Daygame Overkill – pre-order discount

December 25, 2014

Ho ho ho!

Wouldn’t it be great if a top daygamer was to record his in-fields while in peak form, hitting on ten hot young girls in Croatia? These would be real interactions, a few of which resulted in lewd sexual acts a day or two later. Then imagine this money-grabbing generously-minded capitalist daygamer very patiently deconstructed those interactions so you can see exactly what is happening, and why. Let’s say he included a wide range of interactions so you can see Yes, Maybe and No girls with an explanation of all the subtle cues for how to spot them and what to do about it.

Then let’s say that same man delivered a two-hour theoretical presentation explaining why this new daygame is different to what you’re doing. He tells you everything you need to make the leap from “nice guy daygamer who barely gets laid” to “bad boy daygamer that kills it”. And he shows it all with live in-field examples.

As if that’s not enough to make you cream your pants, imagine if the whole model was simplified so that it’s easy to learn, and there are just a few principles you need to keep in mind while talking to girls. That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

Overkill screens

I’m not so generous as to give it away, but at this price it’s a steal. Daygame Overkill is released on New Year’s Eve. Perfect timing to provide a destination for your excess Christmas gift money and motivate you to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get better with women. Buy it on release for $199.

However, in the spirit of goodwill to all blog readers men, I offered a pre-order discount of $25. That’s now expired.


This code was only for pre-orders and I removed the code before release, on a whim, so that only the early-birds benefited from it. Before crying over such unfairness, let’s review just what you’ll get for your $199 if you jump on it now:

  1. A two hour theoretical presentation of r-selection daygame.
  2. Ten live in-fields including detailed play-by-play analysis. That’s over three hours of demonstration.
  3. A half hour remedial introduction to the London Daygame Model including graphics of the latest tweaks.
  4. All recorded in full HD, streamed onto your laptop or smartphone.

This is my best product yet. 335 minutes of tightly-packed daygame awesomeness. Be excited. Be very excited.

UPDATE – Lulu are offering a 25% discount on books, expiring 31/12, using the AMA25 code


  1. Man, releases are coming hard and fast lately. Nicely done. [Thanks. This is the last big one for a long time. K.]

  2. Looks sick, mate. This will be a game changer in the community. As much as I’ve learned from others in this industry (I wont mince words), you’ve got a rare honesty that is refreshing and lacking in this community. Our world view are very much in opposition, but talent is talent and you’ve got bucket-loads. I’ll accost you some day when I move to London [soon] and buy you a pint/lunch. [Thanks boss, hope you enjoy it. K.]

  3. I like how you’re eating a sandwich 😉

  4. Hi krauser.

    I am interested in buying overkill but i have never used a video product before. Once I pay for this can I then access it whenever i want? Can I download it to my computer?

    Thanks, [It’s unlimited streaming but I’m not sure about downloading. I wanted the download option turned off but I think Vimeo automatically turns it back on. So, you can probably download it but don’t count on it. K.]

  5. Are the videos downloadable or only streamed? Unlimited streaming after purchase? [Unlimited streaming. Not sure about downloading – that question will be answered on Day One. K.]

    • Splendid. Purchased. We’re truly standing on the shoulders of giants. You are underrated here in North America Nic. Thanks. [Hopefully not after this video gets seen! Thanks. K.]

  6. Pre Ordered.! Can’t wait.

    Let’s do this! You drop the knowledge and I the elbow grease.

    Heres to a Banging 2015 ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all.

  7. Really great product! It would be super helpful to me, and I’m sure others, to see the full infield’s without the commentary. Would that be a possible addition? Cheers [I’m considering it. Vimeo allows me to add extra modules after release. The versions with commentary are complete – I don’t remove any content. K.]

  8. Pre-ordered. Nice one. I for one want the commentary (it’s the main point of the product in my opinion). Any chance you will be putting out the extra material you showed at the pre-launch from November? [Video of me fucking girls? No. Hope you like the non-porno version! K.]

  9. How many of these girls did you end up fucking? Just curious. [Fucked one (20yr old), blowjob off another (a 19yr old virgin), handjob off a third (20yr old), and two makeouts. K.]

  10. Hi Nick, bought both of your daygame instructional book, mind opening stuff and pure gold! Since then my mind has gone on overdrive and I can’t stop develioping my own ideas, I’m afraid the cutting edge is no longer the cutting edge but I suppose it still is since I have not published anything yet. I have developed some great stuff like “time shifting” “time warp” inorder to take the women back in time whilst forword projecting her in the pretent tense through bouncing her whilst at the same time loading her with outcome input directions. This is not bullshit I told you dude the shit is more advanced than what we know, it could also be possible that some other dude is even more advanced but I doubt it. I recently finished a degree at University and I can tell you in DayGame there is more to learn, its like a Phd. Amazing. Its the only thing which beats my facination in MMA training which I didn’t think was possible. Anyway, love your books, thanks for writing them. [Thanks boss, I’m glad it’s stimulated further ideas. K.]

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