January 14, 2011

After the swine-flu season, a virulent strain of oneitis has been whizzing around Rock Solid Game.

I’ve gotten struck down with my Russian catwalk model. Jimmy has found a black model in Manchester that he is pining for. Lee has an unusual strain where he has transferred it across two girls.  Johnny is in the critical late stages, as is Perry. So far the only recovery is Burto who shook off a virulent spanish oneitis. Only Tony T has shown natural immunity.

Most shocking of all is heartbreaker Suave. I just got this terrible news ten minutes ago. I quote:

“…but my head is with the argentinian at the moment. she could potentially be my 1 itis     she is that great!
her pics doesnt make justice to what she is in person”
Oh dear. Pray for him.


  1. The Kman has oneitis! Say it ain’t so.

    Is this the first time since your divorce?

  2. How about fucking their “special” girls. That should kill the buzz quick enough.

  3. In our hearts and in our prayers.

    Is it still oneitis if you’re fucking the girl? I don’t think so.
    Oneitis is more about pining over a girl that you can’t get.

  4. Peter P makes an interesting point.

    Lee’s oneitis was the best case of oneitis ever. He had it for girl A, after a week decided he didn’t like her all that much so chose another girl, transferred it and started saying the same things about her. I didn’t even know he’d changed the actual object of his affection until one day his ‘girlfriend’ came round and she was brunette, not blonde, a little taller and had changed nationality. Brilliant.

  5. I’m driving down to spain to see the spaniard on Sunday… seems like no-one is safe from 1-i

    what’s up with Fur-ball… as soon as he gets home he’s in love…. must be the fact that all women in london are trashbags….

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