Filming in London on 6th February – casting call

January 27, 2015


I’m looking for guys who would like to attend my next seminar. It’s a small affair, with a tightly limited number of spaces. Ideally, I’ll fill the room with guys who are:

1. Aged between 18 and 23.

2. Relative beginners. Somewhere between 10 and 500 sets.

3. Able to attend daytime on Friday.

4. Willing to do some sets on the infield section around Covent Garden.

5. Willing to be interviewed by a TV production company who are making a documentary about one of the students.

None of those five requirements are set in stone but I will give preferential treatment to people who meet them, and it won’t take long for the ten seats to fill. Contact me at nickkrauser1 [at] gmail [dot] com  This is all happening fast.

UPDATE: A few people misunderstood the “casting call” term. I am looking for attendees to sit in the audience. I’m not looking for additional public speakers.

Be Exceptional

January 21, 2015

It’s been cold down on the south coast of Spain these past two days. Bleak grey skies, howling wind, and rain lashing against the pavement as I sit inside a beach-front cafe watching the world go by. Yes, I’m sure your heart bleeds for me. I was sitting there sipping coffee, enjoying a rare break from my 24/7 “immersion experience” in the real-life Steve Jabba Show (ahem), when I began a reverie. Introverts like myself really need some time each day to just stare off into the distance and let thoughts turn over and organise themselves. This time my mind turned towards one question:

What do all effective seducers have in common?

I don’t mean the guy in your group of mates who does better than everybody else with girls. I mean a real live seducer who does well by objective standards. Twenty-plus girls a year of good quality, or single digits of exceptional quality. Is there a common characteristic. I think there is.

They are all exceptional at something.

None of these men are mediocre in mind, body and spirit. Each man will have a different cocktail of attributes so that a weakness in one area is compensated by a strength in others. Just to rattle off an anonymous analysis of some effective seducers I have met (and don’t necessarily like, but I recognise their abilities) and the key area each is exceptional in. Each bullet point describes a different man:

  • Ripped and jacked physique
  • Entertaining and impressive verbal dexterity
  • Tall, dark and handsome
  • Looks like a heart-throb celebrity e.g. Ben Affleck or Benecio Del Toro (an acquired taste, but it works for him)
  • Unflappable demeanour in all situations
  • Socialite with extremely high levels of social savvy and social engineering
  • Very rich
  • Genius level IQ backed by wide-reading in arts, philosophy and science
  • Psychopathic manipulator with no sense of shame
  • Adrenalin junkie with thrill-seeking reckless disregard for his own life
  • Adventurous traveller with a million funny stories and a gregarious nature

What you’ll notice from that list is that every single guy has something about him is is waaaaaay to the right-hand side of the bell curve in something. They are exceptional men. Some of them are exceptionally lucky, some of them exceptional cunts. But exceptional nonetheless. Respect the hustle. Here is a portrait of a man who is never an effective seducer:

Works in a mid-level cubicle job from 9 to 5, goes home to watch TV, has a few pints on Friday night, then watches the football on the weekend.

Most of you will now be racking your brains for just what it is you’re exceptional at. Does Call Of Duty multiplayer count? No, sorry. In my case, although my body, face, family background, schooling and social class were all handed to me in a box marked “mediocre” I did get lucky in one key element – an exceptional brain. If you’re one of the multitude of men who weren’t born exceptional and life chances didn’t encourage you further, take solace that there is always one thing you can become exceptional at:


If you’re willing to commit yourself to it, you can become exceptional through sheer work-rate. You can become one of those men who methodically and relentlessly studies the method, grinds it out on the streets, and constantly re-evaluates himself week-to-week until through sheer determination he can rewire himself into an effective seducer. There’s a few people on the London scene who did exactly that and are now reaping the benefits of sexual abundance. So, if you are not exceptional now it’s a good time to design your “become exceptional plan.” Make 2015 your year. I’ll leave you with two Sherlock Holmes quotes that I read as a teenager and have stayed with me since:

My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.
Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.

Daygame Overkill Transition – Existing Customers

January 20, 2015

Vimeo has removed all videos now, therefore I have to manually create new accounts on the new platform earlier than expected. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in that somewhere. So, this is how existing customers of Daygame Overkill can get their free login to the new platform. Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Send me an email at nickkrauser1 [at] gmail [dot] com

2. Use “Overkill Transition” as the subject title

3. Include in that mail a copy of your Vimeo proof of purchase, including your unique identifier (transaction ID, email etc).

It’s absolutely vital you include the proof of purchase because I fully expect a few little shits to try to use this as a chance to scam a free copy. Follow those three steps and I’ll manually create an account from you and you’ll get an auto-generated email containing your new login name and password to use at


This is what I mean by proof of purchase. If you pre-ordered Overkill you will have received this email confirmation on either the 30th or 31st of December. If you bought it after that date, you will have received it instantaneously. Check your email folder on that date.

overkill proof of purchase


Do not send me the “confirmation of pre-order” mail or exchanges with Vimeo staff that do not provide evidence of payment. A number of people tried to pre-order and then a problem (with either Vimeo or their credit card provider) meant they were not charged and therefore haven’t paid. If this describes you, don’t worry, you can proceed directly to the new Kajabi sales page here and buy it now without needing to go through this whole transition process.

The reason I’m strict is that, obviously, I’m not going to give away my products for free. Lots of snivelling little shits try it on with me and without proof of purchase I can’t distinguish between honest serious daygamers (i.e. you, I hope) and pathetic sluthate cheapskates. I’m sure you don’t give stuff away based on some anonymous dude on the internet giving you a pinky-promise that he really did pay for it. Help me out and distinguish yourself from them by simply forwarding the proof of purchase.


So far I’ve transitioned 1/3 of the Vimeo customers. At the time of writing – 11am GMT on 21st Jan – I’ve cleared my inbox and created logins for everyone who followed the above instructions. If you haven’t had a reply from me then something went wrong so contact me again. If you did get your welcome email / login details then you’re good to go.

Daygame Diagnostic

January 18, 2015

A key skill for any would-be daygame slayer is the capacity to learn from experience and make changes. Usually these will be small tweaks, and occasionally there are major shifts in direction. Useful symbolism here is to compare yourself to:

  1. An engineer tweaking his F1 car to shave fractions of a second off the lap time.
  2. Sherlock Holmes arriving at a crime scene and assessing the jumble of evidence, much of it hidden until you specifically look for it, in order to build a picture of what happened.

Never forget that as daygamers we are engaged in a diagnostic exercise: there is a messy jumbled world out there and contained within it is what we want – adventure sex with hot girls. However like Sherlock Holmes arriving on the scene, it’s not until he forms an expectation of a certain cigar ash in the corner of the room (which can be compared to his vast library of analysis on the world’s different cigars and where they are bought), it’s your job to direct your mind towards the relevant evidence and then to make sense of what you collect.

an original in-field

an original in-field

It’s one of the reasons daygame is so addictive. You are engaging your mind on so many levels, from those transient micro-signals that flit between you and the girl on the street on up to those macro-signals you notice about your long term vibe or skills. So, with that in mind let’s consider one useful diagnostic tool I learned from Tony T back in 2011.

Chart of Lost Girls
Grab some paper and draw a simple line graph. Label your vertical axis “hooked” and the horizontal axis “compliance point”. You are now going to estimate your results with girls and plot them along the graph as follows:

  1. Trawl your memory (or excel spreadsheet if you have one) for the total number of opens you’ve done for the period under review. I’d recommend you don’t use periods longer than six months. Try to choose a timescale that represents a plateau, where you feel like you’ve had stable results (for good or ill) during that period.
  2. The total number of girls you opened in that period is the upper limit of the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls in that period, mark “300” at the very end of the vertical axis. That’s the total population of the cases under review.
  3. Mark lines along the horizontal axis to break it into sections as follows, from left to right: Open, Hook Point, Number, Ping Text, Date Acceptance, Date, Kiss, Extraction, Lay. These represent the key moments of compliance which indicate the girl is still interested in moving forwards with you. Advanced perverts players may add a final category of Anal Virginity.
  4. Now comes the difficult part. Go through those 300 (or however many) sets you did and plot on the graph the last compliance point you received from each girl. So lets say you fucked four girls – you’ll put a cross at the point where “lay” on the horizontal axis crosses “four” on the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls but only reached hook point with fifty then your left-most cross will be 300 (above open) and the second-to-left-most (above hook point) will be fifty.
  5. Clearly you’ll have to estimate some of the numbers. Try your best even if it takes half and hour to sift through your memories.


Here's one I made earlier

Here’s one I made earlier

Right, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a downward sloping graph because daygame is a linear process where the pool of girls is gradually whittled down until some find their way into your bed. The purpose of this chart is simple:

Where are you losing most of the girls?

This chart will identify your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a signal for where you need to focus your next plateau-busting efforts. Like everything in game, you can’t blindly follow statistics. For example, you might hook most of the girls you open – which most people would think is a sign of strength – but that could mean either:

  • You’ve got a really strong open and mythology (a good thing)
  • You open girls way below your potential quality ceiling (a bad thing)
  • You hide your sexual intent (a bad thing)

So now that the evidence is in front of you, organised in a useful format, start trying to find reasons for the statistical pattern. You’ll see many of my stats on the 2013 and 2014 summary posts. You can also make this a time-series to see where you are improving from period to period.

Daygame Overkill has moved

January 13, 2015

On the day that Daygame Overkill was released I got an email from Vimeo to inform me that it had been unpublished (i.e. removed). They gave me the reason as, simply, “PUA”. So I wrote them an email contesting it because I hadn’t actually breached any of their guidelines. After a short email exchange with the moderation team they determined that it was a “close call” and their guidelines would now be updated to specifically include “PUA” as a theme that is unwelcome on their platform. Okay, that’s their choice. The moderation team were actually quite polite and responsive and we agreed a grace period where Overkill would remain live and taking orders until I set up a new platform. They have also agreed to aid the transition by giving all existing customers instructions on how to contact me to transfer their login from Vimeo to the new platform Kajabi.

That transition begins today. Vimeo have unpublished Overkill. Existing customers can continue to watch it by logging into Vimeo and browsing to their Library. Follow the instructions in the notification mail and – importantly – keep your proof of purchase. The domain now directs to the Kajabi platform login page.

New customers can no longer purchase Overkill from Vimeo. Instead, you can buy from Kajabi using this sales page. It’s the same price and same content except for two things:

  1. The Kajabi videos are not full HD. They are 720p rather than the 1080p on Vimeo.
  2. As a sweetener, I’ve added a new “Directors Cut” section that has the full unedited versions of all ten infields. This extra content will help those of you who have absorbed all my analysis and now just want to zone in on the infields and draw their own additional conclusions about what’s happening.

My apologies for the fanny-on. It’s just an occupational risk when you swallow the red pill and teach men how to improve their sex lives. The whole of the blue pill world is hostile.

Daygame Overkill review

January 12, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that regular blog readers fine upstanding impartial judges Jraw and Hersh have written hugely positive scrupulously objective reviews of my new video product Daygame Overkill. Rather than leave them buried in the comments section I post them here so you can all be reminded to buy the product enjoy their fine wordsmithery. These are unedited copy/pastes of their comments. First off, Jraw:

Daygame Overkill very strongly compliments Daygame Mastery. Daygame Mastery is like the textbook, Daygame Overkill is the university seminar course. You can get by with one or the other, but your shortening yourself to achieve excellence in daygame GPA.

Purchasing both products is pricey, but it definitely speeds up your daygame development/journey. I say that because, although I understand Nic on an intellectual level which was why I was attracted to his blog in the first place, there weren’t any infields to demonstrate his Mastery model. I was left to my own imagination to figure out certain steps of the model. The infields are phenomenal. I say that because each and every infield video, I recognize myself in that situation before and have experienced each and every response given before. Epiphanies all around reflecting back on similar sets. Thats when you know he’s the real deal. I’ve repeatedly this in my review of Balls Deep, and its true.

In each infield, Nic breaks down in detailed analysis – step by step – how he runs the London DayGame model that is completely r-selected in nature. four videos of theory/background, and twelve infields. Worth every cent in my opinion.

As Nic has asserted in the past, his products aren’t targeted for the beginners demographic, but you can still gain tremendous value from it. For instance, I started my own daygame journey last year as a complete beginner and I bought Mastery because all I needed was a framework/structure to operate from. Or my sets would just be cold approaching for self-amusement and flirting with no lay awaiting me at the end. With general approach anxiety aside, I don’t have a problem getting into conversations with woman. I just needed a framework. As Nic says, with structure comes freedom.

Nothing is ever perfect. Feedback for improvements:
– In a perfect world, would’ve been nice if you recorded all the infields in a HD device. Although you’ve addressed this yourself.
– The last few infields when you were providing your analysis, Too much background noise. You were in some coffee shop and its irritating having to turn up my volume just to be able to hear you break down the set.

Nic’s daygame products are phenomenal guys. He teaches those who are willing to go through the journey how to be a r-selected bad boy in daygame. guys are great because they give the average man hope and I’m certain there are men out there who have benefited from their bootcamps. However, personal opinion, I find that the way they teach daygame is commercialized and too love dovely nice guy daygame material. Nic may be diplomatic and not say much, but its obvious that Andy Yosha is taking the reigns of and producing his insights/products and showing himself doing infields because of the departure of Tom Torero. If it wasn’t for a personal friend gaining value from a Yad session and Nic edificing how Yad helped with his inner game, I have a extremely tough time believing Yad is a good daygamer. His appearance and mannerisms defies my mind of what an alpha male or being masculine is. woman’s man as opposed to being a man’s man I suppose.

Don’t see any other PUA in the community providing such honest and vulnerable feedback on the daygame journey and how to start it as Nic has.

Nic says in his FAQ: “There’s a fine line between respecting a mentor and worshipping a guru. By all means learn from my successes and failures but don’t kid yourself that I have all the answers.” And he’s right. Nic says himself, daygame will get you laid but won’t give you the path to true happiness.

Life is short. Time is valuable. Been reading your blog since 2010 NIc, you’ve given more than enough free value away. Which is why I’m willing to fork over my hard earned cash for your products.

Thank you sir. I’m sure we’ll all agree that was a pleasure to read. Now lets move on to that other man of letters Hersh:

Before the conspiracy theorists start…. yes… this is my first post and it’s a review…. but after thanking Nick for making such a great product on his own blog’s comments, he asked me to post a review, which I’m more than happy to do.

I have no vested interest, I don’t know Nick and have only met him once, briefly at his last book launch, but have avidly read his blog since around 2010, when his early videos were the basis of my initial day game approaches….

So… to ”Day game Overkill”… I found this to be the best thing I have come across in a long, long time…. As one of the commentators above states, I also watched ‘geek gets girl’ and you get the impression Yosha doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he knows his own model in theory, but doesn’t have the instinct, intuition or intelligence to really excel at day game, and his ”analysis” is more like a commentary on what we’ve just seen, as opposed to any real ‘insight’, or anything new.

By contrast, Nick has a new angle to the standard London day game method, based around actually getting a girl into bed, as opposed to nice chats and numbers that go nowhere, he breaks all the theory down in fascinating detail during the introduction, and then shows how he puts the theory into practice infield, stopping and starting each video to explain what just happened, and where it relates to the theories previously explained.
It’s all based around the female desire for the lover or bad boy verses her mating strategy for the boyfriend or nice guy, and how this came about over time and also in nature.

Going back to the infields themselves… he shows step by step his new method in practice, breaking the videos down and explaining the ”science” of what he just did and why, as we see how the girl reacts.

There were many aspects of his style that I recognised in myself, but various tweaks, though small, which I’m sure will have a big impact. But regardless of where you are personally or your own style, I’m sure there is much for anyone to learn and use that will help them.
If you’ve done a lot of day game, you will recognise the various different girl archetypes he stops , and we see how he expertly handles them…. I certainly recognised types of response I’ve received but misread or opportunities I squandered in the past that had I have watched this product, I would have had a better understanding of and what to do.

The overall presentation is excellent and Nick clearly spent a lot of time, and late, late sleepless nights getting it spot on and creating something he could be proud of.

Another thing I loved is there was nothing I would consider fluff, filler or ”my story , from zero to hero” – it was all content and value, and that Nick talks to the audience assuming we know what he knows and do not need basic gamer principles or reference points re-explaining, thus not wasting time.

As you will see… his day game really is like a conductor controlling the girls emotional reactions to him…. creating a concerto of ‘attraction’ and ‘sexual interest’

I would say it’s an ‘advanced’ product…. as if you’re not already familiar with day game principles and classic game concepts it might be a few steps ahead for you (not that you won’t benefit from it in some way) …. but if you are already day gaming, or if your good at night game and want to transition… you will get a lot out of this and it’s well worth the investment.

Thank you too. Much appreciated. I’m openly soliciting feedback on my products. I believe they live up to the hype and that there’s a lot of satisfied customers out there. If so, please share your experience so that the fence-sitters get the nudge they need to give me their money begin supercharging their results with girls. Please post further feedback in the comments below.

NOTE: Daygame Overkill is moving host. All existing customers will get an email advising how to transition their account for free. New customers should now go here:

EDIT: For what it’s worth, I think Andy is pretty good at daygame. He teaches it differently to how I do, but he uses it to get some pretty girls.

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