May 31, 2010

Alphaness is a way of life. It’s something that begins the moment you roll out of bed and doesn’t stop till you’ve fallen asleep at the end of a long day of bad-assery. A central tenet of the book of alpha is you have a mission. For me it used to be muay thai. I’m only a month away from beginning my life of leisure, and that means muay thai is back on the menu.

Here is a guy who really motivates me. 80kg and he’ll fight anyone. Look at the expression on his face when he touches gloves with super heavyweights. Look at how he aggressively follows up an off-balance opponent. And look at that beautifully thai type of pure contempt that is expressed in his body language and punch selection.

That’s alpha. Enjoy.

For some reason, I like the music too.

Approach Log

May 27, 2010

It’s been a while since I kept my spreadsheet of approaches. Most of the time now I don’t bother logging everything – just the memorable sets and not even all of those. But I’ve been freed up to do lots of consistent day game in the last ten days or so and this is how it looked (all instant dates have / will have write up elsewhere). If I don’t mention the close / failed close it means I ejected without trying, either because I decided I didn’t want them or the vibe just wasn’t there. Sets still in play are underlined.

Monday 17th May
HB6 Dutch backpacker. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB6 Romania volleyballer. See last post
HB7 Chinese tourist. Number close, cancelled date
HB8 Bulgarian.  Number close

Tueday 18th May
No approaches

Wednesday 19th May
HB7 Polish. 5 minute chat, boyfriend
HB7 Finland. See last post
HB7 American black girl. 10 minute chat, married
HB7 Bengal. Didn’t hook
HB7 Turkish 2-set. Five minute chat
HB8 French actress. 10 minute chat, number close. Some texting
HB6 British 2-set. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Brazilian. Didn’t hook

Thursday 20th May
HB6 British in summer dress, 5 minute chat
HB6 British burlesque, 10 minute chat
HB7 German student, 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Hungarian waitress, 5 minute chat, failed close
HB7 British 17 yr old, 10 minute chat
HB6 German artist. See last post
HB8 Dark haired Brit. Didn’t hook

Friday 21st May
HB7 Brazilian photographer. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 Italian tourist. 10 minute chat, meeting boyfriend
+ 5 more sets that didn’t go anywhere

Saturday 22nd May
No apporaches

Sunday 23rd May
HB6 Venezuelan big tits. Bounce, number close. Day 2 on Monday
HB6 Chinese student. See last post
HB5 Brit long legs. Re-opened student’s set. Ejected
HB8 Pony tail. Didn’t stop
HB7 Lancaster student. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB4 China. Hooked but ran a mile when I saw her teeth
HB5 Japan. 5 minute chat
HB7 French student. 5 minute chat.
HB6 Italian barrista. 10 minute chat.
HB7 Dark hair. Didn’t stop

Monday 24th May
No approaches

Tuesday 25th May
HB9 Persia 2-set. 10 minute chat, number close
HB9 Greek synchronised swimmer. 10 minute chat, failed close
HB9 French hired gun. 5 minute chat, failed close.

Wednesday 26th May
HB8 Indian big tits. Instant date, number close. Report to follow.

8 days, 7 dates

May 24, 2010

I’ve been getting let out at 4pm or earlier last week so I thought I coudl squeeze in some solid day game. I ended up dating a whole host of women.

Monday – Romanian volleyball player
It’s a day off and I trundle into Covent Garden. Scorching weather and I’m loving it. I’m over on Neal Street and I see a tall girl looking at a google maps printout while standing next to one of the charity elephant statues that are all over London. Cue situational opener: “Hey, I have to ask. Is that a map of elephants?” She laughs, tells me it’s actually for her new barmaid job she starts tomorrow. I comment that her accent sounds like one of the female assassins the KGB send after James Bond. I run rapport and then on the ten minute mark bounce her to a nearby cafe. She’s not especially hot but she’s tall, leggy and curvy. The instant date lasts about 90 minutes and it’s ok but too solid – I struggle to feel any sexual tension. I take her number and move on to other sets.

Bump. Set. Spike.

Tuesday – nothing
I’m out solo and for some reason I just can’t get going. Can’t remember the last time I failed to open a single set. I just didn’t feel like it and there were no girls hot enought to inspire me.

Wednesday – Finnish horserider

I’m walking along South Bank when a cute Polish girl goes by. I open and hook but she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend. As soon as she goes I see a leggy girl go by dressed like she’s come out the stables. It’s not actual equestrian dress but rather fashionable clothes that look remarkably like them. I open with “Hi. Where did you park your horse?” For the first five minutes she’s very flighty but then settles and I bounce her across Embankment bridge then a takeout coffee while we sit on the grass by Trafalgar Square. The rapport is excellent and she fully opens up to me but I can’t get the sexual tension going. I walk her along St James’ Park to feed the ducks, take her number and let her go.

Thursday – German artist
I’ve already done my sets for the day when I meet Suave as he is just starting. We’re chatting near Covent Garden when I see a cute little squarehead sitting on some steps drawing a picture of a building. I open asking what she’s drawing and she’s super friendly. I tease her for a while then bounce her to a nearby pub. After a pint we go on to a member’s bar. The conversation is great and she’s trying hard but she rebuffs all escalation, claming a boyfriend. I enjoy the date but its going nowhere.

Friday – nothing
I do some sets but nothing sticks until the last two, a cute Italian and a hipster Brazilian, but both have logistical problems.

Saturday – Romanian LTR
I haven’t seen my LTR for a few weeks since she came round to pick up her cardigan (that she’s left when she stormed out the house because she wanted to go to the park but I was busy fighting a three-headed hydra end of level boss in Ninja Blade and there’s no in-game save function). An AFC friend was having a BBQ so I thought I’d take her along. She drives across London to collect me then across the other side to the BBQ. It’s a fun afternoon and I take her to Epping Forrest for some jollies.

Sunday – Chinese maths student / Guyana sister
Suave and Wisdom are teaching a student so I roll up to help out. It’s a glorious day and I’m on fire. Just a fantastic vibe everywhere we go. About my fourth set I hook a timid little Chinese throwabout and I’m actually surprised when I successfully bounce her. These timid little kittens normally bolt. We sit in the piazza eating ice creams. She carelessly mentions a boyfriend but doesn’t seem to care much about him. After half an hour I take her number and send her packing.

On the evening I have my Day 3 with the little Guyanan minx. That goes great and I think I’m f-closing when we get the tube back to my place and buy a bottle of wine but she suddenly gets LMR outside my house. I’m not that fussed to push it so we go to a nearby pub where I verbally escalate on her then literally pick her up over my shoulder, spank her arse, and carry her to the local park for some making out. I finger fuck her to orgasm then send her on her way.

From Day 2

Monday – Aussie fashion girl
I’m headed along the South Bank expecting to do normal daygame when an old target rings up and invites me to a park. We meet up early afternoon in Camden and I walk her to Primrose Hill via a pub. There’s kino and banter from the off. I’d thought it was a dead end a month ago when suddenly I got the k-close. Then she got busy with a family trip and the attraction momentum died. Or so I thought. We have a great time and she is the absolute best arm candy I’ve ever had. She’s almost six foot, catwalk-leggy, and was wearing immodest short shorts and a flimsy top. As we walked through Camden with her clutching my arm literally every man was staring at her and suppressing envy of me. We spend a while chilling in the park and she’s stripped down to her bikini by now. There’s lots of flirting and I k-close her again. It’s a funny one for calibration. At no point did I feel I could push it further than where we were. A slow burn, I reckon.

Arm candy

Some Facebook chat

May 18, 2010

I didn’t do any sets today and the three numbers I took yesterday I told the girls I’ll call in a few days. So nothing to do and I turn my attention to other things. While checking in to Facebook I see the Italian 19 yr old is online. Ok, let’s give that a shot:

On the right

23:35 Me: Hey, did you have a good weekend?
23:36 Her: of course….and you? Have you already back in London?
23:37 Me: Yeah. Still a bit fragile. Saturday was a VERY long day for us
23:39 Her: I can imagine ;);) … sister say you hallo :):)
23:42 Her: says
23:42 Me: cool. Where did you girls go later?
23:44 Her:we stayed in that pub until midnight I think… then we went home .. short but nice evening :):)
23:45 Me: we went to a strip club. Very naughty :):)
23:49 Her: ahahah.. did you enjoy?
23:51 Me: Yeah, but I spent all my money buying dances for my brother. It was his last day of freedom….
23:53 Her: you are a good brother! :):)
23:54 Me: Haha. I try. Have you got plans to travel around England yet?
23:55: Her: ….On monday I go back in Italy unfortunately… and this time I don’t come back in England :(:(
23:56 Her: Are you going to travel in Italy?
23:57 Me: I want to, especially around Florence and Rome. Probably later this year
23:59 Her: Florence and Rome??…. noooo .. You have to come in my city… the lake is beautiful and you can enjoy, I can show you my places ..
23:59 Me: Your city sounds boring
00:00 Me:Yeah, that would be nice. Are you visiting London before you go back?
00:02 Her: No this time I can’t …but I would like to come another time just to visit London.. Everyone says that it is beautiful… so I want to discover if it’s true ;);)
(I’m sorry for my awful english)
00:04 Me: Yeah, I know lots of great places. I’ll show you when you come here
00:05 Her: I hope so :):) …
00:07 Her: Now I go to sleep… Tomorrow I’ll go to college :):) Have a good night…
00:07 Me: ok. Good night

I get my washing hung up between typing, so a productive little sortie.

Night game in Newcastle

May 17, 2010

I take a trip to Newcastle for a stag do. My intention is just to have a good time with the boys as we take a train to York for the daytime drinking and then progress on to Newcastle for the night and eventually strip club. The usual. I’m aghast at the horrendous quality of the local girls. Truly central London is an oasis within the dryest of deserts. York is also a contender for mong-town of the British Isles. So many fatties and retards its quite scary, not that Newcastle is that much better. We have fun.

After a brief diversion into a gay bay (where most of our group are frighteningly congruent, whereas I spend the whole time sitting next to the exit projecting as much hetero as possible) we end up in some 80s bar called Retro. I open a two set with a standard opinion opener (“Who is more feminine – Kate Bush on the telly there, or Beyonce?”). I hook but don’t care cos they aren’t hot and we have to move on soon.

On the platform I open a cute little English girl by complimenting her shoes. It’s progressing nicely till on of the lads comes over and tries AMOGing me. He fails miserably but kills the vibe. I’d forgotten what its like to be out with people who don’t know wing rules and who try to kill your sets.

Shortly after arriving back in Newcastle I open a three set of Hungarians, two of whom are beautiful. It hooks strong and within a few minutes I realise this is going somewhere because they are on a trip from London. But the same friend comes in and kills the set again. The girls scurry off quicker than a French soldier in a warzone. Thanks fella.

An hour later and we are about eight hours into the drinking. I’m pissed in the way that I feel fully in control but wouldn’t want to be operating heavy machinery. This next bar has a couple of prospects and then a 3-set of gorgeous Italians walks in. Two of them are solid 8s and the third is a clear 9. Tall, 19 years old, flat stomach, cracking pair. Once they are sat down I opinion open with my “bangers and mash” line. It’s so easy, like shooting fish in a barrel, compared to London. I haven’t seen a single guy all night who looks like he might have even the slightest game. They hook strong and are soon giggling and IOIing me. For a change, my friend decides not to fuck with the set but my group moves on to the next bar.

19 Years Old

Fair enough, it’s a stag do. So I take the girl’s Facebook and run. She accepts the add the next day and I’m gratified to see she’s just as hot sober as when I had beer googles. What a pair of tits! I’ll try some long-distance sarging so that she hooks up with me on her inevitable visit to London. She’s only been in the UK two weeks. Maybe it’ll come to something.

OK, here's another

So I’ve just massively DHV’d to the boys by hooking every single set I open and all hot girls except the first set. We end up in some godawful charver bar near the Bigg Market with pounding music, a crush of bodies, and legions of charver chodes. The girls are everything from 15yr olds done up to look old and 50yr olds dressed like 15 yr olds. Truly awful in a our-country-is-so-fucked kind of way. If NATO saw this we’d have to give up our seat on the Security Council. All of us hate it except the omega who suggested it. He leans over and shouts in my ear “There’s loads of fanny in here!” and chinks my bottle. Ugh.

Perhaps deciding not to be outdone by me, he opens the nearest set. A hen party of fat ugly 50 yr old hags. Really. They would’ve been ugly at 20 but now its just cruel and unusual punishment to be near them. He’s a huge fella and soon puts the claw on the stag and tries to drag him into the set. The hags are well up for it, obviously. A tug of war ensues as I try to keep the stag out of it but finally the hag runs up and plants a kiss on the unsuspecting fella. Just imagine if a creepy 50 yr old man had done that to an unwilling woman 15 years his junior. There’d be violence.

We escape to a strip club and the omega dude shuffles of quietly. There’s one extremely hot stripper – about as hot as the 19 yr old Italian I’d already closed – but the rest are 7s at best. I ignore them. The betas drop £20 a dance several times. I game one stripper and she talks to me like a normal person but I can’t get past the initial hook. One of the other boys gets a good long set with a fairly nice one much to my surprise. The boy did well and she was IOIing him – genuine sub conscious IOIs. Looks like my stripper game is behind the curve.

A good night. The next day it takes three long dumps to clear my system.

22 yr old German Student

May 16, 2010

I don’t normally go for squareheads but I’ll make exceptions for cute 22 yr olds. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m meeting Wisdom to talk a little business. We decide to get in some cheeky day game before it gets dark. First girl I try is a Romanian on her way to work near the Strand. She’s in a big rush but the planted feet and solid stare do for her and she chats for five minutes. I feel like I can’t hold her long enough to get the rapport for a number so I settle for the Facebook.

I like the gypo look

Before long I’m back in Covent Garden. I do the “Can you take a picture of me with this elephant” opener with a nearby tourist and then stack into a proper conversation. The vibe is great and I’m doing all the things I learned on my recent one-on-one. It becomes clear this girl is on a long weekend by herself and itching for excitement. I bounce her to take more photos and then to a French cafe I recently found. Wisdom comes along and helps out.

After an hour or so of comfort and rapport in the cafe Wisdom makes himself scarce and I take the girl for a drink. I’m going for the SDL – something I’ve only recently been trying. It’s a no-brainer because she’s going back to Hunland on Monday night. We have a drink in the Sherlock Holmes pub nearby standing up so I can test her comfort (it’s good) and she’s telling me she just split up with her boyfriend and he’s moved out her flat. She clearly wants excitement but isn’t intellectually quite right with the idea. I talk a little about how society judges women too much and other things that give her the moral go-ahead. She seems to think I’m super smart but I don’t want to fall into the trap of getting all intellectual, or worse, dad-like with her.

Achtung Panzer!

We have another drink at a new pub and we’re arm in arm by now but she’s hanging on quite loose. More talk and I do a little NLP to raise her state and then kiss close. Easy. She’s all over me know but refuses the extraction. I guess she’s been out since 8am so can’t blame her. She’s keen to meet tomorrow so I don’t push past the kiss and hand holding. There’s not much coming at me vis-a-vis shit tests. We kiss goodbye at the station and then the next evening we meet.

There’s a quick kiss on the hello to re-establish the frame. She throws her arm around my neck but I shrug it off and walk her arm in arm to the pub. She’s hanging on tight now. The fact she came out at all means its on. I want to make her wait for the proper kiss and play around a bit – leaning back and making her lean in to me, getting her to qualify etc. She’s well into me now. We move on to the member’s club and sit on a sofa in a quiet corner. We start kissing and I work on strong alpha posture and let her climb all over me. She’s loving it and really breathing deep and pushing herself into me passionately. So much so I’m almost embarrased everytime the waiters go past.

I go for the extraction and she resists, saying we won’t be fucking.I make a joke of that, saying we have agreed not to fuck tonight and have to promise to stick to it no matter how tempting it gets. That completely frees me to verbally escalate and for most of the next hour we are talking about all of the sexual things we won’t be doing tonight. Her buying temperature is crazy-hot and her eyes are sparkling. She can’t keep her hands off my cock. I go for the extraction again.

Krauser: C’mon I’ll make you those cocktails. Nothing is gonna happen because we’ve already agreed we’re not fucking.

HB Squarehead: No. Not tonight.

Krauser: Look at me. Don’t you trust me?

HB Squarehead: I don’t trust myself *throws herself onto me again*

I’m now thinking only a back-alley fuck is possible if anything. I take her outside and before long we are in some dark doorway making out big time. She’s so horny but simply will not escalate to skin-on-skin. I’m still enjoying myself and really having fun with the verbal escalation. I figure I might as well seed the possibility of her coming back for a fuck holiday. You never know. I also frame all my verbal escalation around how young girls can easily fuck boys but they are surprised how different it is to be fucked by a man. She’s properly wet and I’m flummoxed on the inability to extract, or to rip her trousers down right there. I do try. I figure it’s better to be a pushy arsehole than a wimpy beta. When I try unzipping her she refuses:

HB Squarehead: You’re just trying to get me hot so I change my mind

Krauser: No. I’m giving you are preview of what you’ll get next time we meet

HB Squarehead: You sound sure we’ll be fucking.

Krauser: Because we will and you know it.

HB Squarehead: *squirms, grabs cock, pushes fanny into it [through jeans]*

Krauser: I’m showing you that I go after what I want.

HB Squarehead: That’s for sure!

After about an hour of this I put her on the train home. While I didn’t get the lay, it’s a nice reference experience. I’m a mid-thirties guy and I just met a 22yr old in the street and came within a whisker of fucking her. Nice.

Great Giana Sisters

May 16, 2010

It’s bootcamp weekend and I’m running the daygame session with Suave and Wisdom. We’ve got five students out so it’s a busy card – Moran and Burto are also on wing duties. For the first hour I’ve got a young asian lad who is new to the sport but he’s approaching well. There’s the usual technical mistakes but I’m not having any trouble getting him into sets. While we are going through one such mistake (he moves his feet to follow the girl – I tell him to stand his ground and just turn his body as he talks if she’s still walking) he demands a demo and points to this girl hurrying past.

She had red-eye

I open. She keeps walking. I plant my feet and turn my body. She stops, hooks and gives me the Facebook. So having talked the talk I walk the walk and the student absorbs the point.

For the second hour we swap students and I’m with an English guy who wants to do shop game. We immediately head into H&M where I open a girl from Wisconsin. She’s got a BF but its a nice chat. I move on to a two set of girls from Guyana. My opener is indirect-direct – they happen to be laughing as we walk past so I use that

Krauser: Girls. I was just walking past and I had to say you’ve got such a nice laugh.

Or words to that effect – I forget exactly. Immediate strong hook and the vibe is great. The student comes in to occupy the obstacle and watch me work. The Wisconsin girl walks past shooting daggers at me now that her Hollywood moment is cheapened and we bounce the girls to a retro clothes store to help them with an 80s party they are going to that night. Turns out my target is living in London and the cousin is visiting from Holland for the weekend. Rather than hang around in their frame I close after ten minutes outside the shop with

Krauser: This is as far as we go because we’ve got some stuff to do. Look, you’re weird but I like you. Give me your number and I’ll give you a call when I’ve got some time.

Number close and we move on into Urban Outfitters where I hook a three set of Korean girls. I bail when they say they are on a school trip. It’s a great session. I run text game the next couple of days with the Guyanan. The vibe is playful and teasing so I continue in that frame.

Krauser 4:39pm – Good fun meeting you today. I hope you got some nutty 80s gear for the party.

HB Guyana 6:44pm – Indeed it was. Hope you have a smashing night.

Krauser Sunday 11:32pm – Wedding party was today right? Hope you girls didn’t cause trouble….

HB Guyana 11:35pm – Oh dear! Close. It was last night and it was a smashing evening. I guess you’re done with the more important things in life to grace me with a text?

Krauser 11:39pm – Hold it there tiger! I’m clearing my diary later this week just for you. I’d feel bad about pulling you away from your nice friend when you’re supposed to be showing her around. 🙂

HB Guyana 11:42pm – That may have awfully mean. Its my cheekiness. 🙂 she actually headed back home today. how is your mate [student]?

Krauser 11:50pm – Cool. Get some sleep and we’ll continue this foolishness later…. Night night

HB Guyana 11:51pm – Bonne nuit!

Krauser Monday 6:52pm – Konbanwa! Wednesday evening is good for me. Are you fun on Wednesdays?

HB Guyana 8:08pm – Hola! On sundays and wednesdays I am awfully cheeky

Krauser 9:49pm – Guten abend! Ok, Wednesday it is. Don’t get too cheeky. I don’t know you well enough to spank you.

HB Guyana 10:44pm – Bonjour! You are quite right. I’ll be on my best behaviour if you are. A bientot!

Krauser Wednesday 9:47am – Ohayo! We’ll meet 8pm in front of [location]. That good for you?

HB Guyana: Aloha! See you there. Enjoy the sunshine today. Cheers!

I’ve been out daygaming with Suave for an hour before hand. I only do a few sets including hooking an incredibly feminine and buxom persian but she tells me she’s in a committed relationship so I don’t bother trying to close. There’s also a nice vietnamese girl who gives me a Facebook but says she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend. Good experience but nothing memorable.

Will be drinking my kool aid

HB Guyana is early and Suave DHVs me on the meet before heading off. Immediately I start a routine Burto taught me. I offer her my arm (she takes) and we go towards the first bar.

Krauser: Now I realise this is a date but that doesn’t mean you can just kiss me. I need trust and connection first. I’m not just a piece of meat

HB Guyana: *looks me up and down approvingly* You’re a prime slice of surloin.

Krauser: I’ll take that as a compliment, but I’ll be watching you.

The vibe is fantastic and it’s totally on. We are soon in my favourite members bar for the fifth time in a week (and fifth girl – the receptionist certainly has an opinion about my pre-selection). My first escalation is to pull her in to read the menu and she’s totally going with it. I wait an hour to kiss her and that’s the dam breaking. She’s climbing all over me and horny as hell. I keep thinking “what’s the alpha thing to do” so I do strong body language like I’m sitting on a throne while she wraps herself all over me, snuggling her face into my neck like a cat and squeezing my nearest leg between her thighs. I do The Stone and she’s purring like a cat.

For whatever reason she tells me she’s not coming back to my place. I don’t mind cos the hook is strong. I’m happy to give her a fig leaf to pretend she’s a lady. I’ll definitely be fucking her next time I see her and I like her alot so I’ll happily turn her into an LTR. So I just do verbal escalation. Things like:

Krauser: *while kissing* This is the part where you put your hand on my cock.

HB Guyana: *giggles. Puts hand on cock* I’m a lady, you know.

Krauser: Next time we meet we are fucking. I’m gonna bring you into my house, pick you up and carry you over my shoulder. I’ll slap your arse, obviously *gives arse a slap*. That’s a nice arse, I think I’m gonna like it. Then I’ll throw you onto my bed and rip your clothes off. Then…. while you’re naked… on my bed…. I’ll go and make a cup of tea.

HB Guyana: *squirming, moaning, grabbing my cock*

Krauser: I’m gonna feel your tits in a minute

HB Guyana: *giggles*

Krauser: No. I changed my mind. In five seconds.

Krauser: 5…4…3…2…1…

HB Guyana: *pushes breasts towards me, I grab*

Krauser: Sorted. I’ll be doing that again soon.

I don’t want to physically escalate too far because its still an open lounge. I pull her outside and we make out really heavy in some alleyways. While I’m fingering her near Carnaby Street I wonder if I should go for the open-air fuck but hold back. It’s 50/50 whether I’ll get it and missing it could queer the chances of another date by making her feel too slutty and my seeming too horny. So instead I pull my hand out, wipe it on her coat and tell her that’s all she’s getting and don’t be greedy.

As we kiss at the tube station I tell her to send me a text when she’s home so I know she got back safe. She does. She’s going abroad on holiday for the next week so lets see how it goes. The odds are extremely high that she’ll become my proper LTR.

Oh, while I was rubbing her fanny I was in a text exchange with the Romanian with my free hand. MLTR management here we come.