Positioning 101

December 29, 2011

You should constantly hammer away at a girl’s frame in order to impose your own. The strongest reality wins. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly actively do stuff (DHV stories, negs etc) but you do have to constantly hold your own frame while her’s crumbles. Have you ever been in a party / dinner full of strong characters who feel entirely comfortable in the environment whereas everybody and everything is new to you? If so, you probably felt it was an uphill struggle just to be yourself and prevent their frame from overwhelming you. Every minute is a slog and its easy just to surrender your frame, unburden yourself from the responsibility of holding the line, and then you can actually relax.

Obviously the girls in your life feel the same way and yet, even better, they are designed to gratefully surrender their frame to yours once they’ve tested yours. So just hold your frame safe in the knowledge her’s has inbuilt structural weaknesses and is built to fail.

One way of chipping into her frame is to constantly position her below you, as having certain characteristics. Keep putting her in that box, let her qualify her way out of it, dole out a reward, and then put her right back into the box. Eventually she’ll tire of climbing out and will sit wherever you figuratively put her. You should make the whole process playful so she enjoys it.

Here are two great examples to use when she’s on facebook or sitting next to you at a laptop in isolation. They put the girl in the following box:

  • Clumsy
  • Attention-seeking
  • Cute
  • Tolerated by the adults because she’s well-meaning at heart

In both cases it’s good to bait the trap first by getting her to qualify on some (initially) positive personality trait such as independence, chattiness, athleticism etc then you hit her with “You know who you remind me of? There’s a children’s TV character just like you, who is also [independent, chatty, athletic etc]”

You’ll have also seen there’s alot of “our world” shared joke opportunities in this. If you couldn’t figure out which character is the girl, you ought to unsubscribe from this blog.

* This is my 400th post. Fuckin’ hell I’m good to you people *

Another Georgian idate to nowhere

December 28, 2011

I still don’t have the Georgian flag. Apparently they are still very strictly brought up with a no-sex-before-marriage culture and thus everyone gets married at 17 to their high school sweetheart. Or so I’ve been told. I was briefly dating such a girl last year but couldn’t close. Mind you, back then I couldn’t close an open door. Since then I’ve had a couple of numbers from Georgians but no jollies.

Here’s a sweet girl I met this summer on Oxford Street. I don’t usually follow girls into shops but it makes little difference to how you talk to them. As often happens with instant dates this started fine and then fizzled out by the second date. My follow-through is improving with time but the simple fact is most instant dates go nowhere due to factors outside your control. This girl had a particularly complicated family situation. We have the occasional skype chat but I put it at 1/5 chance of taking the flag.

Some teenage French ooh-la-la

December 26, 2011

Same Day Lays are a strange thing for many reasons. I suppose if you take a typical non-community guy and tell him you can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the day, take her on a date, and then fuck her before the moon comes up he’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Yet there is a method for accomplishing just that and there’s plenty of guys who have racked up a whole bunch of them. I’m personally not an SDL guy. I’ve had some but I think it’s way overrated. Like having a fight or appearing in porn, it’s something every man should do just for the experience and the dinner-party story but taking it too seriously will unbalance your life over time.

That said, it’s a fucking awesome feeling when you pull one off. You just wanna run around the streets with your shirt over your head Ravanelli-style.

A new close, yesterday

Nonetheless its an ego thing and will lead you to unnecessarily burn too many sets that you could’ve closed with a more patient 3-date model. I’ve yet to meet the man who can SDL better than a lost tourist 7 or a mentally-unbalanced low-8. Maybe someone has done it somewhere but I never saw nor heard about it.

This summer I went for SDLs whenever the circumstances seemed right. I got a few but most of them drained away into nothing or blew up in my face. Here’s an example of a girl who was a prime candidate…. but it never happened. In this case it was pure logistics. I got her heated up and ready but she got called away to her host family’s dinner table and then the trail ran cold. A few facebook chats later and she was back to 50/50 but I couldn’t get her over the hump.

I’ve put the video up because for the first thirty minutes it was textbook, so you can still get some ideas from it.

Entourage game is for suckers

December 15, 2011

Five or so years ago Adam Lyons made a big name for himself proferring a new type of game system called Project Entourage. The best-case scenario looks like this:

  1. Arrange with nightclub managers to have a guest list you can add names to. Pick one of the beta-wallet-emptying pretentious clubs around the West End such as Movida, China White, Mahiki etc which charge men £20 entry and girls free before 11pm. For every girl you bring you get paid £5. Bring more than 5 girls and you get a VIP table with a complementary bottle of vodka.
  2. Go out daygaming on the afternoon of the night in question. Approach lots of girls with indirect social openers, preferrably tourists who are unlikely to know the nightlife but are keen to go out. “PR-close” them by offering them free entry and drinks to a good club. Hide sexual intent.
  3. Mass text all girls later that night and arrange to meet them all in a nearby pub. Tell them to bring friends.
  4. Socialise a bit in the pub and then lead a train of girls into the club and comped through to the VIP section. You are preselected to every girl in the club and to the girls in your group. Spend the evening drinking free vodka, joking around with girls, pulling random other girls from the dancefloor.
  5. At the end of the night choose your favourite girl who is IOIing you for sex. If you’re really good, have threesomes foursomes and moresomes.
  6. Rinse-repeat every week as your entourage grows bigger and the club begins to finance your lifestyle.

The Dream

Sounds awesome right? According to his own marketing literature Adam was regularly rolling into clubs with 50 hotties in his ho’train and banging millions of them. Let’s ignore for a moment the zero-to-hero bullshit of the AFC Adam story and all the pieces left out (i.e. he was already a well-connected PR party organiser as his job before he started game, that he’s a good looking guy, and that the only public domain evidence of Project Entourage is severely underwhelming). The marketing would have you believe all this success derives simply from playing a basic method of networking the value of a club to the value of a hot woman while you sit in the middle. There’s only one problem.

It’s a load of bullshit. Entourage game is for suckers. Allow me to explain.

  1. Nightclub managers are usually double-dealing cunts who will happily throw you under a bus if a better deal comes along five minutes later. In order to get to a position where they cut you any slack at all you must be really good and bring them a stream of money. The clubs themselves are horrible soul-destroying places full of vacuous dappy tarts and higher-beta chodes trying to impress each other without having any fun. Drinks are £10 a pop so you are basically spending your evenings in someone elses gaudy loud sweaty basement.
  2. PR-closes are basically bribery-closes. You are getting the girl along by playing the role of conduit between the nightclub and her, offering her monetary value. No-one respects PR men precisely because they are the low-value monkeys running around the streets trying to hustle girls into clubs. It is positioning yourself below the girl, not above, and setting yourself up as a provider to be used. The feeling of PR-closing girls is no different to being a telesales guy – it’s no fun at all.
  3. You get more flakes than normal daygame. The girls who do come are self-selecting as party girls. They show no commitment because you are offering them a free lunch and asking nothing back. Zero investment.
  4. The pub stage is like herding cats. Some of the girls will wander off on a whim because they know they can get into the club for free without you. If you’re lucky you’ll have a few decent conversations where you can build comfort and attraction but the big moment of disheartenment comes at….
  5. Girls hang around your VIP table till the free drinks arrive and then the moment its finished the disappear onto the dancefloor. Thirty seconds of arm-waving and their value sky-rockets and the chodes descend on them. You’ll be lucky to see the girls again. Well done, you’ve just done a ton of work to feed these girls to the chodes.
  6. Without a strong reason for your social circle to exist, it disintegrated and you rarely see the girls a second time.

The dizzy heights of success...

I won’t deny there are people who make entourage game work but they are a tiny minority and they spend their lives in nightclubs as they gradually become weirder and weirder people. Surrounding yourself with value-takers and dickheads, experiencing your women at their most superficial will harden you (that high-heeled tourist at your table might actually be a sweet well-rounded person if you dated her in a coffee shop, but in the club she’s a dappy tart overloaded with male attention and flashing lights). A couple of my wings learned entourage game from such a guy – a guy who actually made it work for him – and quickly became disillusioned. It surprised me when they first told me its a load of shit. They regalled me with stories of running around the streets late evening like blue-arsed flies, being treated with barely-concealed contempt from women, arguing with the door-whore to get free entry, then watching other guys steal the women, then wandering home at 4am wondering why you bothered. These are guys with good game who worked hard and learned from one of London’s top nightgamers.

Lets think for a moment why you wouldn’t even expect Entourage Game to work

Normal daygame works because of the value you show and the nature of the interaction. You are stopping girls in daylight while sober in a situation conducive to making good conversation and getting to know each other quickly, before instant dating to build deep rapport. The girl is impressed with your confidence and social savvy as you create something out of nothing while also keying into her social programming of how she’d like to meet a guy. You are the value. Contrast this with a PR close in which she doesn’t perceive confidence because there is no open intent, you frame yourself as a conduit of someone else’s value (the nightclub owners) and act like a low-status employee. Most PR closes are very short interactions of about five minutes and thus you don’t build the thought patterns and emotions in the girl that make her like you. If you did, you wouldn’t bother adding her to the entourage you’d just date her normally. She walks away from a PR-close thinking “fake social guy, to be used if I feel like clubbing”. She is not invested in you.

When you take such a flimsy connection to the club and dilute it with five or ten other girls (that’s a good night – fifty girls is magical thinking) you never get that sit-face-to-face-build-connection phase that is so crucial to pulling non-sluts. Your relations remain superficial and economic so she feels no social or emotional obligation to you. You are simply the guy who gets her through the front door and her first drink for free. You may as well be a hotel porter. So she walks into the club and gets her drink, probably enjoying the experience. But what have you done – you have brought a girl who don’t control into an environment full of competing males (many of whom will buy her drinks), a dancefloor she can spend the night on, music too loud to talk to her, and her sexual value will be the highest if has been all week. Of course you’re going to lose her to the myriad distractions of the club.

It's nowhere near as nice in reality

Compare that to taking the same girl on a one-on-one mid-afternoon coffee/park date that stretches into an evening drink. Before the sun sets you know each other well and she feels like she’s your friend and in your reality. On the unlikely occasion some chode hits on her in the bar, she’s already spent three hours connecting with you and social etiquette requires her to blow him out even if she fancies him.

It remains a golden rule of game that girls will sleep with you if your value exceeds their attraction threshold. Normal daygame provides a vehicle to meet women in optimum circumstances to display high personal charismatic value and monopolise her attention until you have a sufficient hold on her that other suitors are at a huge disadvantage in their attempts to steal her. Entourage game positions you as a dwarf on someone else’s mountain and minimises your circumstances to show personal value while maximising the opportunities for other guys to steal her.

There’s no shortcut to sex with high quality women. Sitting them in someone else’s shitty noisy basement doesn’t raise your chances. So if I think it’s a waste of time for a guy with my priorities who is it actually a good idea for? I would say if several of the following statements apply to you then give it a go:

  • I enjoy going to nightclubs. I might as well get in for free and try something new
  • I usually do well SNLing party girls and fancy trying a different way of getting them
  • I want to try my hand at all different types of game
  • I have a huge ego and the thought of calling ten girls “my entourage” appeals to me even if they don’t consider themselves my girls
  • I want to have sex with lots of girls but don’t want to work hard building my own value, so I’ll be happy with the occasional drunken six


I’m talking about the specific method of using Entourage Game. None of this applies to guys who build a good social circle around genuine value or who meet lots of hot women socially due to other reasons (e.g. a fashion photographer) and then roll into a club with all their genuine friends.

Tell me a secret about you, something I’d never guess

December 8, 2011

When you hit the streets long enough you start to encounter strange people and strange circumstances, whether through blind chance or because the crazies are more likely to stop and talk. For example June this year while out with Whitewolf I street-stopped a stunning half-Swedish / half-Argentinian ten outside M&S at Covent Garden. Literally a ten. No ifs no buts. Looked like a Victoria Secrets model on a good day.

Me: “Hi. I just want to say, I was just over there when I saw you and there is no way I was going to walk by without telling you you’re hot, like a real woman”

Literally this hot

She loved it. Ten minute chat then I take her for an idate at Starbucks which also goes great. She’s bubbly, happy, IOIing and talking lots. I’m almost overwhelmed by how easy it is to build attraction and rapport with the hottest woman I’ve seen in my life. And she seems so nice – living in London to intern for a professional firm, a former wedding model, and very smart. So I’m sitting back, sipping my coffee and letting it all play out. After an hour we exchange numbers and flirt by text for a few days till we have a date in Camden one evening.

She arrives at the pub dolled up nice and showing ample cleavage. More fantastic interacting and it’s so totally on. As I finish my first pint her phone rings so I take the opportunity to go to the toilet. Five minutes later I’m back and she’s….. gone.

I wait. Ten minutes pass and I look for her. She’s literally gone. I text her “?” and get nothing. Puzzled. There was nothing in the vibe to suggest she wasn’t enjoying the date – it was going blindingly well. Perhaps she got bad news on the phone, or an emergency? But then why didn’t she text later? Three days later I text her and she replies:

“Listen, I work part time for an escort agency. Because I need the money while doing my internship. Just wanted to be honest. I need £195 in order to pay for something for eg this week. That is how it is right now.”

Ho.. hum.

I never see her again. A month later I get a text from Tom saying (to paraphrase): “You’ll never guess what happened. I opened a stunner on Oxford Street. Tried to get her on a Day 2 and she sent me this text [almost word for word the one I got]”. Same girl.

I don’t know who thinks who is more weird, us or her. Burto has idated two black prostitutes. Maybe women really are all dirty whores…….

So, to the video on today’s post. While in Oslo with Team Krauser in September we were struggling with the torrential weather. At lunchtime on the last day I find a cute brunette walking across the town square into the train station and bounce her for coffee. It’s a routine idate but I can’t figure her out. She’s cute, relaxed and interesting but way too nonchalant for something that should be so unusual for her. We ended up idating for about two hours but early on I realise that I shouldn’t be poking my dick into her ladyglove, as she elaborates at the end of the video.

Another day game two set of teenage Estonian models

December 7, 2011

Once upon a time this was a pick-up blog, with infield videos and field reports. Ah…. those were the days… Well I have been known to occasionally go in the field these days but since late summer I’ve probably only done a few sets a week. I’ve had other things to do and I’ve been more concerned about “working on my value”. So in the meantime, here’s one from the archives. We are still in occasional facebook chat with these girls. If we end up in the same country as them, it’s a dead cert for a double date.

I’d been thinking alot lately about where my next improvement is going to come from to get myself better women and/or more consistency. Another 1,000 sets is not the answer. I’m not losing girls because I can’t run my model or I don’t know what to do next. It’s not because I’m nervous and fuck things up.

Some girls can’t be got no matter what you do. Of those who can be got, I’ve been losing them because of deficits in my frame and value, not because of technical missteps. Expending the whole of your energies infield is like learning to box by spending all your time in sparring – sure that’s the single best place to learn but if you aren’t doing your roadwork, bagwork, jump rope, stomach routine, and pushups then you are really letting yourself down when fight time arrives.

I follow my subconscious. I joke that I’m like the lion on the savannah – when he’s hungry he eats and when he’s sleepy he sleeps. There’s no alarm clock or Five Year Plan compelling the lion to do something he doesn’t feel like doing. If you can’t say “no” to daygame and sex then you are slave to it. I haven’t felt like putting in daygame sessions lately. My subconscious was telling me something so I listened. It wanted me to ease off, relax, recharge and expend my energy in other areas like reading books, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends. So I did.