1. Nice artwork on the Adventure Sex panel – old-school ‘shocking’ / ‘controversial’ etc. paperback look thoroughly nailed, esp. the nasty colours (might have gone for madder lettering for titles). You pick your contract workers well. All the best with it all. [Thanks boss. I’ve got one particular graphic artist who is really talented. K.]

  2. Just read this… it’s thick, and a bit random, but I thought you might find it interesting.


    Lots of interesting comments about men… and their relationship to charm. [I just read it. Interesting. Hollywood has to import all it’s leading me. K.]

  3. Why are the girls names in the credits? Did they know they were being filmed? [Use your brain. How many girls have surnames like Bambi, Dark, Toto or a full name like Nina Nena? K.]

  4. Don’t know whether you’ve seen this. This guy uses game principles to pitch to big finance corporations in the States. Your name is mentioned a few times in the mix:

  5. Hello Nick,
    Your new product Daygame Overkill seems good. Just one question: are there subtitles for all the infield videos like on the trailer? I ask that because I am not a native english speaker (I am french) and sometimes it is difficult for me to understand you.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Guillaume [All ten infields are fully subtitled. The seminar talk has only slides and titles. K.]

  6. No more discount code for daygame overkill pre-order?

  7. This is what people want from a product such as this and if this product is lacking in these elements then further products should be released which do. So, what are these ellements, we want street infields, date infields, bedroom infields escalation without the actual sex, we also need a same day lay infield, kiss closes on date infields. It is up to you if you wish to provide these elements, but if you do not others will, its only a matter of time.

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