The euro-jaunt rucksack

January 9, 2015

I’ve just left the chilly climes of Northern England to get a bit of winter sun on the south coast of Spain. Perhaps that’s a good time to talk about some of my tips for the regular euro-traveller who wants to squeeze in a few extra creature comforts.

Product update

December 20, 2014

Righty-ho. I think I’m about a week away from completing Daygame Overkill. So far I’ve edited the entirety of part one, the theory seminar, and I’ve edited seven of the ten in-fields that comprise the second part. I’ve captioned the remaining three. So, this is what remains:

  • Film a product welcome and introduction to the model.
  • Film and edit in the analysis of the last three videos.
The future, yesterday

The future, yesterday

This won’t take long. It’ll be hosted by an online streaming service so it’s viewable on laptops and smartphones. I’m trying to disable iPad compatibility because I don’t want faggots watching it. I’ll be offering a discount code on those of you who snap it up early and then increasing the price every two weeks until the only person who can afford it is the man who needs it most – Mark Suckerberg.

Jesus fucking Christ

Jesus fucking Christ

Winter Hibernation

November 18, 2014

I’m pretty damn sick of game and travel now. It’s been one hell of a year, and yet again the current year was an improvement on the prior year – for the fifth straight year. Life is great, I’m just worn out. I need to do all those things normal people do – hobbies, reading, sleeping in late, hitting the gym. So, I’m not sure what will happen with the blog for the remainder of 2014. I’m putting a lot of energy into editing Daygame Overkill and that’s killing me. There are also a few books in the pipeline.

My goal was to make 2014 the year of great products, and then resume normal blogging and gaming in 2015. That’s still the plan. So I’m hoping to get these last few products into a good enough state by New Year that I can just tinker around with them at my leisure in 2015 and still get a decent release schedule. We shall see.

Don’t expect to see any +1s for a while. I’m not opening, texting, or long gaming any girls. I had 23 new girls in 2014 and another 8 repeats. That’s quite enough, thanks.

Primal Seduction – Launch

September 4, 2014

As regular readers are aware, I’ve been working hard all year expanding the Sigma Wolf product range. Today represents the culmination of six months effort producing a new Game textbook with Steve Jabba. For six long months we’ve been writing, editing, interviewing and drawing. Finally, it’s done!

150,000 words and 408 pages of advanced seduction advice, drilling deep into the mind of the best seducer I’ve ever known (Steve, not me!). Watch this video for a walk through the book. Eager beavers can proceed directly to the order page here.

The centrepiece of the book is a 200-page deconstruction of the Eleven Cornerstone Characteristics of the universally attractive man. Your inner game will always express itself in your outer game – the self is always coming through. This mammoth section outlines the mindset of a master seducer. Now, this is no woolly Power Of Now feelgood pablum. Each of the cornerstone characteristics is related back to picking up and banging women – constantly. The whole book is about banging women and we never lose sight of that. Immediately after the mindsets is a large section on precise say-this/do-that infield advice.

Here are some sample pages (note book interior prints in b/w). The reader feedback on Daygame Mastery was highly enthusiastic so we decided to apply the same level of professional polish to Primal Seduction – and then raise the bar even higher.

The book is divided into four big sections - Context, Mindsets, Mechanics and Action Plan

The book is divided into four big sections – Context, Mindsets, Mechanics and Action Plan

This is the core text, in this case one of the cornerstone characteristics

This is the core text, in this case one of the cornerstone characteristics

Every key concept is expanded further in interviews

Every key concept is expanded further in interviews

We never lose site of the practical application

We never lose sight of the practical application

This is the perfect companion product to Mastery. There’s very little overlap in content. Primal Seduction covers a wider range of scenarios including bar and club game – places where Steve has been the uncontested #1 player in London for years. I hope you all like it and I look forward to hearing your feedback upon reading it.

Buy the premium hardback book of Primal Seduction here!

Bar-to-Bedroom: An uninterrupted audio of a First Date Lay

March 29, 2014

Just a shame that it’s Tom’s and not mine…… Take it away Welshman….

Here’s a full audio infield of a first date (d2) I went on last week with a French girl I’d met a few days previously during a daygame session. I’ve annotated the audio throughout to highlight my dating structure and the social dynamics being played out.

Some things to note:

  • I’m running the “one date only” condensed version of my dating model involving just a single venue (a pub near my house) and then a fast bounce home. It’s high-risk-high-reward
  • I’m weaving in and out of rapport and seduction, fractionating verbally and non-verbally to amp up her buying temperature. The whole thing takes about an hour.
  • Classic techniques are used but condensed: open questions, cold reads, parroting, stealth questions, statements of intent, cocky-funny, push-pull, kino routines, Questions Game, deep rapport, emotive language, flipping-the-script, disarming the boyfriend, passing her classic tests, verbal bamboozling
  • She reveals some spot-on observations about the power of eye contact, sub-communication and the secret language of seduction
  • I’m very honest with her about being the lover not the provider. I put myself into the r-selection box from the start and she’s ok with it
  • Logistics and leading are key. I meet her in Marble Arch near my house, it’s a three minute walk to the pub, a two minute walk to a shop and then another two minutes to my house. I’ve checked out seating in the pub before I start and prepared my room at home for the pull.
  • There’s some very light token LMR which is handled with the usual techniques: roll offs, calling out the Elephant In The Room, pacing, pre-empting
  • The post-sex “interview” sheds light on the importance of intent, sub-communication and being discreet, plus why nice guys finish last.

If you’ve been cold approaching and generating lots of leads but losing girls on the dates then I’d suggest you try out this fast version of the dating model to push your comfort zones. 95% of men on dates sink in the quick sand of comfort and rapport, forgetting they have to take control, spike it up sexually and pull the trigger. This fast dating structure will force you to practice these essential skills.

To learn more about my daygame and dating model, plus read more than 130 lay reports where I break down many more date techniques, check out my books on my website

Goodbye London, Hello FSU – Final meet and greet

March 24, 2014

I just picked up my Russian visa today and contracted to leave all my worldly possessions in a cheap storage unit on the outskirts of town. So it’s done. Goodbye London and it’s fat horrible women, unwelcome immigrants, and sky-high prices……!

Actually, no. I love London. It’s been very good to me and I fully intend to return. But I require forward motion and the FSU promises me hotter girls and juicer steaks. I’ll be taking Team Krauser along with me for the ride. Tom has organised a Book Launch Event & Meet Up. Per his new blog:

WHEN: Friday 28th March, 8pm-10pm (doors open at 7.45pm)

WHERE: Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London, Room 3/4 Blue

PRICE : £5 on the door

SPEAKERS: Tom Torero, Nick Krauser

RSVP: Email to reserve a seat

So if any of you scallywags want your copy of Nitro / Mastery signed, bring it along. If you need to discreetly dispose of Torero Travels there’ll be a confidential waste shredder in the corner.


February 20, 2014

I’m fucking knackered. Winter sucks.

I drained myself producing Daygame Mastery. That was 150,000 words of my best material written in four months and then two months obsessing over the editing, art and layout. After experience the great satisfaction of releasing the book, a major “reaching the summit” moment of personal achievement….. I crashed. Burnout. Post-project funk.

150,000 words. Just think how many blog posts that would’ve been. When I was an undergraduate we thought a 15,000 word dissertation was a big deal, the big scary end-of-Uni test. I just wrote ten of them in a fraction of the time. So for the past month I’ve just been hibernating in my room, catching up on videogames.

I think I’m one of the few people who completed Castlevania Lord of Shadows.

Inner game work in progress

Inner game work in progress

So I won’t be putting much up on the blog for the next month. Probably not, anyway. I’m not going out hitting on girls and all the ideas I’d been playing with got channeled into the book. I also have a couple more projects in the works which are taking what little creative energy I have left.

And I just bought Call Of Duty Ghosts.

So my apologies if you all keep checking this site and there’s nothing new to report. I expect to emerge from hibernation in March and start my season of Eur0-jaunts. Then I’ll have something to write about. Until then……

Book Launch

January 25, 2014

It will be held Sunday 26th at 7pm at the Henry Holland pub on Duke Street (next to Selfridges). The guest list is already full and if you haven’t already received an email from me, it means you’re not on the guest list. Thus you are not guaranteed a place. You are welcome to turn up and if we can squeeze you in, we will. It really depends how the room fills up.

So, guest list guys get in first (7pm) and then from 7:15pm if there’s any space left, late-deciders can come in until the room is full. Sorry, these things aren’t easy to predict attendance.

Daygame voyeurs are not welcome. Don’t bother coming unless you’ve done at least 100 sets.