April 8, 2014

I’ve been out daygaming for three days since arriving in Russia. We’ll be here for a while so I’m taking it easy and not running amok like I have in the past. Just a couple of hours a day, cherry-picking my sets according to DNA-tug or if I cop an IOI. So far I’ve done about ten sets a day and taken five numbers each time.

My state has been poor. After taking nearly three months off I’ve lost all momentum and that fine-tuning to the street that regular game gives has disappeared. It doesn’t worry me because I know the muscle-memory is trained and thus I can free myself of micro-management. In this state I noticed an interesting phenomenon that happens alot for me now.

  • When I’m in set, I feel super-relaxed and natural.
  • When I’m between sets, I feel like shit. Like the whole thing is an intolerable grind.

I don’t worry because I’m just like a footballer returning to camp after an off-season. My daygame legs will return, as will my love for it. Nonetheless it intrigued me how I can be in such shit state and yet still turn it on immediately from the open. So like I often do when an idea occurs to me, I sit down with Tom and discuss it.

He’s not micro-managing his sets either. All of those things in Daygame Mastery are just embedded into our DNA now.

  • Feel the strength of the hook
  • Manage her energy levels
  • Teasing and challenging

We aren’t thinking about any of that. Instead we’ve both been doing the same thing intuitively, which is directing ourselves to an empty-minded flow state and then making sure we “give her The Eyes”. We are confident that all the other stuff will sort itself out.

I had a set at the end of my second day with was a perfect expression of this, like a high watermark of exactly what my Game will look like when I’m consistently at my next level up. I was coming home from an idate with a glow in my breast and a spring in my step. I felt great. My mind was free and calm and I looked forward to soaking in a hot bath. From fifty metres away my RAS pings for a greyhound on the other side of a busy road. She’s exactly the girl I would’ve designed if I had one of those Weird Science machines.

weird science
I put my swag on and look away as we cross the road, passing each other midway. As we pass I look around and catch her checking me out. There’s a Moment (to use Jabba terminology). Electricty crackles. She’s smoking hot, on her way home from university. I double back and open. Everything is right. It’s like dialling a radio receiver to receive a faint transmission from another galaxy and getting a perfectly clear line. My eyes are sparkling, by body language exuding happiness, and yet there’s an unapologetic and pure sexual intent. This is the kind of flow state that can’t be manufactured. More practice lets you hit it for longer and more often but it’s never really in your control.

The effect on her is momentous. She’s rocked back on her heels, blushes and starts the “daygame sway” (when a super-on girl rocks around like a drunken sailor on deck in a storm). Her English is weak but it doesn’t matter. Throughout the five minute chat we keep falling in and out of “the trance”. I’m used to putting eye mesmer onto girls but it’s rare that I have them mesmering me so strong that it gives me the sway. But I felt it hard.

We swap numbers. I want to idate but I know my vibe is on it’s last hurrah from the previous idate so I don’t risk it. As we agree to meet for coffee and shake hands, it lingers.

Basically, this

Basically, this

What a set!

This is the magic of daygame. It touches you in a way I’ve never found in nightgame. My conversation was unremarkable and it often came out stilted. It didn’t matter. Everything that did matter was in the eyes and this finely-balanced connection. She immediately replied to my texts and our day two went great.

I explore this more in the upcoming material I’m doing with Steve. Once you have thoroughly deconstructed your game and rebuilt the high-performance engine, that phase is over. You’ve got the F-1 car and it’s finely tuned. Your mind now turns Senna-like to the driving, which you do emotionally in a flow state. I can’t hit this state at will, but in the past few days I’ve slipped in and out of it. I’ve watched Tom’s sets as he slips in and out of it. The effect on the girl is profound.

I bang my first 25 year old Russian hairdresser

April 6, 2014

It’s day four of Team Krauser‘s FSU jaunt and now we are in some second-tier Russian city where endless steppe has been replaced with endless grey foreboding apartment blocks. The kind of style 1960s England used for municipal car parks. At 11pm we take a taxi to a local bar/club.


but on a somewhat lower budget

but on a somewhat lower budget

Literally. On stage behind the semi-circular long bar is a live act ripping through 80s and 90s guitar rock. All around locals are dancing with undisguised joy in that peculiarly non-ironic Russian manner. It’s a great atmosphere. Tom, Bodi and I stand motionless in the throng, scoping it out. Although far from a “high end” club, the quality is off the scale compared to London. There’s alot of painted-up sixes and sevens, a smattering of eights and importantly no fatties or munters at all. A pattern quickly emerges.

The hotter girls are standing in pairs at the bar or in small groups seated along the edge of the small dance floor. They all studiously ignore the throng of enthusiastic chodes dancing in front of them in a childlike manner to get attention. Never have I seen so much “pull” from a group of willing suitors. The girls alternatively blank them or politely indulge them for their efforts. Noticeably there are no “bitch faces”, ever. Guys are getting blown-out like Jihadis caught in the open against an Apache attack chopper but at no point are the girls petty and mean. Such a good atmosphere.

We are already drawing IOIs. Dressed English (and r-selected), having English faces, and not following the dancing-monkey routine means we stand out like a white man in KFC. I’ve decided to play the Jabba Game. Tom is far too impatient for that and immediately begins a circuit to open sets. For the first hour Bodi and I just talk to each other, build some vibe and studiously avoid value-scanning the room. It works because whereas I entered the club in shit state, by midnight I’m getting a buzz and feeling good. I can sense the subtle IOIs around me and they get stronger. Soon girls are walking past giving The Look or bumping into us purely to get noticed. I’m not used to it. In a London club I’d get one IOI per month.

Finally I’ve found a club I can put the Jabba Game to the test. I stalk the club, eyeing up girls and forcing looks before returning to Bodi. The first two times don’t uncover much but by 1am I’ve counted off ten girls who are pinging back with some interest. Unfortunately nothing above a high-seven. I open, putting the claw on two tall girls eyeing us up. Halfway through the girls eye-code and switch up so I am now talking to a six-foot blonde. She’s loving it but I’m off-form, not really in my element in clubs. I try the talking game and she’s playing along, letting me spin her around, check out her heels and so on but then she asks my star sign and on my answer she suddenly backturns and pulls her friend away. How weird.

Another tall brunette is eyeing me so I pull her in, kino a bit, but her English is weak. There’s no sizzle in the chat at all and I have to try a clumsy physical game. She likes me but it’s just not happening. Too clunky. I reopen her an hour later and do more of the same pushing for extraction but she smiles and declines. Tom has disappeared by now, having fortuitously bumped into a girl by the coat check who inexplicably offered to drive him home within a few minutes of conversation. He’s sniffed out a chance and put all his chips on one roll of the dice.

Lots of MILF types are eyeing us up but we don’t really want to forego a chance at the hotter-younger-tighter girls. I’m really getting to experience what Good Looking Guy Game is like. There are now a dozen girls IOIing me and the grottier ones are full-on eye-fucking me on and off for hours on end. I know that if I’m willing to drop down to a six, or thirty-plus girl, I have an easy SNL.

Could've had any number of these

Could’ve had any number of these

While coming out the toilets with Bodi I see a blonde and brunette eye us. As we walk past the blonde gets out of her seat, gets in my way and starts dancing with her back to me. Briefly I wonder if girls always did this and in my chode days I was too blind to see, or if it’s because now I’m cooler so the girls only do it now. I spin her around and immediately she’s put her hand on my shoulder and the other on my arse. She’s super-on. Bodi goes in with her friend. Language is poor but these girls are DTF so I start wondering if I should just take the easy cheeseburger. Then she tries to make me buy a whiskey for her so I walk off.

This kind of thing goes on with girls until past 2am. Once or twice the girls are solid eights but somehow not quite available (chode boyfriends in tow). We see raw naked hypergamy as girls are dancing with K-selected boyfriends while eyeing us up over his shoulder. My buzz is great but I’m impatient.

Finally as I return from the toilet again I make an all-in play. The blonde girl I’d backturned over whiskey is now necking on with the best-looking guy in the club. He looks like Tim Tebow – jacked, brawny, good features. He really does look like an NFL quarterback and his fashion and tattoos give him a player edge. Surprisingly he has no game – she’s a washed-up low six, not even the 25th hottest girl in the club – and he immediately latches onto her when she grabs him. An hour later he’s still with her and is trying to extract. At this moment I walk past and her now-solo brunette friend gives me The Look.

I walk in, grab her, and escalate. Within thirty seconds we’re kissing. The girls are eye-coding and my girl is desperately telling the blonde to leave and fuck the big guy. He’s standing there awkwardly while I do him the massive favour of turning the cockblock into a helper. He gets her away. I choke my girl as I kiss her and she whimpers with pleasure. That’s a test I always do now (hat tip D&P). I tell her

“Iet’s move”

and lead her by the hand to the cloakroom. There’s the usual “where are we going” and “what are we doing” so I tell her we’re having coffee at my apartment and nothing with happen. She stays in text contact with her blonde friend who has been playing silly-buggers in the taxi rank then ditched the guy to roam the club lost and forlorn. The capacity of women to ruin their own chances is incredible – one of the top guys in the club, a full three points better looking than her ageing carcass, was willing to bang her and she screwed it up pulling the same shit like she did with the whiskey on me.

Instead I waited for one of these

Instead I waited for one of these

My girl is only in my apartment five minutes before I’m knobbing her. She’s a biter, screamer and scratcher. Halfway through I hear Tom come in with his bird and he begins a laborious four-hour battle against LMR. After I shoot my muck on my girl’s tits I have to walk through the lounge to get toilet tissue and Tom is giving his girl a shoulder massage and eye-coding me to make myself scarce.
He knobs her a bit later on the sofa. My girl dresses and leaves at 9am, while Bodi is in an afterparty in some squalid Soviet-era apartment with some locals he met in the taxi rank. A good night.

Learning Points

  • Being the shiny guy in a nightclub makes it all incredibly easy. I can’t remember ever getting laid with so little effort and so little game.
  • GLGG isn’t really game. It’s like an adult playing in the Little League. It’s a completely different beast to getting girls more attractive than you are who rarely put out.
  • I felt zero achievement. It was like buying a McDonalds on the way home to satisfy the munchies. A vastly different feeling to closing a daygame squirrel over two dates.
  • All that said, what I did need to do was pick a horse to back and then show conviction. And the sex was fun.

Bar-to-Bedroom: An uninterrupted audio of a First Date Lay

March 29, 2014

Just a shame that it’s Tom’s and not mine…… Take it away Welshman….

Here’s a full audio infield of a first date (d2) I went on last week with a French girl I’d met a few days previously during a daygame session. I’ve annotated the audio throughout to highlight my dating structure and the social dynamics being played out.

Some things to note:

  • I’m running the “one date only” condensed version of my dating model involving just a single venue (a pub near my house) and then a fast bounce home. It’s high-risk-high-reward
  • I’m weaving in and out of rapport and seduction, fractionating verbally and non-verbally to amp up her buying temperature. The whole thing takes about an hour.
  • Classic techniques are used but condensed: open questions, cold reads, parroting, stealth questions, statements of intent, cocky-funny, push-pull, kino routines, Questions Game, deep rapport, emotive language, flipping-the-script, disarming the boyfriend, passing her classic tests, verbal bamboozling
  • She reveals some spot-on observations about the power of eye contact, sub-communication and the secret language of seduction
  • I’m very honest with her about being the lover not the provider. I put myself into the r-selection box from the start and she’s ok with it
  • Logistics and leading are key. I meet her in Marble Arch near my house, it’s a three minute walk to the pub, a two minute walk to a shop and then another two minutes to my house. I’ve checked out seating in the pub before I start and prepared my room at home for the pull.
  • There’s some very light token LMR which is handled with the usual techniques: roll offs, calling out the Elephant In The Room, pacing, pre-empting
  • The post-sex “interview” sheds light on the importance of intent, sub-communication and being discreet, plus why nice guys finish last.

If you’ve been cold approaching and generating lots of leads but losing girls on the dates then I’d suggest you try out this fast version of the dating model to push your comfort zones. 95% of men on dates sink in the quick sand of comfort and rapport, forgetting they have to take control, spike it up sexually and pull the trigger. This fast dating structure will force you to practice these essential skills.

To learn more about my daygame and dating model, plus read more than 130 lay reports where I break down many more date techniques, check out my books on my website

Goodbye London, Hello FSU – Final meet and greet

March 24, 2014

I just picked up my Russian visa today and contracted to leave all my worldly possessions in a cheap storage unit on the outskirts of town. So it’s done. Goodbye London and it’s fat horrible women, unwelcome immigrants, and sky-high prices……!

Actually, no. I love London. It’s been very good to me and I fully intend to return. But I require forward motion and the FSU promises me hotter girls and juicer steaks. I’ll be taking Team Krauser along with me for the ride. Tom has organised a Book Launch Event & Meet Up. Per his new blog:

WHEN: Friday 28th March, 8pm-10pm (doors open at 7.45pm)

WHERE: Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London, Room 3/4 Blue

PRICE : £5 on the door

SPEAKERS: Tom Torero, Nick Krauser

RSVP: Email to reserve a seat

So if any of you scallywags want your copy of Nitro / Mastery signed, bring it along. If you need to discreetly dispose of Torero Travels there’ll be a confidential waste shredder in the corner.


February 20, 2014

I’m fucking knackered. Winter sucks.

I drained myself producing Daygame Mastery. That was 150,000 words of my best material written in four months and then two months obsessing over the editing, art and layout. After experience the great satisfaction of releasing the book, a major “reaching the summit” moment of personal achievement….. I crashed. Burnout. Post-project funk.

150,000 words. Just think how many blog posts that would’ve been. When I was an undergraduate we thought a 15,000 word dissertation was a big deal, the big scary end-of-Uni test. I just wrote ten of them in a fraction of the time. So for the past month I’ve just been hibernating in my room, catching up on videogames.

I think I’m one of the few people who completed Castlevania Lord of Shadows.

Inner game work in progress

Inner game work in progress

So I won’t be putting much up on the blog for the next month. Probably not, anyway. I’m not going out hitting on girls and all the ideas I’d been playing with got channeled into the book. I also have a couple more projects in the works which are taking what little creative energy I have left.

And I just bought Call Of Duty Ghosts.

So my apologies if you all keep checking this site and there’s nothing new to report. I expect to emerge from hibernation in March and start my season of Eur0-jaunts. Then I’ll have something to write about. Until then……

Daygame Mastery – International Release

February 5, 2014

I’ve teased you all long enough. First there were my project updates, then my teaser trailer, then the guest-list-only London launch event, and even a secret Twitter release. I’m finished fucking with you all. Now I’m ready to dip my hand into your pocket. And not to touch your balls, either! So I’m pleased to announce the international online release of Daygame Mastery.

Lightning in a bottle, yesterday

Lightning in a bottle, yesterday

Buy it here. £60 / $100 for the premium hardback edition. That’s 460 pages / 150,000 words of cutting edge daygame theory. There’s never been a more specific, practical and consistent method for getting laid. What are people saying about it? The esteemed blogger and daygamer LaidNYC reviews Daygame Mastery here. Choice quotes:

“In any good pickup the guy has to talk a lot at the beginning, but eventually the script flips and she’s doing most of the talking. Krauser is the first guy I’ve seen really break down how you balance this and lead her into talking”

“Wit made easy. Not everyone is a naturally silver-tongued casanova, but Krauser’s templates, mindsets and themes for opening, cold reads, texting, etc. will get you most of the way there”

“A masterful breakdown of long-game with real world examples…. I started using it immediately to great results…. Krauser’s playbook is better than anything out there.”

“Krauser is the first I’ve seen to break down in detail a plan to keep your date moving, both when to be patient and when to escalate things properly”

Yeah, it’s that good.

This is 99% new content. There’s no re-hash of what I’ve already blogged. 99% of the words were a direct result of me sitting infront of a blank page and thinking “How do I meet and seduce women”. Tom Torero reviewed and refined the book so you are buying access to something 100% consistent with that other company. This is the London Daygame Model precision engineered like you’ve never seen before.

You'll want to keep this on your smart phone

Note hardcopy interior is in black and white

Daygame material written by someone who actually bangs hot young girls. Reviewed and edited by the other main daygamer who actually bangs hot young girls.

And it’s slick. Professionally copy-edited, illustrated, laid-out and printed. When they begin college courses on Daygame 101 this will be the core text.

Buy it here. Lulu often do discount codes, try googling “ discount code 2014″. This site often lists them.

Screen example 2

Screen example 1

Screen example 3

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