July 19, 2010

Right-ho, this is a trial balloon.

You’re all well aware of my “no in-field = no game” approach to internet scammers pua gurus. I suppose I ought to live by my own code. I was browsing Youtube trying to find infields of the RSD instructors, a thankless task, when I came across a vid of Ozzie having a threesome with two hot girls. Not an actually pornographic vid – just him kissing them in his hotel room and then fade to black just as they were unzipping him. Looked legit to me. So Ozzie has moved up my list of gurus.

So here’s one of mine.

Still not entirely sure about this. There’s a niggling feeling in the back of my skull. Not sure if it’s a hangover or my conscience. Comments appreciated.

UPDATE – Lest I confuse anyone, this is NOT a pick-up video. The post about the initial approach is here. This vid begins when I met her for the fourth date, long after the initial f-close.


  1. Well, your driving is shit!

    Funny, inspiring, un-ethical and more proof than the other guys out there. Mr PUA I salute you, in the same way I’d tentatively salute the devil! 😉

  2. Lol. Nice close there, bro.

  3. I considered wanking to that but decided it would be too creepy.
    Well done getting sex from game. You are now officially more successful than 95% of PUA-forum members.
    That girl really dug you. She was ready to sleep with you at 00:19. That look she gave you…. All you had to do after then was press forward without fucking up.

  4. hey, ive been trying really hard to figure out how how to send you an email about this but i cant find it on the forum ..or im stupid. this is not to put egg on your face just that i know the trought to be important for you, are you refering to this video ppl in the coments section dont know but i know that is FRIKIN STEVE HOLMES a very aughsome porn star, i am shure of it, if you want to i can find out what the girls are ………wait wtf ill do it right now
    the blonde is……… Alessia Romei you can google or search on freeones and the redhead is …….. idk. point is this is actually porn from private gold im shure. TRUST ME!!!! and yes i see the video is labeld as RSD and ozzy………….trust me………its steve holmes i can even find the movie.

    oh and i really liked your video….nice! finaly i can see how u do that stuff…..i just can;t think strait now coz im piss drunk, sorry for bad english

    oh and CLOOOOSEE!

  5. Errr. I feel bad for the girl, not knowing videos of her giving you a blow job are all over the internetz. This is why you don’t let guys film you while doing the nasty. Word.

    • That’s the one thing I’m not sure about. I’ve made sure she can’t be identified (except through the wildest coincidence) and shot the scene with the explicit stuff off camera. But yes, still not something that would fill her heart with joy.

      • Not to be a nag, but it also seems like she’d be the kind of girl who would care too, especially if her parents are super strict.

        One day she doesn’t answer her phone, you call the home phone and discover she’s been shipped back to some kind of eastern convent.


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  8. My mate SalsaLord just pointed out the brilliant demonstration of NLP-style eye movement at 0:30 when she looks upwards to recollect the childhood memories. Also that’s some evil shit: “Think of your best childhood memory”, drops her right into that state of being happy and submissive and girly, with you lying there on the grass like Daddy/Lord Muck. Killer stuff.
    What I can’t work out is how the fuck you filmed yourself with the hidden camera.

    • Wasn’t hidden. I was holding my phone camera right in front of it (and then she took hold of it for the part with me talking to the camera). Remember, I have extreme hand with this girl. I can do whatever I want and she is happy to be alongside for the ride.

  9. Video removed due to private request

  10. Could you give me a link to this ozzie’s threesome videos ? I can’t find it [It wasn’t Ozzie, it was a porno. K.]

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