How to street stop and hold a daygame four-set

November 18, 2011

It would appear the natives have been getting restless due to the lack on infields thrown up here at Planet Krauser. Rest assured that even though I’m not approaching more than a couple of times a week now (I’ve got my finger in a couple of tasty pies) I have literally dozens of infields clogging up my hard drive that I shall sample from for your viewing edification.

Way back in Summer when London was warm I had a productive day out with a quality wing. This video below is a challenging four-set that was always going to be hard to stop and keep but we managed it quite smoothly. My stop was strong and deliberately drawn-out, the vibe was great (shame there’s no third person view) and you’ll see spots of exemplary wingwork in reading the set and knowing how to hold it.

The walkthrough is in subtitles, for the Practical Men among you.

Generally speaking I don’t bother with big sets. There’s just so much more that can go wrong that it’s usually not worth the time. However, we were having fun and wanted to stretch ourselves a little. There are no fundamental differences with going solo, but bear in mind the following tweaks:

      • Address all girls with wide eye contact at the beginning. Your ability to socially finesse a large group is the opportunity to show high value
      • Make your target clear through subcommunication or verbals
      • Don’t feel shy about the audience. Your target will get a big adrenalin rush being the centre of attention in front of her friends. You get lots of points for the balls
      • Wingwork is crucial in keeping the other girls involved and reading the energy shifts. The wing is there to get the player laid and neutralise cockblocks
      • Things are so much easier if the wing fancies one of the other girls. He can be more authentic. There’s enough inherent weirdness in street pickup that you don’t want to add any more
      • Make it a higher energy party atmosphere in the beginning. It takes more energy to kill momentum when there’s more girls
      • Inthe beginning, the player does most of the talking and either the wing says a little or the player brings him in with an early question. You don’t want the wing to stand there silently losing value
      • The girls will sense the energy between you and the wing. Make sure you are friends.


  1. Wonderful, thanks.

  2. Fine infield – can be so tough to spin conversation out over 10 minutes with a complete stranger, especially a girl as young as this one when she isn’t asking many questions back and theres 3 other friends to entertain… I feel you struggling to string things out at the 4 min mark when you go for the close…

    Opening street 4 sets and getting a result really is a high wire act and must be one of the hardest pickup challenges going… I’m Mr pragmatic so wouldn’t have even gone for it, top wing or not.

  3. Whats the point on blurring [TT]? The guy is pretty unmistakeable… [google and inquisitive targets. K.]

  4. Funny thing you wrote this article.

    Street approaches or stopping a girl while on the street has been 1 of the most puzzling/difficult aspect of PU over the years.

  5. Nevertheless,good advice Kraus.

    I haven’t checced out the vid as yet…

    A key insight you pointed out was choosing your target!

    I had this prob in the past where I’d chat up a 3 set but didn’t chose my target,or at least didn’t subcommunicate to her properly that she’s my target.

  6. 1) Was there any ‘eye-fucking’ in this? If so, what were you talking about at the time?

    2) What would you have done if they’d turned out to be British?

    ps – I’m amazed that you guys didn’t hit on the girl in the red dress with the sunglasses. She’s different class to the others in my eyes, but hey-ho, we’re all different.

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