Krauser Night Game Model

January 21, 2011

While Jimmy and I were out in Lithuania last week we went to the same nightclub (Salento) four times. He hates noisy places and is always bitching about it but after talking over the first night we realised we’d figured …

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I’m a horrible bastard

January 16, 2011

This isn’t advice. It’s 5am, I’m in Lithuania, and I’m drunk. Highlights of the day were an instant date with a 19yr old virgin who’s only had one kiss (not one guy, one actual kiss) in her life. She looks …

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January 14, 2011

After the swine-flu season, a virulent strain of oneitis has been whizzing around Rock Solid Game. I’ve gotten struck down with my Russian catwalk model. Jimmy has found a black model in Manchester that he is pining for. Lee has …

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