A sample of texts from the past two weeks

October 31, 2010

Turk: You are God like.you can get any girl or anything you want and i simply cant bear this. Offering me your friends was so ridiculous and hurtful cos u know it very well that i was melting in your arms, so dont knock my door again with your sick ideas

Me: And I just thought about fucking you now. In a toilet in Starbucks
Her: Haha, don’t talk like this cos I won’t stop myself from going to Starbucks to suck ur cock πŸ˜‰
Me: I won’t stop you πŸ˜€
Her: When u r free πŸ˜›

Brazil: I can’t survive without you! 😦

Her: I hope nothing is change in your plans about my visit =)
Me: No change. We meet, we date, we fuck. It’ll be a good week πŸ˜‰
Her: I coming to London not just to fuck with you, i really like you Krauser….

Frenchie: Oh no, that’s terrible… You were right. I’m extremely attracted to impossible relationships with bad boys, especially if it’s an english pick up artist who could never fall in love with anyone… and I find quite boring to date a nice australian guy who is still a virgin.. 😦 that’s not fair. I miss you. Anyway, now I do understand why some people need to be taught how to become….. more like you. Sleep well


  1. at least the french understands it!

  2. i understand your thirst for power, but the girls that you hurt cause real problems for the next guy that finds them. You seem to be only driven by your own selfish needs. So much for leaving them better then you found them.

    • I don’t promote the “leaving them better” moto. It’s bullshit a player tells himself to feel okay about pumping and dumping. I turn girls out, with their consent. They are adults. Old enough to vote, old enough to take advantage of a misandrist society. Old enough to decide who they fuck and how.

      • Well if you believe the man is superior to the woman (more a fact than a belief), then honor (oh what a big word) would dictate some empathy. Just like you wouldn’t put the entire fault on a child who did something wrong, he just couldn’t see it coming.

      • If women want to be absolved of responsibility for their life decisions, I’m fine with that. But they have to give up the vote.

      • I agree women are responsible for themselves. If they choose not to be their fault. If you wanna be a womanizer at least be honest to yourself.

  3. Treat em nice…well see how far it gets you…

    Treat them like sluts and they coming running back for more – what an education.

  4. So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein β€” more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.

    Wow, you’re absolutely cleaning up.

    I’ll also add that this is all genuine, I’ve met two of these girls – as if proof were needed with all the videos.

    Where do you go from here I wonder?

  5. American:
    “You’re an old bald creepy stalker. Stay away creeper.”


  6. She really likes you Krauser….

  7. Yeessss, yesssss, Scott Tenorman, let me lick your tears…the tears of unfathomable sadness… oh, the tears are so yummy and sweet….

  8. I hear some BS from some guys on this site. Who told you girls get their feelings hurt more than guys? That’s a myth. Women love slutty men just like we love slutty women. And when you sleep with a slutty woman you are almost certain nothing else is going to become of it, however, if the girl is just too seductive you will find yourself falling for her, and that is a sorry ass mess for you. It’s the same way with women. They love sluts. Go watch them at a party. You’ll see every girl trying to get the attention of the man-whore, sometimes right in front of the noses of their boyfriends. I feel no shame at banging and leaving women. Neither should you. 99% of the time she knows what’s up anyway, and think of all the guys that she probably dumped on.

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