I’m a Man In Demand! – Interview with Christian McQueen

May 29, 2015

I’ve been quiet of late – I’m a bit tired of the game, and I’m trying to get a new video product finished – but I haven’t been completely out of it. Christian McQueen (he of the Vegas hangover experience and Alpha Playboy) was kind enough to invite me onto his podcast. So yesterday evening we blocked out two hours and had at it. I’m pretty happy how it turned out. We discuss daygame, players lifestyle, radical honesty and r/K selection amongst other things.

Click here to go to the podcast

Man In Demand Podcast


Guest Post: Being Nice Can Still Crater A Good-Looking Guy’s Results

May 15, 2015

By Daniel-San

Let me start out with a confession: I am not a daygamer. I like the idea, I respect the gigantic pair of balls it takes, and I’ve witnessed first-hand that it actually works! I’ve read just about any book I could get my hands on regarding daygame, I read the same blogs most of you do out there, but it hasn’t translated into daygame practice. Nevertheless, I’ve benefitted from much of the advice that’s out there – being non-needy, holding eye-contact, good body language, etc.

I look alright, I hit the gym regularly, and I think about what clothes I wear, which gives off the appearance of a bad boy / R-selection. Because of this, Tinder works well for me. I get many matches, I’ve learned to banter and keep things exciting (thanks, Nick and Tom, for providing examples and suggestions in your books, blogs and videos!), which means getting the girls out on dates is fairly easy. So far, so good. But this is where the problems begin! What’s the use of getting girls out on dates, have coffee, drinks, chit-chat, etc. – if it ends with a peck on the cheek and never seeing the girl again?!

This was my problem: I’d write with girls, get them out on dates, and time and again, it ended after that initial date. Even girls who wrote me that they would meet me just to f***, on a Monday, straight after work – I even managed to blow that, somehow, during the obligatory ‘seeing-if-he-is-an-axe-murderer’ coffee. You can probably imagine the frustration of having this happen to you over and over. I was doing something wrong; and I needed to figure out what that ‘something’ was.

Looking like this gets you Tinder matches

Looking like this gets you Tinder matches

I am currently sitting in a nice apartment in Warzaw, and I’d like to share the experiences and epiphanies I’ve had while here. If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you will know that Nick is also in the vicinity of Warzaw, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with him and talking about many issues. I told him from the outset to be brutally honest with me regarding what he saw and heard, in order for me to become conscious about my own blind spots.

From our coffees and steaks he quickly pointed out what the ‘something’ was: I was being too polite, too concerned about the well-being of others, too nice. If a girl meets up with a bad boy in order to have some R-selected, fast sex – the quickest way to sabotage that is being too nice, a gentleman. Of course I’ve read about avoiding being the nice guy and the provider and all that jazz, but still, when on a date – I would do anything to make the girl feel as comfortable as possible (‘is your drink alright?’, ‘you are not too cold?’ etc.), because – I rationalized – ‘if she sees what a considerate guy I am, she will like me even more’. WRONG! Krauser very eloquently put what I needed to change: Be More of a Cunt!

So – having pipelined a bit a few days in advance of my arrival to Warzaw (meaning swiping on Tinder with my location set in Warzaw) I had about 12-15 matches with cute girls here. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is, of course, stupid, so it was time for me to stop doing the same things and hopefully get a more desired outcome. I had realized, also, that my politeness, my way of conducting conversation face-to-face, and manners in general were 95% pull, and almost no push. Even though I am very familiar with one-liners like ‘attraction is in the push’, when it came to sitting there with an actual girl, all this theory remained very abstract, and the actual guy sitting there (aka me), was just plain boring. Maybe this is the biggest epiphany for me – girls don’t want, contrary to common belief – the considerate, kind guy. Not when you’ve projected the R-selected guy, anyway. In our everyday dealings with people – clients, work associates, staff, students, etc. – we are nice, polite and considerate. When it comes to girls, they want a different, more exciting tune – not the elevator music of the average, nice guy.

So no more excuses, I thought. I would take Krauser’s advice and go out, meet the girls, and do a lot of push. More asshole, less nice guy.

First girl – cute Serbian. We met for coffee at Caffé Nero during her lunch break. I keep telling myself to ‘shut the F*** up’ every time the nice guy wants to comment on something, and instead I direct the conversation to 50 Shades of Grey, I comment on her legs, I ignore her a bit looking around, basically doing much more push than before, being more indifferent. After 45 minutes she goes back to work. A couple of days later I send her a text to meet with me. She says that she can’t before 21, and that she would like ‘a glass of red wine’ at my place. I meet her somewhere and walk her to the apartment. I tell her to put on some music while I open the wine. I sit next to her, we drink wine, and she gives me that look which tells me that it is on. We talk for about 15 minutes, I am just leaning back, being very relaxed and cool, and then I kiss her. From there she literally jumps me, and we fuck half the night, resulting in me learning how to say ‘OMG’ in three different languages.

Lesson? On Tinder, my pictures are carefully selected to signal badass. On the first date, I still projected the R-selected, non-needy vibe. I pushed a lot, but modified this with kino and a few compliments. Still congruent, still being the guy I presented in the pictures, which meant that I had created enough interest and attraction, combined with a bit of comfort, for this girl to come late in the evening and being fucked by a guy she had known for less than an hour. Again – I cannot stress enough the importance of not sending mixed signals! Be congruent, stick to the story you are selling the girl throughout all stages of the process. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Artist's Impression

Artist’s Impression

Next day – I meet up with a long-legged, blonde stewardess. Her friend has persuaded her to try Tinder the day before, we match, we agree on a Starbucks coffee. We chat, have coffee, and go for a walk. I am still avoiding being too nice, and instead throwing in spikes, complimenting her pink blouse while touching it, and looking at her ass in a very obvious way. Remember – a nice guy wouldn’t do this, but a bad boy would and wouldn’t give a damn! (You’d be surprised how much more fun and natural it is, after a while, to stop giving a damn about everything). We go to another café and order a couple of beers (good sign), and I start the ‘Questions Game’, which quickly makes things sexual, and the boring, mundane conversation is replaced my something much more natural, authentic and fun. By now I am touching her leg and looking at ‘her favorite part of her body’ unashamedly (take a guess what that might be – there are two of them!). She needs to go home and prepare for a flight in the evening, but we arrange to meet the next day. Turns out her flight was in the morning, and therefore she has no flight later, so we re-schedule to meet at 21. I tell her where, she tries to suggest other places, but I stick to my guns. We go have a drink, then a bounce to a Belgian Beer Pub (Champion’s League night, I am not going to miss that!) and after that I lead her to my apartment, which is, funnily enough, just around the corner. Again, I tell her to put on her favorite Polish song, while I mix a couple of drinks. We hear a few songs, have a drink or two, and we start kissing. I put her hand on the one-eyed monster to see her reaction – she becomes more excited. She puts on a John Legend song, and I pull her out of the sofa and dance with her, my hands firmly on her ass. We kiss some more, until she says the magical words, ‘let’s go upstairs’ (here, gentlemen, you fill out the blanks yourselves with NSFW-images).

Lesson: All I did was, I changed a few things, certain behaviors, and the outcome changed completely. I realize that it’s a small sample and that the validity may be questioned, and yet there’s no doubt in my mind that these rather small adjustments made all the difference, made me more authentic, fewer false notes in the song and dance.

Thanks to Krauser for pointing out exactly what needed to be modified. There are, currently, 3 people who are very grateful for that ;)

Primary take-away from this article: Be More of a Cunt!

Womanizer’s Bible – The gold continues to drop

May 10, 2015

I’ve just uploaded the seventh of my deep-theory Womanizer’s Bible podcasts onto my YouTube channel. Go here to find them. That’s now over four hours of free content covering these topics:

#1 – From Intermediate to Advanced Game

#2 – The Balance Between Nice Guy and Bad Boy

#3 – The Solo Daygame Mindset

#4 – Overcoming Princess Behaviour (lay report)

#5 – How To Catch The Teenage Virgin

#6 – Feel Entitled To Younger, Hotter, Tighter

#7 – How To Do Real Bouncebacks (infield)

As usual, I suggest you subscribe to my channel to get first access to these as they are released.

Beginner Daygame – Free Instructional Video

May 3, 2015

This really doesn’t need the hard sell. Tom and I have put together the perfect introduction to daygame and it’s absolutely free. Click below to watch a 25-minute instructional course. We take you through the simplified London Daygame Model (so simple there are literally just FIVE words you need to remember in-set) and provide multiple infield examples of each stage. If you’ve ever found daygame confusing then this will put everything into it’s place for you.

Okay, good stuff?

Yup, we know. Thanks. Please share this video with anyone and everybody who might be interested or entertained. We want this to get passed around. We want guys to milk this free content for every drop of daygame goodness. If you’re the type of guy who wants everything for free and thinks he can learn entirely from YouTube then this is your first port of call.

So are you feeling inspired? Have you looked at those hotties and thought “yeah, I want some of that”? It’s really not so complicated is it? FIVE words. That’s all you need to keep in mind to get going. Naturally, we’ve broken it all down into more practical steps in the book and given lots of examples. So, for a £10 investment you can have that too.

Book cover BDG

Get your full-colour 130-page Beginners Daygame PDF by clicking here

Yeah, £10. It’s almost a crime to give it away so cheap. Act quick before we recover our senses and add another zero on the end of the price.

Beginner Daygame – Coming Soon

April 30, 2015

Within a week all of you cheeky scamps are in for a treat.

There’s no “trick” tied to this treat. You won’t have to sign up for anything. I won’t be dangling a carrot in front of your nose and then leading you to enter credit card details. I won’t be promising one thing and then delivering another. This treat is simple.

Tom Torero and I have spent a year working on a video/book combo product for beginners. My business (Sigma Wolf) is known for colonising the top end of daygame. It’s where the experienced guys go to learn, and where *others like to find inspiration for their own teaching efforts. One thing I’ve never really done is create content for a guy who wants to learn daygame but doesn’t know where to start.

I’ve never done a beginner-focused product – until now!


Hang on a minute….. did I say product???? Sorry, that’s the wrong terminology because I’m actually giving away half of it for free. Yes, completely free. No catch, no bullshit, no sign-up page. It’ll appear right here on the blog and within one click and five seconds wait you’ll have it. That freebie is enough in and of itself to get you started with the London Daygame Model.

So the catch is the other half, right?

Nope. That second half is only £10 and it’s optional. Of course I’m pretty sure you’ll be unable to resist the urge to throw your money my way, but you don’t have to. You can pretend it never existed and still get your freebie. Oh man, I’m too good to my readers. I’ll announce more details very very soon.

* slightly edited from first draft :)

Womanizer’s Bible Podcast #4 – Overcoming Princess Behaviour

April 29, 2015

Last week’s podcast is a case study when I talk about a recent lay which was very unusual. This 24-year old Serbian girl threw everything at me from the Silly Buggers playbook and a few additional difficulties: poor English, different country, very busy at work, ignoring texts, blowing hot and cold. It was worth it in the end because she’s rather hot. Click below for the podcast and head over to my channel to subscribe and you’ll see Podcast #5 featuring the notorious legendary Tom Torero.

Decision-making when you’re getting good responses in-set

April 27, 2015

I’ve had quite a lot of questions about the infield video I put up a few days ago (see previous post). Mostly it was “what happened next?” and “why didn’t you idate?” Okay, there seems to be some misunderstanding – which isn’t helped by me not explaining the context or my thought process, so here goes……

Context: Tom Torero and I were shooting some infield videos for a beginners project we are announcing very soon. The trip to Prague was four days and purely to shoot the infields and some talking-to-camera footage. We’d try to get laid too, but that was secondary. We stayed together and had some approximate turn-taking with sets to ensure our cameraman recorded equal amounts of footage with both of us. I was going to mostly look for street stops and Tom was going to try shops, cafes etc. We’d decided to follow the model as explicitly as we could and avoid all the fancy permutations – so just as far as the number close.  Evidence: You’ll see this when the project is announced and then released. Just hold tight.

First Set: All four of the bonus infields were shot on the first day because I had caught a really good vibe and was getting strong responses. Evidence: I’m wearing exactly the same clothes in every set. My third set of the day (and first number close) was with the Russian dressed in black, at about 12 noon. It was super-on but she was leaving for Moscow early the next morning. I immediately thought “she’s on, but it has to be an SDL” and set that against “but I’m filming and this is only the first good set on tape”. So I decide to try a Same Day De-Lay, telling her I’ll meet her later in the afternoon. Evidence: The content of our conversation on the video (currently only available to Daygame Overkill customers). You’ll see how the text messages panned out that day.

Note same clothes in subsequent photos

Note same clothes in subsequent photos

Second Set: About half an hour later I meet the American model. She’s really keen but when I try to put the eyes on her she doesn’t quite take it. She’s into it but not smoldering with the same horny sexuality as the Russian. She also tells me she’s leaving town early the next morning and the logistics sound like I’ll never see her again because of her travelling (she’s going to London for a month and I don’t expect to be there at that time). So it’s either a low-probability SDL or a low-probability Long Game. Either way I’m not enthused. So I suggest a delayed i-date, thinking I’ll just ping her for the first half hour of the date to find out if she’s on. She agrees. Evidence: The content of our conversation on the video (currently only available to Daygame Overkill customers). As soon as I’m walking away I’ve got a simple decision of whether to prioritise the Russian or the American. The Russian seems far more “on” so I choose her. I decide to just use a holding pattern for the American in case the Russian flakes. I actually forget to do so.

It’s now lunchtime, so we want to eat. I ping the Russian and she’s keen. It confirms my prioritisation. Evidence: See screen shot below.

Feeler text and pings

Feeler text and pings

Third Set: I’ve been hogging the cameraman so I agree to let Tom have the priority for opening. As far as I’m concerned I’ve already got two quality infields and two likely dates that evening – time to rest on my laurels. We go to the mall to do a lap and then hit the food court. Just before Tom gets rolling I jump in ahead of him: I see the Czech girl in the shop and open. She’s really sexual and into it, making my spider-sense trigger. The problem is my own logistics – I want to get a few more infields in the bag while the weather is good, the cameraman is there, and I’m in good vibe. I also expect to have a high-probability SDL-date within a couple of hours. And we’re supposed to be eating lunch soon. So after pinging her sexually in-set and getting good responses I think “just take a number, she’s not leaving town like the others, so I can afford to deprioritise her”. Evidence: The infield video, available on YouTube here.

I hope you can understand that making these strategic decisions like this while in-set and also trying to run good game is not easy, to put it mildly. I ping her quite soon afterwards, to see if it’s a flakey number or real. She’s a bit slow responding and doesn’t pick up conversational thread after my reply. That puts her on the borderline for the SDL/not-SDL decision. If I’d had a free day I’d have suggested a date later that afternoon after her shopping, but as you can see I had bigger fish to catch. Evidence: See screenshot

Fast ping

Fast ping

Fourth Set: Tom does some sets and then we’re done for the day, so Tom, the cameraman and I decided to clock off and get a coffee in the Costa in the mall. Game is tiring enough but being on camera even more so for me. It’s like the difference between sparring in the gym and fighting in competition in front of a crowd. As we walked past the escalators by the Costa entrance a girl coming down flashed me a subtle IOI, so I decided to act on it. I was tired and she was in a hurry and didn’t speak English so it was a classic “just grind it out and collect the number” set. Evidence: The infield video on Daygame Overkill. This video is included in Overkill precisely because it’s an example of grinding it out with a girl who has no English and no time.

Now my mind turns entirely towards trying to close the Russian. I need to recover my energy to avoid state-crashing and I feel like I’ve achieved what I wanted with the filming. Evidence: see the messaging:

Agreeing the date

Agreeing the date

Meeting at her hotel is a strong sign

Meeting at her hotel is a strong sign

Having confirmed the Russian I decide to go all-in on it – she’s on, and we’re meeting in her hotel lobby – great signs. I’ll only message the American for a date if something goes wrong or I get the sense it’ll be a quick date (e.g. Russian claims fatigue or plays silly buggers) and I need to park the Russian on Long Game. I mostly forget about the Czech girl – I figure if I’m not pushing for the date that evening I might as well use that fact to do a roll-off, which will give her the impression I’m not too needy. Seven pm rolls around and I meet the Russian in her hotel lobby. It’s crammed with jabbering Italian high school kids and there’s no hotel bar. We walk off to a bar around the corner. My strategy is simple: Stay near her hotel, run a fast date model, get the kiss, walk her back and get into her room. Evidence: See screen-caps below

Meeting in the lobby

Meeting in the lobby

Walking off to first bar

Walking off to first bar

The date goes well, she says I’m “shameless” and a “bad boy”, and we make out a lot. She’s very very nervous about sex and tells me she just came out of a multi-year LTR and the night before I met her her boss and hit on her and tried provider game (she was on a business trip – snake seduction all the way from the boss). I try to walk her back to the hotel but she says “let’s walk some more” and after twenty minutes of that she wants me to take her back. I assume she’s decided to fuck but she gets wobbles in the lobby so I escalate her there. Then another walk, a hand job in an alleyway, and ultimately I just can’t break the LMR. She says she’s sleepy, needs to pack, got to get up early etc and excuses herself.

Finally at almost 9pm I accept defeat, after 90 minutes of an accelerated seduction attempt. This one is now going to Long Game. As I walk out of the hotel I ping the American just in case she’s up for it. It’s a long shot. Evidence: See screenshot.

Not happening tonight

Not happening tonight

So it’s not happening there. I consider that a dead lead but I suggest Facebook just in case she’s keener than I thought. I suppose I could’ve messaged the Czech but my heart wasn’t in the game – I was worn out from managing a full day of game adrenalin – and it’s a bit needy considering the momentum had stalled. Just get her on a date, I think.

Current Status: Both the Russian and Czech girl are in contact, the former more enthusiastically than the latter. It’s a case of keeping the Long Game alive until logistics clear. I consider the Russian a very strong lead and the Czech lukewarm, as you’d expect considering I solidified the former with a good date and the latter has only been messaging. Evidence: see dated screenshots below.

Recent pings

Recent pings

More of that exchange

More of that exchange

Light long game

Light long game

Just needs logistics to clear

Just needs logistics to clear

Conclusion: Once you are good at getting girls into you, much of Game becomes about decision-making: Which girls do you put your time into, and how fast do you take it. Often on a Euro-Jaunt you’re under time-pressure (or she’s a tourist and leaving soon) so you can’t neatly stack up dates. Instead you pick a number and push all your chips onto it then spin the wheel. This particular day in Prague I played the right percentage play on the Russian and the American and probably on the Czech too, but the roulette ball skipped around and fell on the wrong number.

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