A sample of texts from the past two weeks

October 31, 2010

Turk: You are God like.you can get any girl or anything you want and i simply cant bear this. Offering me your friends was so ridiculous and hurtful cos u know it very well that i was melting in your arms, so dont knock my door again with your sick ideas

Me: And I just thought about fucking you now. In a toilet in Starbucks
Her: Haha, don’t talk like this cos I won’t stop myself from going to Starbucks to suck ur cock 😉
Me: I won’t stop you 😀
Her: When u r free 😛

Brazil: I can’t survive without you! 😦

Her: I hope nothing is change in your plans about my visit =)
Me: No change. We meet, we date, we fuck. It’ll be a good week 😉
Her: I coming to London not just to fuck with you, i really like you Krauser….

Frenchie: Oh no, that’s terrible… You were right. I’m extremely attracted to impossible relationships with bad boys, especially if it’s an english pick up artist who could never fall in love with anyone… and I find quite boring to date a nice australian guy who is still a virgin.. 😦 that’s not fair. I miss you. Anyway, now I do understand why some people need to be taught how to become….. more like you. Sleep well

Vignettes from a harem: Man-eater

October 30, 2010

I hesistate to call her a harem member because I don’t have enough hand. She’s sucked my cock a few times in public places and is all over me when we meet but I haven’t fucked her and can’t order her around when she’s not physically present. This is a girl who is massively into me but burns the candle at both ends with insane work hours at a top-end investment bank and also is constantly partying. I’m competing against literally dozens of high-earning sports-car-driving chodes who work with her. Hence my frame is to compete on my terms, not theirs. Here’s a sample of the text and phone exchanges. It’s a display of how I handle a typically tough situation: How do you maintain momentum and awareness with a girl where you have to keep re-initiating and yet don’t want to succumb to a chasing frame. Tough proposition. This is my attempt…..

It’s 27th September 2010 and it’s a week since we met. That time as we were walking back to the station she let me know she”d promised herself she wasn’t gonna kiss me or suck my cock tonight. My read is that she likes me and considers me different to all the chodes she meets, and thus needs comfort and rapport. But she’s so resistant to let that rapport happen and we are stuck in attraction. Every time I try to build rapport she blocks it. I think it’s a defense mechanism because she’s intimated that she was really hurt coming out of a long relationship a year ago. I think her slutty behaviour is motivated by trying to regain self esteem through exercising her sexual power. Weird, fucked up, and sel destructive but that’s how it looks. So as we are walking back I say this:

Me: You know, I’ve been trying to get a read on you for a long time. You’re complicated but I think I’ve figured you out. You present yourself as a sexually aggressive man-eater. It’s all blow job this and eat my pussy that. But I think that’s just a character that you like playing. I think that really, underneath the act, you’re just a sweet little girl. I see flashes of her. That’s who I want to get to know. That’s why I stick around.

She fucking loves it, and gives me a huge tits-first hug and then walks snuggled under my arm to the station. Then  radio silence and on the 27th I send out a feeler text:

Me 1:12pm – [North London place] or [East London place].  [she splits her time sleeping at two flats]
Her 2:50pm – Neither, just woke up, sorry…. autumn has barely begun & I’m dying from an awful sore throat!!! Feel as rough as a badgers a*se!! 😦
Me 2:58pm – Charming image. Maybe it’s cos you talk too much.
Her 3:01pm – *sigh* empathy only Krauser style eh?? It’s overwhelming!! Or maybe it’s because I ‘blow’ too much?? Takes a toll on a gals throat, gag reflexes & all 😉
Me 3:04pm – Classy. Very classy. With all that blowjob practice, I’d have expected you to be good at it by now 😛  Presumably your fucking skills are equally overrated… Lucky you have a winning personality…
Her 3:15pm – Lmao lmao lmao!!!!

Two days later

Her 9:28am – Call me, I’m dying been bed ridden since Friday!!!
Me 9:57am – Just woke up. Give me a little while so I can get rid of my girl.

We talk on the phone, mostly comfort, and she’s all sweetness and light. As I mentioned, for all the rampant sexual aggression, I think she’s a sweetie at heart. On the 2nd October I’m walking back from a date with a similar black girl

Me 5:42pm – Just walking past a [her former company] building and thought of you. Is that sweet or creepy?

She calls me half an hour later and gushes over how she loved the text. We talk for a long time as she regals me with stories about how she’s stayed in all day relaxing by watching internet porn and rubbing one out every few hours. She describes with open-eyed wonder all the fetish sites she found for dwarves, grannies and animals. Then we have two near miss dates cancelled (she cancels) and radio silence again. I go onto other things before 19th October:

Me 10:24pm – The girl I fucked tonight has bigger tits than you. Not better, but definitely bigger.
Her 1:18am – Gosh yr senses r good!! I literally just got back from Madrid, Spain [I changed city name] just now!!! Bigger is definitely not a winner if it’s not aesthetically pleasing 😉 x
Me 1:46am – “Madrid, Spain” she says, like I never got an educashun.

So now (29th Oct) I haven’t heard from her in over a week. She’s always been tough to get out onto dates but always made a tremendous effort to please me when she is out. She recently started a new high-flying job and is thus even less available than before. Thinking about what Assanova had to say about sluts (which she is), I send out a tester:

Me 4:46pm – Girlgirlgirl. I’m out with friends tonight for a birthday party at [Old Street bar]. Wanna come and give me the pleasure of your company? I might even buy you a drink.
Her 7:36pm – Krauser krauser krauser, would love to! But you know my life isn’t my own at the moment! Early mornings & late nights (v late!) finished at 9pm last night!! I just don’t have the energy 😦  Had a handful of invites this weekend as it’s haloween but I am just dedicating entire weekend to sleep!!! Have a good time be good, we shall meet up soon x   For once I am too tired to rant on!! Or pick at you so enjoy while it lasts :O
Me 9:03pm – Curl up like a cat, drink some warm milk, and get your beauty sleep 😀
Her 9:03pm – Ahh I will pussy cat! I’m dedicating this entire weekend to sleeeeeep!! 🙂

Verdict: I will fuck her eventually, unless I mess up by chasing too hard.

My new neg for high value girls

October 29, 2010

I’ve got a second date on Tuesday with my favourite new target. She’s a smoking hot 24 yr old leggy Russian – I’m talking Victoria’s-Secret-model-quality hot. Above my usual standard. She reads Checkov, follow politics, and smokes. On the day two last week I pulled out a beautiful spontaneous comment.

Picture the scene……

She’s sitting across from me in a quiet pub. I’m slouched in my chair projecting alpha while she leans over, thigh over thigh, qualifying like crazy. She won’t stop talking. I have to decide do I (a) regain the conversational frame and steer it where I want to go or (b) control the subcommunication frame and just let her talk herself into deep investment. Students of the KDM already know I picked the latter option.

So I’m leaning back and parcelling out occasional grunts and nods while looking away distractedly and putting in occasional eye fucking. Suddenly I hold up a finger stopping her mid-sentence and look perplexed.

Me: Stop. Wait.  *stare like I’m thinking deeply* I want to say something. I’m not sure about you.
Her: *stops. Taken aback and intrigued* Yes. What?
Me: Three things, I think…. first. I find you sexually attractive. I knew that straight away when I met you. I’d definitely like to fuck you.
Her: Woohoo! [sarcastic, but clearly pleased at the compliment] Well done me!! *raises her hand in the familiar gesture of pulling the horn on a train*
Me: Settle down. Two. You’re interesting. Definitely interesting. I figured that out pretty quickly.
Her: *leaning in, fascinated*
Me: But….. Three. I’m not sure if I like you. As a person….. I mean. I’m not sure if you are (a) a nice sweet girl, with a slightly bitchy shell to protect yourself…. which is fine. Or…. (b) you actually are a bitch and the sweetness is just what you do to get what you want. It intrigues me.
Her: *speechless, crosses legs a few times*

I’m quite pleased with that. I think it’ll only hit on girls who know they have high sexual value. In this case it was true, which is why it came out easily. I really don’t know if I like her. The next date ought to clarify.

I’ve got a great crop of new targets

October 28, 2010

Something Wisdom said to me last summer while I was only about 200 approaches into my daygame career was “You start to find your bad days have better results than your good days used to.” Or like a market boom has higher highs and higher lows. Looking back my current crop of targets (girls I’ve number closed but not fucked) is the best it’s ever been:

1. Brazilian girl. Solid 8 with a perfect aerobics-instructor body. Totally into me but proving difficult to close due to personal issues. She’ll send texts saying she misses me but is hard to get on dates. On the dates she’s all over me and loves the cat kino, but won’t extract. Just bumped into her today while I was out with Thai. The look on her face was priceless.

2. Man-eater. Solid 9 with perfect body and crazy sexual appetite. Still in irregular text contact and she totally wants to fuck me but for some reason won’t actually do it. Not quite sure what’s going on. See earlier posts for where we’re at sexually.

3. Russian dissident. Another solid 9. I picked her up as a demo set for my Turk girl just to show her I could. She turned out to be an awesome girl. Had one day 2 and another date scheduled for next week. Her last boyfriend was a millionaire who took her around the carribean in his yacht for six months.

4. Lithuanian 20yr old. A solid 9. See earlier posts on facebook. She’s on the chat right now telling me she wants me to shave off my beard so it doesn’t rub her face raw when she kisses me.

5. A few others, and this girl………..

I’m nearly finished bootcamp, standing outside M&S with Jambone while we wait for the wings to regroup with their respective students. A really cute girl, exactly my type, wanders past wearing a big beige woolly jumper that accentuates a fine rack. I step across and open, my state soaring. Very playful vibe.


Cracking tits

Me: Hi. Can I just say something? Your jumper makes me think of the Milkybar Kid.
Her: * smile, stops, momentum killed already * Really?
Me: Yeah. I used to be the Milkybar Kid you know. Not the TV one. We had a play are junior school and I was the kid. I was really cute as a boy you know. Not like now, where I look rugged and dangerous.

We vibe and I’m having lots of fun. She’s half Chinese / half Mauritian but raised in Australia. So exotic-looking but native English and up for banter. I include Jambone a bit and he passively DHVs me by deferring to me in the conversation and mostly just listening. I can’t remember too much of the words, more that it was lots of retarded and creative free-association with a sprinkling of SOIs. Things like:

Me: blah blah…. *suddenly stop and look at her intensely* Do you mind if I say something a bit rude?
Her: *eager anticipation, slightly nervous* ok
Me: fuck!
Everyone: *crease up laughing*

After about ten minutes, with Jambone and a student watching, I nearly blow it by suddenly stopping mid-sentence, looking at her tits and saying “by the way, you have a cracking pair!” She smiles and likes it for a second then realises two guys are watching and gets a flush of ASD, starting to walk off.

I realise the subcommunication was not what I intended (“I’m a man, you’re a woman, I’m thinking of you sexually”) but was actually “I’m tooling you in front of my friends to get a cheap laugh.” So I drop the game and go 100% authentic. I walk her five yards down into privacy and:

Me: Ok, look. I really like you and I want to see you again. Let’s meet again when we’ve got more time, have a coffee or something.
Her: That sounds good. Yes.

So I take her number. We’ve had a few near misses at getting a date organised but the text game is looking solid. We’ll see. I really like this girl. Very much my type. I’m sure you were all waiting for some wham!bam! crazy shit in this set but the truth is most of my sets are just normal – fun, creative, but not full of rock star insanity. I just like the girl.

Street sex talk

October 27, 2010

I like heating a girl up during the initial approach. With verbal escalation it’s surprising what you can get away with so long as you’ve captured her attention and projected alpha. This set from Krakow follows the normal KDM but I’ve snipped out lots of the fluff so I can concentrate on showing the sexualisation.

0:13 – Preframed tease
0:22 – Rooting the opener
0:38 – Drive-by qualification
0:41 – Physical compliment
0:58 – Reminding her this is a man talking to a woman
1:14 – Personalise the conversation
1:26 – I’m not a push over, so slightly challenging
2:06 – DHV photo routine and leader of men
2:40 – Drive-by DHV
2:54 – I’m aware that I’m about to do alot of talking to get my routine out and therefore could come across as qualifying. To minimise this I make my vocal tone extremely deadpan and relaxed, so as not to give off too much energy.
3:17 – Getting her buy-in before I sexualise the story, so it seems less pushy
3:30 – The entire purpose of this story is to raise her buying temperature and get her thinking about fucking. Verbal escalation early in the set (General sex talk)
6:06 – I met her nine minutes ago and she’s telling me she fucked in an elevator. Dirty bitch.
6:24 – Not getting all “horny guy” with her when she talks about sex. My tongue isn’t hanging out and my vocal tone doesn’t change. This is the most natural conversation in the world.
7:10 – Transition off into normal chat and logistics
7:28 – Qualify her on the close and just ask direct for the number with no gambits or tricks.
7:38 – Engage her logical mind and talk over the number close.
7:45 – Finally I ask her name, twelve minutes into the meeting.
8:45 – Being retarded to amuse myself and show this is no big deal.

I should’ve walked her off on the instant date after getting her buying temp up but my pizza was getting cold so I risked a number and subsequent cool off. Never did fuck her.

Yosha tries to daygame my girl

October 24, 2010

It’s bootcamp weekend again and I’m back at the house resting. My phone buzzes as Thai texts:

Her – 20 mins ago [about half five, Sunday afternoon], a guy who is probably ur student or ur competitor try to pick me at covent garden! So funny 🙂
Me – Brilliant! Was is a skillful pick-up? Was he cool?  [no jealousy, just professional interest]
Her – I think he’s ok, not bad but cool. He followed pick-up step and quite natural but u r better 😉  [she sat through my day game model lecture during the Street Storm bootcamp]


Thai asked for her picture to be taken down so here's a random Thai hottie...

Me – I’m one of the best in Europe 😉 [actually I’m not even the best in my house] Do you think he was a student or instructor? What did he look like (maybe I know him)
Her – I think he’s instructor cos he looks more skillful than normal men. He has blond hair, it’s as long as ur friend (who has blond hair and also exclusive gf)  [Of everyone in Chateau RSG, she considers Wisdom’s unique identifier to be that he has only one girlfriend. Yes, we’re all going to hell]. Probably in the same age as u and has same height as u. he wears “the northface” coat.
Me – Google image “andy yosha”. Is it him? He looks like xxxxxx [mild amog, I won’t repeat it here]
Her – Maybe yes. Is he in the same company as yad? cos i met yad as well, just walked pass. [I showed her the famous kiss close video of him a month ago]
Me – Yes, same company. Met or saw Yad? Were they together?
Her – I saw yad. I recognise only yad at first. Yad come with another guy but i cannot recognise if he’s the same guy who chased me. But the guy who wanna pick up came to talk to me alone.
Me – It’s always 1-on-1. So, the obvious question: what is your rating of Yosha? Score out of 10.  [obvious question to me is not “did you give him your number?”]
Her – The score that I’ll give him for pick-up skill? I give 7.
Me – Pretty good 😉 My score?
Her – Ummmm    Today I come with my friend but the day I met u I come alone. Btw, after I saw you talk to many girls at Starbuck, it should be 9 🙂  [Referring to two incidents where I picked up girls right in front of her with coffee shop game, including a masterful set during the Street Storm weekend with a beautiful French girl. Didn’t go for the numbers out of politeness to my girl]
Me – Good girl. Do you feel honoured to be fucked by the top daygamer? 😛 Last question – did you think Yosha was cool enough that you would let him stick his cock in you? [another mild amog]
Her – Haha, If I don’t feel like that, why I’m still with u now 🙂 and I won’t have sex with him for sure. He’s not my type and also less cool than u 😛
Me – Haha. +10 points for you. This is a great story – I’m gonna write about it on my blog.
Her – Haha ok. But what if he’s not yosha? I’m afraid that u will be embarrassing.
Me – I don’t care. It’s a good story. He’ll see it and laugh. [presumably. He doesn’t seem the type to fixate on any one girl]

... and a gun-totting panda

For those of you who can’t read between the lines, I’ll spell it out for you:

  • I respect Yosha’s skills but this is my girl so I have to amog him to keep clear our respective values in her mind.
  • She’s the most unbiased judge possible. Not.


Vignettes from a harem – Frenchie

October 22, 2010

Recently [text game]

Me 10:43pm – Guess who is out with friends, talking about random stuff, and then suddenly thought about fucking you  [burst back into her attention sexually. She’s on the other side of the world so needs a strong maintenance pattern]
Her 11:06pm – Oh I hope it’s this sexy English guy… i like him a lot 😛 I might have dreamed of you fucking me under the shower, I’m not sure. I should go back to sleep for a few minutes and finish that dream….  [perhaps an IOI?]
Me 11:09pm – That might really happen.  [Short, almost threatening]
Her 11:13pm – Yeah 🙂 but I should warn you: I’m gonna think about it a lot until it happens for real…  [Something Ace taught me about douchebag game – give girls strong infrequent emotional spikes and then they”ll do all the hard work of falling in love with you during your absences]
Me 11:18pm – I’ll survive 😛
Her 11:24pm – I hope so… Don’t die before decembre (nor after) or I’ll be really sad 😉
Me 11:25pm – That’s so romantic. I think I have a tear in my eye.

Very sweet

Last week

Her 2:09pm – I’ve sent the photo to you on your phone… But it could be a while before you receive it. Let me know! [naked photo] Good weekend too, cinema with the australian guy on Friday night, shopping with two friends from class on saturday, and today I studied in a park. It was very sunny 🙂  [this is how betas romance girls. He’s not really a threat but I want to amog him nice and early to set the frame]
Me 2:31pm – Has he had the courage to kiss you yet?  [amog]
Her 2:33pm – Yes he did. But very quickly when I was about to get on the bus. I didn’t have time to react.  [there’s a lesson in k-closing there]
Me 2:40pm – Did you do it with tongues?
Her 2:43pm – No. He kissed me very very quickly, like a kiss on the cheek but on my mouth. I did not see it coming….
Me 2:47pm – Did he feel your tits?  [obviously he didn’t. I’m framing him as a pussy, trying to draw the alpha/beta contrast as sharp as possible]
Her 2:51pm – Ahaha no. He’s not like you 😛 he did nothing else but take my hand while I was about to get on the bus home, and give me this quick kiss…  [which hits]
Me 2:53pm – Were you disappointed?  [lead her state around him]
Her 2:55pm – No, I was surprised… Would it be possible that you’d be a bit jealous?  [reaction-seeking because she wants comfort]
Me 2:56pm – I told you before – only if he cums on your face.  [rebuff her first ask]
Her 3:22pm – … you should be. Seriously, you don’t care at all? Not cool. (have you received the photo by the way?)
Me 3:26pm – Didn’t get the photo – it needs to go to my hotmail. And yes, I do care. I don’t want you dating other men. You’re my girl. But also, I don’t want to control your life.  [snowflaking her, but this is honest stuff]
Her 3:36pm – And I don’t want to date other men. I want to date you. It makes me a bit sad that you’re fucking other girls, but I don’t want (anyway I can’t) to controle your life as well….  [accepts her role]

A few days ago

Me 11:15pm – Got your picture. I like it. Cute.  [reward]
Her 11:18pm – Ah cool 🙂 I think it woud look better if my hair was longer… But thank you!
Me 11:26pm – Yeah, longer is better. But I’d still fuck you the way it is.
Her 11:28pm – I was just thinking about you fucking me by the way…. 😉
Me 11:30pm – What a surprise :O you have a one-track mind…… krauserscockkrauserscockkrauserscock all day every day…
Her 11:35pm – That’s not true! I can control myself now 😛 last time I thought about that was a long time ago… and you can’t judge me! You’re always thinking about fucking.
Me 11:37pm – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Her 11:49pm – He…! Go to bed 😛 ! Where are you?
Me 11:51pm – I’m at home. Just getting ready for bed.
Her 11:55pm – Cool. I’m just about to get up… Sleep well. And dream of me… but without the 4 or 5 other girls please 🙂
Me 11:57pm – I’ll try. Would be easier if I had the right photos….
Her 12:00am – You’ve had a photo just a few days ago! I’m not gonna send you everything in one time… Wait a bit 🙂

This morning [facebook chat]

Me 13:29 – brrrrrrrrrrrr
Her 13:29 – 😛     how are youuuu?
Me 13:30 – I’m good. Having coffee in starbucks. [with Thai] But have to go soon [to meet Finland]
Her 13:30 – oh ok, could I get a “goodbye” this time? 😉     eh I was in the opera house tonight again!
Me 13:32 – why opera house?
Her 13:32 – the australian guy had free tickets to see the symphony orchestra of Sydney     it was cool, but not as cool as the marriage of figaro
Me 13:35 – how is Beta Guy?  [amog]
Her 13:36 – ahaha     he’s fine     and now I really see what you mean by Beta/ Alpha guys     you’re much cooler… 🙂  [this is good for her. I explained it all very early in the relationship because she is clearly a badboy chaser in the making and it’ll ruin her]
Me 13:39 – haha     be nice to him     He’s probably a really kind guy  [amog]
Her 13:40 – yes he is     but I’m not like you… I don’t have number 1, number 2 etc.
I prefer having only one.     😛
Me 13:42 – good girl     +20 points  [reward acceptance of harem and amog frame]
Her 13:43 – I know… you should feel lucky to have me!     ^^
Me 13:47 – 😛
Her 13:47 – how is it going in Castle RSG by the way?
Me 13:47 – Brilliant
Her 13:47 – I suppose you’re having fun     !
Me 13:47 – My room is finished     We have a machine gun
Her 13:48 – cool!
Me 13:48 – But I have to go now
Her 13:48 – ok     have a good day then     🙂
Me 13:48 – goodbye
Her 13:48 – thank you!     😛     xxx