Berlusconi is still The Man

November 10, 2011

As much as I disapprove of his stewardship of the Italian economy over a cliff and into the gutter, I have immense respect for Silvio Berlusconi‘s relentless tooling of other world leaders and his nailing of dappy Italian tarts. Despite the political putsch from the Politburo of the EUSSR casting him aside, the sly old dog can still rile the little dwarf Sarkozy and moisten the crotch of butch dyke Merkel

An alpha male, yesterday

Jealousy plotline 101

November 10, 2011

An alpha male lives in sexual abundance where girls fight over him. Girls are ruthlessly competitve against each other in their quest to secure the seed / commitment of the high value man. Thoughtful observers of feminism will have noted that the worst name-callers, shamers, and under-cutters of women are other women. Despite constant feminist lies that men are misogynists, most men actually tend to have a bemused indifference to the constant shape-shifting backstabbing of the women’s knitting circle.

It’s good to make a girl chase you. It’s even better to make her compete for you. Nothing rouses a woman’s heart like beating another woman to a man. Here’s a little snippet. To protect anonymity I’ve removed names and colour-coded thus:

Girl A is a smoking hot 20yr old leggy black chick who I haven’t banged yet but I once refused a booty call. I intend to collect on that voucher but it’s proving difficult. Girl B is a smoking hot 20yr old leggy white chick who I also almost banged but then didn’t and now intend to correct the balance.

I think further comment is unnecessary. Regular readers will be fully aware what was going on. Once the heated exchange got underway both girls started texting me to try to win the battle “off the record”, and showed extreme interest in the relative quality of her rival and my relative interest levels in them.

California Dreaming…. Daygame bootcamps on the West Coast

November 8, 2011

I’m whoring myself out for the price of a tequila shot and beach hut by the pacific. Regular readers will be aware of my compadre / housemate / wing Toe who has set himself the unlikely task of collecting fifty flags from fifty sluts. He’s decided to maximise his odds by travelling through Central America for six months beginning next month. He’s convinced me to spend a month in Mexico sitting on a beach and sweeping up the ho train of yankee sluts who pass through.

However we’ll begin with a fundraising fortnight on the west coast of the US. We’ll be in the following cities on the following dates:

Los Angeles 3-4 December

San Francisco 10-11 December

San Diego – 17-18 December

I expect it to look like this

Should you wish to pay for the pleasure of our company, this is what we offer on each weekend:

      • Seven hours per day direct instruction. At least four hours each day will be infield, picking up girls
      • Step-by-step video analysis of never-seen-before infields Toe and I have shot
      • Theoretical explanation of each stage in the pickup: what to say, when to say it
      • Direct street stops, indirect mall / cafe pickups
      • Tailored personal advice on maximising your strengths and ass-raping your weaknesses
      • It’ll be Toe and myself. We aren’t delegating this to shitty approach coaches.
      • The most dedicated student of the weekend gets a free copy of my book and an extra hour’s debrief.

I heard they look like this

The price is $500 USD and we will limit the bootcamps to 5 students per bootcamp. Contact me on krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk. Learn to do daygame the real way, like a real man. Never again will you be asking for directions to Starbucks or showing unusual interest in the technical aspects of a girl’s laptop….

* I’ll also be doing a few ad-hoc 1-on-1s midweek. Usual rates.

MRAs boooo! PUAs yeeeeey! PUAs boooo! MRAs yeeeey!

November 4, 2011

You’d think PUA types and MRA types would get along just fine. Both have swallowed a red pill to see the true nature of women, male-female relations, and the structures in society that discriminate against men. On the surface, at least, there are grounds for a common cause. However there seem to be two broad types of PUA and two types of MRA:


  1. Young guy with little life experience, gunning it solo in the clubs and streets, up for adventure and a high laycount
  2. Older guy coming off some bad experiences, trying to relearn the ropes and lower the age of the girls he dates.


  1. Burned out older guy suffering the consequences of a horrendous divorce raping, finding a community of like-minded sufferers to vent with to ease the pain and disillusionment.
  2. Guys who had a near miss with the forces of misandry and has hurriedly educated himself on the bullet he just dodged. He is seeking to rearm himself before going back into life.

Crude, I know. You’d only expect the (2) guys of each camp to get along. PUA (1) doesn’t give a flying fuck for the sociology of Game and hasn’t had any rude awakenings with women. MRA (1) is a totally broken man who is light years from accepting responsibility for his hand in his own broken dreams. I think most of the hostility between PUAs and MRAs is between the type (1)s.

That said, I think there is a genuine bone of contention that can’t be explained away by mere divergent interests and life situations. A common charge by MRAs against Game is that no matter how successful you are with women the very fact you chase them is supplication and the process of chasing them diminishes you as a man. Thus the PUA lifestyle is supporting the pedestalised position of women to the detriment of men, enabling bad female behaviour, saving them from the loneliness such behaviour deserves, and ultimately it is traitorous to the emancipation of men.

an MRA, yesterday

It’s a hefty charge. I also think it’s mistaken. Partially. I’ll allow Ayn Rand to offer her thoughts via Atlas Shrugged:

“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked. And if one gains the immediate purpose of the lie – the price one pays is the destruction of that which the gain was intended to serve. The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on.” Hank Rearden speaking on page 859.

Thank you Ayn Rand for eloquently stating both the fundamental flaw in approaching Game from the Dark Side, and also for why MRAs dislike PUAs. Let’s unpack the statement as it applies to pickup.

MRAs assume PUAs are all dark side and thus Game relies upon changing your identity so you can tailor all your responses to what you think will win the girls approval of you for sex, and that chasing skirt is the main goal in your life. Thus when the PUA lays the girl, the “liar gains a victory over his victim…. one gains the immediate purpose of the lie.” There’s no free lunch. The cost of the lie is in surrendering your identity. You have accepted the target’s frame and allowed yourself to be sucked into her reality. You are not the selector. You know that showing your real identity and intention will lead to a “no” answer and therefore you must create an impression in the girl that you are something you are not, that you are the man who meets her criteria. Thus you fake a reality that is not your own. This is “living a lie” and creates cognitive dissonance which corrodes your identity and self-esteem. The girl’s reality becomes your master.

I think this is what MRAs are trying to articulate when they bash PUAs for being shameless skirt-chasers. They have a point. Few things are more important to a man than his strength of character, his word, and his willingness to impose himself onto an uncompliant world. Surrendering your masculine purpose to get your cock inside a girl cheapens you as a man, and MRAs are very sensitive about their masculinity.

How about the PUA side? Well that’s rather less esoteric. They look at MRAs and see a group of whiny guys not getting laid who are trying hard to rationalise their way out of their sense of inadequacy. Decent PUAs have done their 1,000 Sets Of Hell and are rightly damn proud of that achievement. They don’t take kindly to keyboard jockeys telling them they aren’t masculine when they are going out every weekend and taking rejection after rejection, clawing their way up Pussy Mountain one notch at a time. Being masculine isn’t just about what the MRAs value, it’s also about taking control of your destiny, not relying on somebody else to fix your problems, and getting laid.

"because it's there"

My conclusion? If MRAs were to resist holding a 2002 Mystery caricature of Game they’d see that Light Side doesn’t diminish men at all and moreover it returns women to their rightful submissive role – which is where they always longed to be.

Cultural Marxism is still the enemy of life, liberty and happiness

November 2, 2011

I’ll have a few words to say about the current spat between PUAs and MRAs that’s cluttering up teh interwebs. Till then I’ll leave you to ponder on this news that appeared in the Telegraph. On the off-chance anyone is wondering if I still consider myself an MRA, and if I intend to get married…..

Report: “Divorced fathers are to be denied a legal right to a relationship with their children in a review of family law due to be published tomorrow.”

My prediction (not recommendation) is pushing much further will lead to lots and lots of murders. At the moment allowing “meaningful contact” with the kids stolen from him give the father one last thread to retain involvement in society. Cut that thread and the State creates angry desperados. Angry desperate men who know the names and addresses of the people who destroyed their lives. That’s a ticking time bomb.

It’s all well and good to learn Game so I can date the women I want, but never forget this is an individual response to a society-level problem. I’m not going to throw myself under a bus for the good of society. I’ve already written about that. No matter how good life gets in Game, no matter how much success, and no matter how relaxed and chill I become I never forget the simple fact: Modern western society is collapsing because it is turning all the virtues of it’s men into vices to be punished. 

Fuck the lot of them

Feminists and Cultural Marxists are still my sworn enemy. I simply don’t write about it much anymore.