me: yeah, went to a cafe to read. I felt ok by noon
19:06 Her: so no fever?
19:06 Me: I’m too tough to get fever
19:06 Her: jst running nose or what?
19:06 Me: Hey are you my doctor now?
19:07 Her: false symptons  :):)  i`m obsesed on not getting sick actually
19:07 Me: You can still be my nurse
19:07 Her: always afraid to catch cold  not all the methods to get better asap ;p  yeah. we could play video games together ;D
19:08 Me: I’ll beat you. But I’ll play fair. at first
19:08 Her: no way! i wouldn`t give in so quickly
19:09 Me: Girls suck at video games
19:09 Her: i finished james bond!
19:09 Me: Especially long haired girls.  on “easy” mode
19:09 Her: that`s the only game i suppose. but nevertheless ;p   long haired. why so?!
19:10 Me: It’s science
19:10 Her: u think we can`t see screen because of our hair?:D
19:10 Me: girls with long dark hair and cute bottoms are never good at games
19:10 Her: so you`re good at science either
19:10 Me: especially if they work at [her office]
19:10 Her: must disappoint you.  we used to play a lot of games during those long winter evenings. well not me. but most of us :]:]  at the i mean
19:11 Me: Did they have Nintendo in your cold Siberian village?
19:12 Her: we have super mario  :DDD
19:12 Me: You probably had communist games. Tractor Factory Manager 1986
19:12 Her: ;DDDD  i was born a year after
19:12 Me: EA Women’s Weightlifting Challenge
19:12 Her: don`t know
19:12 Me: I’m not finished….  Gulag Tycoon
19:13 Her: may i ask you sir?
19:13 Me: uh?
19:14 Her: why do you know all these games?;pp  looks like you`re the one who played them.  or jst made them up. i played mortal combat
19:15 Me: Made then up. Obviously   Duh!
19:16 Her: anyway, i could take lessons from eminent expert
would you teach me some tactics?

Stoned here

19:17 Me: Yeah. I have to go meet my friend now. One more thing…..
19:17 Her: yea?
19:17 Me: Send me a sexy photo of you. One you are too shy to put on Facebook
19:18 Her: you`ve got too many sexy girls in your albums.  that should be enough ;p
19:18 Me: No
Not nude. Just a bikini or something
19:19 Her: haha, you wish ;p
19:19 Me: It’s an order
19:19 Her: seriously i never make pictures of myself posing. only when travel or with my friends, some party. plus i don`t obey orders!
19:20 Me: Do one now. Put on your favourite underwear and take a photo. send it to…. [my email]
19:20 Her: don`t even expect:p   go meet your friend, make a sexy photo and save it on your computer ;]
19:21 Me: I’ll be waiting….
19:22 Her: wish you patience  ;D
19:22 Me: Look forward to giving you a big sloppy kiss
19:22 Her: mmm, one day..;);)
19:32 Me: bye
19:23 Her: bye bye!

She shows up on time in the City and I kiss her immediately and walk her off to Tower Bridge. She’s really happy and qualifying constantly with incessant jibber jabber. I take her into a marina and at various times throw her up against a wall to make out. I’d already decided not to go for the lay because her time constraint is so tight and I’m already a dead cert for visiting Lithuania again in September. I play the long game – she agrees to take time off work to take me around Vilnius.

The whole date is based around sauntering along the riverside. Outside London Dungeon I throw her in a red telephone box and finger fuck her while she grabs my cock. I like doing The Stone. It seems like the most natural thing in the world now and it’s fun to see the girl’s eyes spazz out. She overstays an hour but eventually has to get home. Lots of texts from her follow. She’s fallen for me.

But I know my dear readers always expect video so here’s an excerpt:


  1. What’s “The Stone”? Can you describe it?

    • While holding the girl’s hand in a normal situation (e.g. at the bar, walking down the street) you say “This is how you make me feel” and then put her hand on your boner. First heard it from Ace.

  2. 19:12 Me: You probably had communist games. Tractor Factory Manager 1986

    you must be proud of that joke

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  4. Good reports.

    If you can do this anybody can

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