The semiotics of frame control

November 29, 2011

It’s time to get all sociological. Few principles in Game are as powerful or efficient as frame control yet it’s a nebulous concept that is difficult to operationalise. So let’s start from first principles. What is “frame”?

Frame is the implicit set of assumptions and expectations used to interpret a social situation.

Consider a man and a woman sitting at a dining table in a dark room, eating dinner as a candle burns between them. How do we interpret such a situation? If we have further knowledge we might infer it’s a romantic date at the man’s house while he seeks to close the girl. But perhaps it’s a brother and sister and there’s been a power failure knocking out the electric lights. There is a wealth of information “in the ether” around your direct perception of the social situation that affects the meaning the participants place upon it. The ability to impose your preferred assumptions and expectations onto the situation is your frame control.

A tangentially-related photo, yesterday

To understand frame control you need to understand perception. It is commonly assumed that the real world exists in an objective state and our senses perceive it. Readers with even a cursory knowledge of psychology (or an inquisitive mind) know perception is actually a constructive active process in which the brain takes limited incomplete information and fills in the gaps with pre-existing knowledge and expectations. Have you ever woken from a bad dream and thought that shadow over your bed was a homicidal intruder, only to rub your eyes and realise it’s your dressign gown hanging from a peg in a vaguely humanoid shape? The fact perception is active explains much of the disagreements men have when watching their favourite sports – you see the punches Manny Pacquiao lands and are blind to the onces from Juan Manuel Marquez and thus render a bad decision after 12 rounds. It’s when you probably haven’t been thinking of how the material of your shoes feels against your toes until I just brought your attention to it now.

Frame control involves directing the participants in a social situation towards those fragments of information you wish them to attend to and then filling in the gaps with your preferred interpretation. It is best done subtley. I’ll use language semantics as an example.

Most of the meaning required to interpret a sentence is not actually present in the words. The words are merely signals to meaning. This is not to say words are arbitrary – If I say “dog” there’s only a limited number of images that spring to mind, and probably none of them look like “caterpillar” or “milkshake”. When people have a shared biology, shared education, shared television channels, share cuisine etc we soon develop a shared understanding of the world that can be referred to.

Not milkshake

Direct / Indirect speech

Have you noticed that legal documents are extremely tedious whereas movie dialogue is often compelling? Lawyers cannot rely upon a shared understanding because it leaves too much wiggle room in court and this all terms must be precisely defined and all assumptions stated. This is incredibly boring, like your mind is shackled and not allowed to fill in the blanks to get to the point quickly. Conversely, movie dialogue “turns exposition into ammunition” and talks around a subject in short sentences, relying upon the actor’s faces, body language, gestures, and the surrounding plot and set design to give all the cues needed to follow the story without spelling it out to you.

Here’s a quick game tip: always use indirect language. It’s far more engaging. Imagine a TV show where John has been “missing” all weekend and comes back to the house he rents with Bill, sporting a wedding ring, sun-reddened face, and dishevelled clothes.


Bill: Hey John. Where have you been this weekend? You were missing and we didn’t know what happened to you. You are awfully sun-burned.

John: I have been to Las Vegas with my girlfriend Valerie. We got married in a casino chapel then drove back in my open-topped Cadillac.


Bill: I never took you for a road-tripping adventuring romantic

John: A regular Vegas wedding!

In order to interpret the latter exchange you must be more sensitive to the surrounding details, choose the important ones more judiciously, and work harder as your brain fills in the gaps. This is far more interesting and carries an even better upside of frame control which I’ll now go into. Consider verbal communication as following this simple model:

Writer’s members resources + situation + written words = intended meaning

Reader’s members resources + situation + written words = received meaning

(members resources = the sum of all knowledge, experience and assumptions that the brain can use to fill in the gaps left unspoken in the utterance / text)

This explains why it’s often difficult to understand historical texts without understanding why they were written, some biographical details of the author, and the scholarly debates of the day. The texts were written for a different situation and different members resources to what you currently have. Consider jargon. Can you understand a technical physics paper without understanding physics? I can’t. Consider:

“I was able to bounce my target home but she got LMR when I went for the close”

To intepret that sentence your members resources must include the jargon of Game (bounce, target, LMR, close) and also the situation of me being on a date with a girl I intend to fuck. For me to write a sentence that you dear readers can understand I must second-guess your members resources (hereafter “MR”). To encourage you to interpret these words as I intend them to be interpreted I am setting up an “ideal reader” which has a certain set of MR(e.g. Game knowledge) and situation (a man wishing to get better with women). It is only by occupying that role of ideal reader that you can really understand me.

Now let’s bring it back to frame control. If you remain in your “non-ideal” reader position you encounter resistance to understanding my words, and presumably you are reading me because you wish to understand whatever it is I’m saying. So long as you stick stubbornly to your own individual MR and situation you encounter resistance to clear understanding. Your brain dislikes inefficiency as much as it dislikes legalese. So you temporarily place yourself within the ideal reader position (hearafter “IRP”) until you reach understanding. It’s empathy and it’s investment.

So now you see the frame control possibilities of the model.

When entering a social situation you must first entice people to want to understand you. Whence motivated thus, you can use indirect language fashioned so that it can only be understood by adopting your chosen IRP for them. Repeatedly placing them in the IRP builds investment and rapport while framing them as you please. Over time this becomes the default mode of communication between you and they are now in your frame permanently. It underpins much of the classic Game cocky funny routines:

Her: That’s a nice t-shirt (touches you)

You: Hey, hands off the merchandise. That’s $5 you owe me

To understand your comment she pust adopt an IRP that includes MR of: I am chasing him, he has high value, he can tell me off, I must pay money for the privilege of touching him, I fancy him. It’s done playfully, but as you keep chipping away at her frame it will eventually crumble.

1960s Day Game in New York

November 28, 2011

Game is as old as the proverbial hills. Back in the 1960s it was called “being a man”. So when I was watching an old romantic comedy with a bird I was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly tight Same Day Lay in pre-Janka / pre-Justin Wayne New York. What struck me about this fictional pick-up is:

I’ve added a running commentary with subtitles. The guy makes a couple of mis-steps mainly through being too eager too soon and it’s not till he’s given up on the sex that he gets his frame and vibe dialled in correctly. But to give him credit, the first minutes between meet and instant date were logisitically difficult because he was forced to start indirect. Take a look

I’ve snipped bits out because half the movie is the pick-up. There’s a huge external interrupt later in the movie before he closes her.

San Diego day game bootcamp

November 25, 2011

The San Diego bootcamp on 17th/18th December is now sold out. Those of you who missed out – don’t worry – Toe and I can always be turned if our mouths are stuffed with gold. Therefore we will do an additional bootcamp there the weekend before, being Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th. Same deal (7 hours per day instruction including lengthy infield) and same price ($500 per head).

email me at krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk

This is what female perfection looks like

November 19, 2011

There is a quiet war ravaging our world beneath our noses, a war most sense but cannot put into words. On one side are the men and women of greatness, of a commitment to truth, reality and excellence. The men and women who lead lives like beacons of hope, who inspire you with the belief that you too can be great, that life can be everything you hoped it would be. Set against them are the ragged collectivists, the cultural relativists who would drag everyone to the equality of the gutter rather than let a single soul shoot for the stars. The Guardian-reading, Islington-dwelling, Labour-voting, WholeFoods-shopping intellectual vandals who would have you believe there is no objective good. That Beethoven is no better than Britney Spears, that Jason Statham Alfred Hitchcock is no better than Ken Loach, Alexandre Dumas no better than Dan Brown.

There are people who will deny greatness exists. They wish everyone to be equally miserable.

They do so to rationalise their own miserable existence. They have given up the challenge of life and it’s struggles and now wish to insulate themselves from the harsh feedback of the real world. They set up internet echo chambers to pat each other on the back as they snitch, sneer and snide on those who acheive.

One part of this war is to persuade you all women are tramps, harlots, and whores. They wish to denigrate the greatness of a fully-developed woman and the joy she brings to those around her. These losers are stuck in an ever-repeating cycle of find-slut-fuck-slut-hate-on-slut. The only way they can stand the soul-death it brings is to deny life can be better. These practical men will bullshit you down to their level.

Should you need a mast to cling to, a patch of dry land in a storm, return to this video. Female perfection exists, and this is what it looks like.

Watch this video and try to tell me women are just warm bodies to fuck

How to street stop and hold a daygame four-set

November 18, 2011

It would appear the natives have been getting restless due to the lack on infields thrown up here at Planet Krauser. Rest assured that even though I’m not approaching more than a couple of times a week now (I’ve got my finger in a couple of tasty pies) I have literally dozens of infields clogging up my hard drive that I shall sample from for your viewing edification.

Way back in Summer when London was warm I had a productive day out with a quality wing. This video below is a challenging four-set that was always going to be hard to stop and keep but we managed it quite smoothly. My stop was strong and deliberately drawn-out, the vibe was great (shame there’s no third person view) and you’ll see spots of exemplary wingwork in reading the set and knowing how to hold it.

The walkthrough is in subtitles, for the Practical Men among you.

Generally speaking I don’t bother with big sets. There’s just so much more that can go wrong that it’s usually not worth the time. However, we were having fun and wanted to stretch ourselves a little. There are no fundamental differences with going solo, but bear in mind the following tweaks:

      • Address all girls with wide eye contact at the beginning. Your ability to socially finesse a large group is the opportunity to show high value
      • Make your target clear through subcommunication or verbals
      • Don’t feel shy about the audience. Your target will get a big adrenalin rush being the centre of attention in front of her friends. You get lots of points for the balls
      • Wingwork is crucial in keeping the other girls involved and reading the energy shifts. The wing is there to get the player laid and neutralise cockblocks
      • Things are so much easier if the wing fancies one of the other girls. He can be more authentic. There’s enough inherent weirdness in street pickup that you don’t want to add any more
      • Make it a higher energy party atmosphere in the beginning. It takes more energy to kill momentum when there’s more girls
      • Inthe beginning, the player does most of the talking and either the wing says a little or the player brings him in with an early question. You don’t want the wing to stand there silently losing value
      • The girls will sense the energy between you and the wing. Make sure you are friends.

Creeping Death #2 – Frenzied animal couplings

November 15, 2011

Ayn Rand’s seminal work Atlas Shrugged is a goldmine of reframes and pithy observations. Ponderous though her prose can be she is able to draw concepts from all parts of life around a central narrative and shake your reality. Intellectual mastery, if you will….

A theme running throughout the book is that modern society is reaping a failed harvest of post-modernist cultural-relativist collectivist bullshit. Culture has degenerated to such a low that people are reduced to base instincts and an existential fear (from having no objective values to inform their moral code) makes them huddle into collectivist organisations and attack anybody who strives for individual greatness. In such a climate people glorify mediocrity and failure, inverting human virtues of hard work, skill, and wealth creation. The sexual expression of this loser’s mentality is treating sex as an angry value-taking base act that cheapens all participants.

A winner, yesterday

So let’s consider an eloquent rant from my favourite character Francisco D’Anconia on the topic of sex (page 489), then I’ll draw some conclusions for Game:

“Do you remember what I said about money and about the men who seek to reverse the law of cause and effect? The men who try to replace the mind by seizing the products of the mind? Well, the man who despises himself tries to gain self-esteem from sexual adventures – which can’t be done, because sex is not the cause, but an effect and an expression of a man’s sense of his own value.”

“You’d better explain that” replies Henry Rearden. I’m sure you agree. I warn you, this gets existential.

“Did it ever occur to you that it’s the same issue? The men who think that wealth comes from material resources and has no intellectual root or meaning, are the men who think – for the same reason – that sex is a physical capacity which functions independently of one’s mind, choice or code of values…. but in fact a man’s sexual choice is the result and sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself…”

“He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to experience – or to fake – a sense of self-esteem. The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer – because only the possession of a heroine will give him a sense of achievement, not the possession of a brainless slut.”

“He does not seek to gain his value, he seeks to express it. There is no conflict between the standards of his mind and the desires of his body. But the man who is convinced of his own worthlessness will be drawn to a woman he despises – because she will reflect his own secret self, she will release him from that objective reality in which he is a fraud, she will give him a momentary illusion of his own value and a momentary escape from the moral code that damns him. Observe the ugly mess which most men make of their sex lives – and observe the mess of contradictions which they hold as their moral philosophy”

Vibe is everything. The girl must feel you are comfortable with who you are and she will match that vibe, feeling protected and cherished. If you seek out sluts to nail then hate on them for being sluts, you are training your self-conscious that this is your station in life. Good people will run a mile from your creepy vibe. Your game is a frantic race to bang the girl before all your skeletons fall out of their closets.

Reality is shaken, ego-trap rebooting

Intellectual mastery is integral to attracting and keeping top class women. To provide order to her you must have straightened out your own contradictions so she feels your leadership as a straight line. This is not to abandon Contrast Game, but this latter is a reflection of your multi-dimensional character rather than your mess of contradictions.

“Let a man corrupt his values and his view of existence, let him profess that love is not self-enjoyment but self-denial, that virtue consists, not of pride, but of pity and pain or weakness or sacrifice…. and he will have cut himself in two… He has damned himself and he will feel that depravity is all he is worthy of enjoying. He has equated virtue with pain and he will feel that vice is the only realm of pleasure, and then he will wonder why love brings him nothing but boredom, and sex – nothing but shame.”

This underlies much Dark Side thinking. For all the posturing of reasonably-successful PUAs about how women are snakes, sluts, love jerks etc they are really projecting their own broken moral compass onto the girls. Yes, girls have a certain predictable animal nature but they are also capable of submitting to effective leadership and having their characters remade into sweet sexy companions in life’s journey. Figuring out how to recognise such girls (Type 1s, and Type 2:1s) and then leading them to their potential is higher order Game. Creeping won’t work. When you hear a man hating on women he bangs, dripping with moralistic language, then it’s a fair bet he’s got some inner game work left to do.

It is not “realistic” to say women are whores and that a fulfilling LTR is impossible. It’s not “pragmatic” to say female affection needs make you a sucker for oneitis and you should thus treat women as disposable cum buckets. Such claims are not at a higher-level of red pill wisdom. They are a self-abdication of responsibility to your own happiness. It is giving up on the finer things in life. Sour grapes.

“Just as physical action unguided by an idea is a fool’s self-fraud, so is sex when cut off from one’s code of values. It’s the same issue, and you would know it. Your inviolate sense of self-esteem would know it. You would be incapable of desire for a woman you despised… One kind of half is the man who despises money, factories, skyscrapers and his own body. He holds undefined emotions about non-conceivable subjects as the meaning of life and as his claim to virtue. And he cries with despair, because he can feel nothing for the women he respects, but finds himself in bondage to an irresistable passion for a slut from the gutter. He is the man whom people call an idealist.”

“The other kind of half is that man whom people call practical, the man who despises principles, abstractions, art, philosophy and his own mind. He regards the acquisition of material objects as the only goal of existence – and he laughs at the need to consider their purpose of their source. He expects them to give him pleasure – and he wonders why the more he gets, the less he feels. He is the man who spends his time chasing women. Observe the triple fraud he perpetrates on himself. He will not acknowledge his need for self-esteem, since he scoffs at such a concept as moral values; yet he feels the profound self-contempt which comes from believing he is a piece of meat. He will not acknowledge, but he knows that sex is the physical expression of a tribute to personal values. So he tries, by going through the motions of the effect, to acquire that which should have been the cause. He tries to gain a sense of his own value from the women who surrender to him – and he forgets that the women he picks have neither character nor judgement nor standardof value. He tells himself that all he’s after is physical pleasure – but observe that he tires of his women in a week or a night, that he despises professional whores and that he loves to imagine he is seducing virtuous girls who make a great exception for his sake. It is the feeling of acheivement that he seeks and never finds.”

I believe that latter Practical Man is utterly skewered by Mr D’Aconia. It is the classic player trap and a fair bet to assume most men with a laycount above 100 either fit the mold now, or used to. When you here a man brag about creeping for a ho train of 6s, that’s who you are talking to.

This is precisely why Game requires working on your own personal value and confronting your demons. It’s why JJ says your game is a reflection of who you are as a man, and if you want better girls you need to become a better man. You can sex girls on two different planes of existence – it can be a mutually life-affirming experience of joy, or it can be a frenzied animal coupling to bust a nut and placate the demons for a few more days. The former draws a girl into your reality for complete soul collection, the latter gives flighty, flakey, psycho fuck buddies that disappear into the ether.

Creeping Death #1 – The game equation

November 14, 2011

I was on a Facebook chat with an ex last night and we were talking about Game. I’d directed her to this Delusion Damage post where he contrasts “Game” with “Creeping”:

“Game is a difficult skill to master and its rewards are correspondingly spectacular, but it shall quite probably remain forever outside the reach of some 95% of men, who simply lack the required intellectual capacity and the calm tenacity to hone their skills to a fine point….

Game is not the path to easy sex. Game is the path to high-quality sex, and high-quality female interaction in general. The path to easy sex is called “creepin’”…..

“Creepin’” is the poor man’s Game (or should I say, the intellectually lazy man’s game). A fresh t-shirt, a gallon of hair gel, a couple gallons of alcohol and an inexhaustible fountain of pent-up sexual energy to grind up against enough club sluts to strike a hole-in-one is all it takes. You don’t have to read books. You don’t have to study psychological concepts like self-esteem and validation. You don’t have to understand women. What you do have to do is get’m drunk and press up against them, and keep doing that to enough of them until one bites. And that – unlike reading books – is something the 95% of men can do.”

I think it teases out a central distinction I’ve been grasping for. I got into Game to bang the world’s hottest women rather than to rack up numbers. I’d assumed that’s why everyone gets into it but now I see some people just want to get laid with anything halfway-pretty. Goals determine strategy.

I have endeavoured to raise my value so that I am above the attraction threshold of top quality women. That entails straightening out my inner game, learning female psychology at a deep level, and adopting an in-set frame that positions myself as a man of exceptional talent and poise. That’s not to say I’ve reached my goal, but my goal has determined my strategy down to micro-details.

Creeping is entirely different. You work on your superficial value (gym, diet, clothes, grooming etc) and take that value package into an environment where other Type 2:2 personalities are trading value for sex. As in, nightclubs, sex clubs, online dating. Creeping is a path to high volumes of mediocre sex because you are treating your own value as a turd to be polished. Day-creeping follows the same principle. There’s many guys who work a street numbers game according to a simple equation:

Man: Inherent Personal Value (IPV) x In-set Ability (ISA) = Projected Value (PV)

Woman: Inherent Sexual Value (ISV) – [Momentary Disorder (MD) + Residual Disorder (RD)] = Game Receptiveness (GR)

Sum: If PV > GR then Bang Girl. If PV <= GR then open more sets until PV > GR

Creeping assumes IPV is fixed within tight boundaries. Game assumes it has an almost unlimited upward ceiling. Creeping works hard to improve ISA. Game improves both. I’ll have more to say on the implications of this in the next post.