The international language of love

November 4, 2010

My most recent lay was a Japanese girl who barely spoke English. I learned alot about concentrating on eye contact and vocal tone to keep her attention, then just ploughing with simple sentences. At least the Jap could make simple sentences and I could fall back on my own Japanese language in a pinch. I found a girl today who was even worse. But damn she’s hot, so I kept going.

The video gets better from about the third minute when Suave finds the zoom control on my new camera. There’s no exciting conversation here, just look for how animated she gets and the great eye contact she gives me. Love is an international language…..



  1. Awesome blog, great posts!!! my interactions with women have improved since I study our posts, could you please make a post on body language? you`re an inspiration.

    • at some point I will, but the basic idea is:
      1. Back straight, chest out – imagine your shoulder blades are touching. This looks confident and avoids slouching
      2. Very little movement. Most expressions are your face and voice, not moving your body around
      3. Avoid effeminate positions and gestures, e.g. crossing legs.
      4. Barely move your feet during the conversation.

      Just pretend to be a big oak tree.

  2. Since I study “your” posts, shitty keyboard.

  3. Great vid again – all in the body language, vocal tone etc because it sure aint in the content!

    You need to learn some european languages mate…

    • But isn’t this sort of amazing? None of the conversation is particularly scintillating, yet it still works. It’s sort of like the saying “the medium is the message.” In this case medium = krauser.

  4. You should do more videos like this Krauser – with a wing filming you from a distance while you record the audio on your phone. It’s almost impossible to identify the girl (and you can even pixelate her face out) so no privacy issues and yet we have perfect audio and a great view of the body language.

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