My first foray into online game – Plenty of Fish

January 26, 2011

Generally speaking I have a low opinion of online game. It is designed to fail. The only girls who would use it are those who are too old/ugly or too busy (=career woman= masculine= unattractive) to pick up guys face to face. The only men online are those too scared to overcome approach anxiety. Thus online game is just low value men spamming the inboxes of low value women, making out their entitlement complexes. Not for me.

Then look at how sites like Match and eHarmony are marketed. They are flagrantly positioned as “find a sucker” for over-30s women to get married off. Thus my conclusion that online game is a waste of time, like trawling through a sea of sewage in search of an occasional zircon. Why bother when I can just see a girl on the street and get her.

Over the past six months I’ve watched Burto and Tony T mercilessly invade dating sites and string together an unending ho train of ready, willing, and most importantly fuckable girls. They’ve cracked the code. So my ears perked up. Then Jimmy jumped in and found an entertaining way to get these girls – troll the fuck out of them and then turn the anger response into attraction. That’s fun.

So I’m giving online game another chance, as of today. I’m gonna pick the brains of T-bone, B-bone and J-bone to figure out a style that works for me. My profile is up and it’s heavy on the playful douchbag, qualifying girls from the first sentence. Here’s the mails I sent out today. Results (or lack of them) should come through in the next two days.


Girl One – Pinky has a short playful profile presenting herself as a cute fun girl who wants a fun guy with kind eyes she can swim in.
Subject: Your hair scares my dog
Message: Nice colour, but really. When Bodger walked past my laptop he yelped and hit in his basket.


Girl Two – Asian has “activity” photos and a few smiley ones. She’s a bit dull and talks about her favourite tv shows and travel destinations. She doesn’t say it, but looks like an office girl.
Subject: Your profile is masculine
Message: Skydiving, travelling and stuff. Maybe if you’d put up a few photos of you baking a nice cake, and maybe wearing a cute summer dress, somebody would look and think “she’d make a good little wife”


Girl Three – Black has put alot of effort into her profile to describe her hobbies. She comes off as a feisty charity worker who wants to be a bit quirky. Likeable but a bit full of it.
Subject: You lost me at “RSPCA”
Message: We have pretty much nothing in common. I dislike hip hop, amateur dramatic, and prodnose charities. That said, being a man, I liked your photos so I thought I’d force myself to read past the first paragraph. Just in case there was some gold to be found in your character traits.  Not sure. You’re a marmite girl – you’ll inspire love or hate and not much inbetween.


Girl Four – Brown has one sentence describing the type of guy she wants and one photo that doesn’t even show her full face. Entitlement is written all over her.
Subject: Honestly, that’s all you have?
Message: You’re asking alot for a girl who has one badly-cropped photo and a half-arsed About Me section. I spent two hours writing my profile, filling it with subtle wit and screening questions. Then I carefully went through my photos to present a well-balanced introduction to who I am.  Your sheer audacity intrigues me. But my attraction-o-meter is barely registering.


Girl Five – Bitchy has an annoying photo but her profile is actually nice and sweet.
Subject: You look bitchy
Message: Your photo intrigued me for all the wrong reasons (for you). Such a “look at me, I’m the princess” pout I thought: this profile is gonna be funny, let’s see how much self-delusion can be squeezed into a single About Me section. But no, you seem like a normal, down to earth girl. Except Dan Brown – ugh!

I’ve left the messages exactly as written, so if the girls are smart enough to google the text they’ll find this page and see what I’m up to. I messaged another four girls. I might do a second post.


  1. Boo-Ya!

    ll do you mates-rates on the next online game seminar we do….

  2. This is normally #fail, because these girls get tons of similar messages from real guys who actually mean it. There are a lot of asocial haters on these websites, and they shoot provokative messages with no irony in the hopes of getting a reaction. (My experience is from talking to many of these net dating girls in real life + having had emails from such guys forwarded to me) Your idea is good but I honestly don’t have much hope. Bitchy will probably reply positively, though. Looking forward to hear what comes out of it.

    • How many people do send testing emails though? Our wing woman Becks gave us all the log in to her PoF account because she got so many messages she couldn’t get through them all. Obviously we all hungrily dived in to suss the kinds of things the guys say.

      I saw about 200 unread emails. They all said exactly the same thing:

      Hi, I saw your profile, I like your vibe. I like rock climbing, walks, just hanging out with my friends. I am a really down to earth guy. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

      Now the thing is, all these guys were decent to very good looking. And there was nothing to turn a girl off in what they were saying, but the problem was – who do you choose. Becks asked me to set her up with someone and I basically had no reason to choose one over the other. I might as well have poked a pin at the screen.

      • Valid point. I may have been influenced by the probably more antisocial vibe and “nothing left to lose” attitude of online losers in your neighbor country to the south 🙂

      • I’m guessing Krauser won’t get much from this experiment. Unlike yours, Jimmy, they are too directly confrontational, and show too much effort.

        Basically what you did was a one liner opening neg, whereas Krauser’s doing a fuller critique.

  3. Really looking forward to the results from this online gaming experience.

    Heres my two cents: I tried online dating for a few months not long ago to see what all the fuss was about – I used because I’m a confortable son of a bitch who doesn’t push himself enough to break his approach anxiety – I am not low value but I do not make a habit of approaching women in the street, dont do nightclubs/bars and have a limited social circle (due to my job).

    After two or three dates I came to the following conclusion: Online dating is a massive amount of work to date what are mainly bottom of the barrel girls. If you are a chick in her late teens, twenties (ie fuckable), you will be being approached every month by at least a couple of dudes. If you’re actually pretty then make that a couple of times a day. Why would you go to the effort of setting up an online profile and paying a subscription fee? And whats sort of girls that meet my age criteria are online dating: girls with train wreck personlaties, girls with physical deformities they hide in their photos, girls you want to shoot on the first date. I’ve just described my three dates with online dating.

    In you invest 1% of the effort made into online dating simply approaching a cute chick you see at the university library, you will have better results AND you at least guarantee she’s shagable.

    Online dating should only be used as K is using it to act like a complete asshole and have fun – but please don’t give up the day job.

    Over and out.

    • I have a couple of male delta/borderline beta friends who have had great success with online dating. Apparently if you are halfway decent looking and normal guy, it’s sex galore. The girls are decent, 6s and 7s admittedly (but that’s compatible with the guys). I also know other guys who’ve had success with online dating (but get to the stage where it’s so much choice, they can’t decide), but I find the success of these two particular guys quite interesting as they’re just really regular guys, and not particularly interesting, good looking or successful, and neither could be considered to have game. They’re just ‘regular blokes’ with jobs like teacher and hobbies are more going down the pub and season ticket to football rather than say skydiving. I think one thing that works for both of them is they have quizzes on their profile, silly ones but it starts the girls interacting and qualifying themselves. Neither of the guys does many approaches, the girls come to them.

  4. Oh I forgot to mention, whats with all the black women K?

    • They’re not all black, one is Asian (Indian? Pinky) and one is oriental or far east asian if one were being PC.

      So what, maybe Krauser likes a tan. It could be some biological thing from his hindbrain, wants to counteract his northern whiteness (seriously, as soon as you go north of Birmingham in any month except July or August the sun just disappears).

  5. This is exactly my online game too. Just rip the shit out of them. The hot ones never reply to normal messages but they ALWAYS reply when you anger them. Then the game is – turning it around.

    Good example to be found here –

  6. I use OkCupid, it’s free, and I find the desparation levels are lower, but corellary to that, there are more girls there just messing about/looking for ego boosts etc

    I find negging on the off doesn’t work. As mentioned above, plenty of retards do it by accident. Plus Krauser, your posted messages are just plain rude half the time. You’ll probably get resposnses, but I doubt you’ll get resutls.

  7. Weird that I made a post about almost the same thing LAST NIGHT… You ripping me off Krauser? Interesting…

    Haha good luck though, yours is a much more specific study, whereas mine is a mass canvassing to see the results from 5 minutes of effort.

  8. Lol, this is hilarious. Makes me want to create a few profiles and conduct my own messaging expiriments.

  9. Honesty and humour for the win!

    Even if trolling women on POF gets no replies, its more fun that getting stonewalled with the usual nice guy crap. I actually think this could work.

    Another good tip (for men) is not to smile or look directly at the camera on your profile picture. Seriously.

    Look at Hollywood male leads on movie posters. How many of them are smiling and looking directly at the camera?

    That would be…NONE.

  10. I’m just gonna comment here so I can subscribe to your blog, I can’t figure out any other way to do it

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  12. I’ve spent a lot of time online dating & let me tell you it is a waste of time. I have tried eHarmony, match, yahoo personals, OKCupid, and POF.

    After much frustration with online dating (sending out 100 emails and maybe getting 5 responses, all from ugs or fatties (same thing really)), I created a profile, but as an experiment I made myself a 25 year old woman. I used a free stock photo of a woman who is a 6 or 7 on a dime scale. Within 5 minutes I received 4 instant messages & 5 e-mails from guys. It’s been about 12 hours since I created my fake profile and I have over 70 e-mails in my in-box. If anyone is considering online dating, I recommend setting up a free fake profile as a woman and then you can see that any average looking chick will easily get over 100 e-mails.

    No I know what it’s like. Guys outnumber girls on these sites by tons. And horny guys will send out 100 copy & paste e-mails to girls flooding their in-boxes. It’s not like at a bar where your value goes down a little more after a girl sees you hitting on other girls — the odds of which will not pan out to anything and then you move to the next targets — and with each failure you values goes down slightly– of course because internet dating allows for the concealed approach used to be a copy and past monkey trying to get women online but I never got a response. And I’ma good-looking guy. Now I know why.

    Read this article (you have to expand the picture as it is a screenshot:

  13. I will add that is it easy to bang girls in the 1-4 range — ones that you meet online. I’ve shamefully done that. Mostly girls from AOL chat though. I don’t do that anymore, and the local chat room I hung out in is for the most part non-existent.

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  16. online game is something you have to work at. you cant just log and hope your day or night game will transfer as well to the net. then there is the dating site vs social network issue and how
    that changes how you open.

    the best bet for an opener is the psychic angle. this works well for me. then get them
    to MSN,im or phone and then use words to turn them on and get the primed to meet
    you. as for actual dating,leave that for offline.

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