Roissy Gives Me The Rub

August 12, 2010

Everything in life is like pro wrestling. In this case:

Rub – This is when a top performer tries to get a lower card performer over by associating with them, usually not by jobbing but working a competitive match with them or allowing them to cut a promo on them or look good in an angle.”

I log into my WordPress dashboard and see my site hits have gone spastic. Turns out Roissy Chateau has discussed my 1-on-1 review of Yad and sent a shitload of his readers over to me. On the first day my page views are 400% above the norm. Next day it’s 500%. As if that’s not enough Assanova is saying nice things about me too.

Feeling pretty good about myself right now. Almost as good as when I did that Muslim virgin up the arse. Thanks fellas.


  1. That’s a good point to bring up, men often compete with each other in an effort to improve each other’s abilities. Overall, everyone involved becomes better. Taken to an extreme, competition can be destructive, taken in moderation it can improve everyone involved.

  2. Been following your blog for a few months now. Glad to see it’s getting some recognition. It’s well deserved.

  3. Nice work, Krauser. Your field reports are entertaining and crisp.

  4. hi krauser i really wold like an opinion. thank you

  5. Krauser, how can I get in touch with you? Not only do I like your brutally efficient PUA, you have the King Sagat there to back it up!

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