Tell me a secret about you, something I’d never guess

December 8, 2011

When you hit the streets long enough you start to encounter strange people and strange circumstances, whether through blind chance or because the crazies are more likely to stop and talk. For example June this year while out with Whitewolf I street-stopped a stunning half-Swedish / half-Argentinian ten outside M&S at Covent Garden. Literally a ten. No ifs no buts. Looked like a Victoria Secrets model on a good day.

Me: “Hi. I just want to say, I was just over there when I saw you and there is no way I was going to walk by without telling you you’re hot, like a real woman”

Literally this hot

She loved it. Ten minute chat then I take her for an idate at Starbucks which also goes great. She’s bubbly, happy, IOIing and talking lots. I’m almost overwhelmed by how easy it is to build attraction and rapport with the hottest woman I’ve seen in my life. And she seems so nice – living in London to intern for a professional firm, a former wedding model, and very smart. So I’m sitting back, sipping my coffee and letting it all play out. After an hour we exchange numbers and flirt by text for a few days till we have a date in Camden one evening.

She arrives at the pub dolled up nice and showing ample cleavage. More fantastic interacting and it’s so totally on. As I finish my first pint her phone rings so I take the opportunity to go to the toilet. Five minutes later I’m back and she’s….. gone.

I wait. Ten minutes pass and I look for her. She’s literally gone. I text her “?” and get nothing. Puzzled. There was nothing in the vibe to suggest she wasn’t enjoying the date – it was going blindingly well. Perhaps she got bad news on the phone, or an emergency? But then why didn’t she text later? Three days later I text her and she replies:

“Listen, I work part time for an escort agency. Because I need the money while doing my internship. Just wanted to be honest. I need £195 in order to pay for something for eg this week. That is how it is right now.”

Ho.. hum.

I never see her again. A month later I get a text from Tom saying (to paraphrase): “You’ll never guess what happened. I opened a stunner on Oxford Street. Tried to get her on a Day 2 and she sent me this text [almost word for word the one I got]”. Same girl.

I don’t know who thinks who is more weird, us or her. Burto has idated two black prostitutes. Maybe women really are all dirty whores…….

So, to the video on today’s post. While in Oslo with Team Krauser in September we were struggling with the torrential weather. At lunchtime on the last day I find a cute brunette walking across the town square into the train station and bounce her for coffee. It’s a routine idate but I can’t figure her out. She’s cute, relaxed and interesting but way too nonchalant for something that should be so unusual for her. We ended up idating for about two hours but early on I realise that I shouldn’t be poking my dick into her ladyglove, as she elaborates at the end of the video.


  1. LOL! But this is like a perfect response to PUA. Hot, easily approachable women who charge you on date 2.

    [Finally added you to my blogroll. Been reading your blog for months but kept forgetting. K.]

  2. Not sure I buy it, this is a very socially/sexually savvy girl who is obviously being hit on regularly and knows shes high value – the H bomb could just be an apocalypse shit test to shake your alpha frame.

    [Perhaps. But later on just as I was walking her back to the station (which is junkie-central in Oslo) she said “there’s my ex” and started talking to some skater kid who looked like he was still using. K.]

    • Forgot to add that its such a strange reply from her (she must have read “How not to make friends and influence people”) that my hypothesis was like a small odds possibility. On balance, as from your post she seems a high 7 or 8, this sort of apocalypse shit test is for 10 girls trying to seperate the lower alpha chaff from the full alpha wheat.

      She was most probably a former druggy – Roosh would have dumped one in her though… lol

  3. Whores. That sucks donkey balls. But what’s a fellow to do? It’s ultimately meaningless, becase she’s desouled herself. (Cue GBFM:) Bernanke butthexed.

    Game on.

    “Don’t mean nothin’, don’t mean nothin’, drive on. ”
    ~Johnny Cash.

  4. 195 quid is worth is for a 10, no? Don’t know why you’d be against paying for it on principle, being libertarian-oriented and all. [There’s no comparison between freely-given sex and paid-for sex. K.]

    Keep posting infields, please–they’re great!!

  5. >195 quid is worth is for a 10, no?

    Paying for it is never the same, for a number of reasons.

    So Krauser, she wanted you to pay £195 to go on a day 3, or she just decided dating a guy was too complicated since she was a hooker? [I think it was a direct proposition of cash for sex. I never found out if she was just trying it on and would’ve done it for free. I’d rather have the freely-given sex of even a high-6 than the bought sex of a 10. K.]

  6. Sounds like a twisted shit test, but which is probably true.

    Whatever…. who wants to waste their life chasing human dross like this… regardless of the symmetry of her face.

  7. A funny aside….Torrero did go on a date with her to Movida with another PUA called Beckster, there were photos somewhere on the club promo email the week after of her licking a vodka bottle. Not sure what happened in the end. She was smoking hot, damn. [Yeah, I remember him consulting Beckster on what to text her to get her out. She replied and Tom had got her to agree to a threesome with me and him when she got back from a family trip. I never heard any more about it. I’m sure I’d have had the gory details if Tom or Beckster had poked her, but you never know. If you still have the photo, email me a copy please. Wanna see if she’s as hot as I remember. K.]

  8. holy shit… bald loser is “picking up” hookers… or naive foreign girls, who dont speak english and would do anything to get out of their shit country…. SUCH SKILLS…. LOLOLOL

  9. Hey Kraus,dudes need tobunderstand that to open so direct,it takes a sort of body language and tonality to pull it off instead of turning her off for opening with a compliment opener.The average guy opening like that would be a no-no,buy I like your tonality and vibe which is intriguing.I’m an indirect gamer but you do the direct thing cool.

  10. The girl in that pic is definitely a 10 when made up like that. Is that Adriana Lima?

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