Product update

December 20, 2014

Righty-ho. I think I’m about a week away from completing Daygame Overkill. So far I’ve edited the entirety of part one, the theory seminar, and I’ve edited seven of the ten in-fields that comprise the second part. I’ve captioned the remaining three. So, this is what remains:

  • Film a product welcome and introduction to the model.
  • Film and edit in the analysis of the last three videos.
The future, yesterday

The future, yesterday

This won’t take long. It’ll be hosted by an online streaming service so it’s viewable on laptops and smartphones. I’m trying to disable iPad compatibility because I don’t want faggots watching it. I’ll be offering a discount code on those of you who snap it up early and then increasing the price every two weeks until the only person who can afford it is the man who needs it most – Mark Suckerberg.

Jesus fucking Christ

Jesus fucking Christ


  1. Looking forward to the finished product. Pleasure to have been a part of it.

  2. “I’m trying to disable iPad compatibility because I don’t want faggots watching it.”

    Made me “lol.” Good morning laugh.

  3. I fucking lolled at that iPad remark too, hilarious Krauser

  4. “I’m trying to disable iPad compatibility because I don’t want faggots watching it.”
    You’d be my hero!! seriously, what the heck haha

  5. Justin Wayne is talking about you on his new youtube video and made a public challenge to you krauser. You should check it out. [link removed]

    [I wish Justin good luck in promoting his business, but I feel no obligation to help him do so – whether it’s tolerating your sock-puppeting and link-whoring here, or participating in publicity stunts. K.]

    • I agree that you don’t have to answer Wayne’s accusations, etc. But I am curious as to your opinion of his method. He claims his method is the best daygame system out there. His “Domino Effect” is a combination of flirting escalation with physical escalation. He touches girls by forced hand holding and forced hugs and advocates doing “mini instant dates” by holding their hand while walking them a few blocks. His system is a more physical style of daygame as opposed to the LDM. My question though is: is his system a product of America and only applicable to America? My guess is that you couldn’t do the forced physicality in EE or FSU countries. And his system would crumble without the physicality as his verbals are nowhere near as good as the levels set by LDM style daygamers. (Really, his verbals and his high pitched voice, for a black guy no less, are terrible. Its amazing he gets laid at all.)

      I actually have had more success with Wayne’s style than with LDM, but I don’t do great volume with daygame and I live in America. IMO, Torero and you have the smoothest verbals I’ve seen from the daygame community. Yet, I’d be willing to bet that in NYC, Wayne and those competent at his style would get laid more precisely because his physicality would better screen for available girls. But I’m no expert in this. [My answer to the physical question is in Overkill. You’ll have to ask the NYC daygamers about his style / ratios etc. I haven’t been there. K.]

    • Yeah, sorry about that big video. I didnt know how to delete it once i posted it. [No worries. Just had Justin Wayne’s flunkies blogwhore here sporadically over past few years. K.]

  6. I think it was premature and a slap on the face to claim Justin Wayne’s videos were fake. The man SCAMMED fellow pua into believing they could sleep with women in a SOCIAL CIRCLE he created. What I have heard was some were pissed because they paid good money and ONLY HE got laid. That does not take away from the fact that his structure is REALLY EFFECTIVE.

    But man seeing you and Justin Wayne fight is a shame for the community. You guys revolutionized the game with proof based teachings. I read both of your writtings. Krauser= more insightful and effective self development teachings. Justin Wayne= More technical and effective game teachings. I was hoping you guys would team up but that can still happen because REAL MEN don’t hold grudges 🙂 [He scammed more than just the men. It’s a squalid story, see here. However, it was two years ago and I’m fully willing to accept that he’s more legit now. Although I don’t actually care. K.]

  7. Nice, looking forward to seeing how it’s come out.

    Ps Justin Wayne can suck my sweaty curry balls

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