May 31, 2010

Alphaness is a way of life. It’s something that begins the moment you roll out of bed and doesn’t stop till you’ve fallen asleep at the end of a long day of bad-assery. A central tenet of the book of alpha is you have a mission. For me it used to be muay thai. I’m only a month away from beginning my life of leisure, and that means muay thai is back on the menu.

Here is a guy who really motivates me. 80kg and he’ll fight anyone. Look at the expression on his face when he touches gloves with super heavyweights. Look at how he aggressively follows up an off-balance opponent. And look at that beautifully thai type of pure contempt that is expressed in his body language and punch selection.

That’s alpha. Enjoy.

For some reason, I like the music too.


  1. Holy crap the size difference is huge on a few of those guys. None of them look like it’s a joke when they touch gloves either.

    • That’s Pancrase fella. Bas Rutten was the MAN back then. I used to be ringside for all the Pancrase shows from 2001-2003. Find the John Lober leg break for a really nice Pancrase vid.

      • yeah I know it’s Pancrase but put it there cos Bas trained in Muay Thai and he is huge and scary. I wish I could find that video where he fights that Japanese guy and KO’s him in about 4 seconds after the bell. Runs out the corner at him, throws a punch and then a roundhouse kick to the head which knocks the guy out. 4 seconds… boom.
        Can’t find the John Lober vid.

  2. very inspirational post, thank you Krauser. Kaoklai has a fantastic spirit, he just never gives up. The blue haired giant is Hong Man Choy, a humongous 7’2″ Korean K-1 fighter. Although HMC won that particular fight he did so exclusively thanks to his massive physical presence, but he has clearly no killer instinct and tends to be a bit soft on his opponents (interestingly, HMC defeated Semmy Schilt -the current K-1 Gran Prix World Champion- in 2005)

    • I thought Kaoklai was jipped in both the HMC and Musashi fights. He outworked them and just plain clowned Musashi. I was there live for his K1GP final run. I was going totally fucking apeshit when he knocked out Mighty Mo.

      • that’s true. what i meant is that without his huge size HMC would have been annihilated. Hey Krauser, i have some random questions on sms/text game, fairly unrelated to any particular post here. What is the best way to present them to you? Cheers

    • i think what you are doing is really awesome and have been reading your blog for about a month or so; I have learnt a lot from you, especially your drive and motivation..truly inspiring. since you clearly have skills in terms of facebook/sms/email game I am curious if you could give me your honest opinion on an sms interaction i had and how would you reply to her last “shit test” to maximize the probability of a meet. thanks!

      -day gamed girl (a solid 8) two weeks ago. after 3 minutes i get a number close
      -i text her – she does not reply. i don’t text her again.
      -I run into her again a few days ago. she recognizes me, is friendly, we talk for 10 minutes. i tease her a little about she stalking me

      sms conversation as follows:
      ME: I will ask a judge to put a restraining order on you if you don’t stop following me 🙂
      HER (after 2 minutes): Hey, it’s indeed a small world! good seeing you just now. I will not stop 😉
      ME (after 40 minutes): No? In that case, I hope your new job pays well..coz am very hi maintenance
      HER (after 1.30h): that’s not surprising..we’ll see what happens 😉
      ME (following morning): you have sense of humour..i like that. you taking some time off before starting your new job?
      HER (early afternoon): you know i have been so frustrated i don’t get any garden leave! only 4 days break before i start my new job 😦
      ME (evening): this means you can keep going to and buy cakes for your colleagues …do you deliver in XXX (i told you i am hi maintenance)?
      HER: delivery girl?! haha, i’m not sure
      ME: Hmm, i dont think it’s gonna work out between us then 😉
      HER: haha u will soon know what is hi maintenance 🙂 happy friday
      ME (saturday): I like challenges.
      ME (Tuesday): Hey…how was your weekend?
      HER (after 1h): not bad…i did a class learning about thai massage. how about yours?
      ME (after 2hrs): went sailing…nothing better than a rush of adrenaline to get rid of last week’s market stress.
      HER: wow…i thought you like shopping 😉
      ME: nah, only buying a good cup of coffee while enjoying a stimulating conversation
      ME (today): Bizarre..some random woman just handed me a handout for thai massage courses just now on the street. made me think about you
      HER (a few hours ago): hey u do think about me a lot!

      • My thoughts:

        – Getting a number in 3 minutes usually results in a flake. You two must’ve hit it off well for it to turn out solid. I guess the re-approach sealed that.
        – Go direct and invite her out. There’s as much attraction now as there ever will be. Every additional text not inviting her out is DLVing by showing a lack of sexual intent. Bite the bullet and accept that sometimes when you ask a girl out she says no.
        – Waiting a while to text is good, like you did
        – I’d have written shorter messages

        Text game is overrated. I think of it as adding maybe 5% to the attraction and is mostly logistical. Bad text game however can remove 100% of the attraction. My preferred route is to use to to (i) solidify the approach (ii) a mild display of value (iii) an invite. Can do that in about five texts.

  3. great feedback, thanks!

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