Daygame while loaded with cold

January 30, 2011

I must’ve walked under some ladders and kicked some black cats because my luck has been shitty of late. I’ve had flu twice in three months and two minor colds. Waking up this morning to teach bootcamp the glands around my throat were so swollen it hurt to swallow and tossed and turned in bed getting a sum total of three hours sleep. Very much breaking my daygame rule of “get a good nights sleep and feel refreshed”.

Nonetheless I stumble out and do a few demo sets for the students. This is the best of them. It’s really nothing to get excited about because at best its a 50/50 she’ll contact me, probably less. But she had a bizarre vibe to her and there was some fun challenging interplay between us.

0:29 – She’s pulling a “what’s going on” face
0:36 – Don’t be scared to comment on racial factors. Girls really don’t care.
0:38 – The first indicator that this is a confident girl with some creativity on her side. She’s not going to lock up.
0:44 – So I go straight into a tease to show I can play this game too. I’ll keep coming back to it.
1:00 – Personalise it all to her.
1:07 – She’s very comfortable now she knows I’m not a mugger. I’m pegging her as having high self esteem and good social skills. Nice.
1:14 – More teasing but also screening to see if she’s a perpetual student (which I don’t like)
1:22 – The mutually agreed frame is banter and challenge. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s alot of fun to have a girl stand up for herself and throw things back at you.
1:32 – Time constraint. So everything now has to be hurried. I manage to string it out eight minutes in the end which is a sign she enjoys the interaction.
1:40 – I was not expecting her to extend this with questions. Might as well run with it and throw in some cheesy obvious DHVs.
2:20 – Very basic mild defiance gets a laugh. Don’t be agreeing to everything a girl says.
2:31 – Callback humour to her posh voice and then a tease about Manchester culture.
2:54 – I’m just free associating because I know she might head off any time this gets boring or has a long pause. She’s enjoying it, but has a real time constraint which I’m gradually weakening.
3:12 – She enjoyed that cold read about “incongrous”. It’s contrast game from me. Act like a retard and throw in some hints I’m actually smart and well read.
3:30 – She’s sharp, relaxed and fun. I’m really enjoying talking to her.
3:44 – Notice how her body never stops pointing vaguely in the direction she was walking. This is because I never fully kill momentum. The time constraint is constantly there.
4:26 – I’m introducing a theme that I drop unexpectedly educated words into an otherwise normal conversation, to see if she notices and plays ball.
4:41 – I really don’t know what she was thinking here.
4:55 – Normally this means a dead end but it does no harm and in this case it sounds like she’s genuinely considering the date. God knows what’s holding her back.
5:30 – More dumbass teasing
6:08 – She likes arrogance so I throw some in and she IOIs twice with a smile and a question.
6:25 – She picks up the ball on the clever word game.
7:13 – Callback humour to her posh voice. My tone makes it a qualifier because I clearly like her accent.
7:48 – She does the clever word game again.



  1. her accent is the funniest thing i’ve heard

  2. Nice pick, and very interesting interaction.

    She was a good interviewer. I thought you gave more information about yourself in those 8 mins than you normally give out in longer sets.

    Shutting up after asking for the date was great. She was probably thinking, “if I make this silence long and uncomfortable enough, he’ll fall over himself trying to sell me harder.”

    “Nah, that’s a terrible idea. It’s the man’s job to call” is my response to “can I take your number?” Maybe she’ll get in touch, but that reminds me of every movie I’ve seen in the last three months where the woman takes the lead in escalating. Bad polarity.

    Whenever you pull a black girl, a few HBDers tend to chime in about your poor choice. Hey, morons: every race has a statistical distribution of talents (beauty, smarts, resistance to disease, etc.). While the average for any particular trait may be lower for one race compared to another, it’s certainly possible for there to be positive outliers who measure well above the average for all races.

  3. Well, I have a couple of comments.

    1 – I agree with you that she is high self esteem – but this is the sort of self esteem that is not rooted in substance but is a front. This girl is a fruit cake.

    2 – Don’t want to be mean dude but I think towards the end she was tooling you. This girl is intelligent and well educated and she’s a snob. Trouble is you don’t often meet intelligent and articulate girls and therefore I think your attempts to DHV may have backfired somewhat. She’s seen through it and it’s now actually become DLV. That’s why she calls you a sycophant.

    She won’t call you back. She has little to no interest in you. But let us know if she does. All feedback is good feedback.

    In the meantime, keep posting!

    She’s not going to call

    • Don’t be a douche.

      However she did sound a bit condescending during the whole thing, maybe she liked the verbal sparring enough to give you a call but i get a vague feeling that she only dates guys within her posh “class” from some fancy student organization.

      • Funny thing is, I’d slaughter all of those guys on (i) earnings (ii) academics (iii) credentials and (iv) knowledge of high culture. But I can’t stand snobby status jockeying so I deliberately do retard game to screen such women out. Don’t know if she is such a woman.

  4. i fixed the date in my gum camera buy putting the following in a text file in the main directory, name the text file TAG.TXT.. turn it off then back on, then never turn it off, it turns itself off.. turning off resets the date.


  5. Is that a real personality? It cant be. I live pretty close to Eaton and never have I heard such snobbery in my life. It has to be fake.

    She was clearly taking the piss. However I commend you on ploughing and seeing it through.

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