The real secret of eternal youth

December 19, 2014

I woke up late today, about 11am, because I’m sleeping off a root canal treatment I had yesterday in Newcastle. Yes, my teeth are still fucking with me. Hopefully it’s all sorted now. So, I wake up and shuffle into the bathroom for a hot shower, climb into my clothes and then set the coffee filter machine brewing my morning cup. I can hear birds singing in the garden and I look out the conservatory windows to see the family cats chasing one up a tree.

but 4 degrees Celcius

but 4 degrees Celcius

My laptop boots up and I notice Steam is having a holiday sale. Chivalry is reduced from £18.99 to £4.99 so I snap it up and it downloads while I check my mails, books sales, and do my daily round-up of the few blogs I still regularly read (Steve Sailer, Heartiste, Vox Day, Roosh, D&P). Then I run around medieval Europe hacking limbs from rival knights for half an hour. Hmmmm, I’m hungry. I walk down the local pub for Cumberland sausages on mash inside a giant Yorkshire Pudding. I get a second coffee and read through my hardboiled detective paperback. It’s about 2pm now. I’m WhatsApping a few of the girls on my international rotation, hassling them for new naked photos. It’s Friday. Anyway…. I won’t bore you with my day. The point is this…… I begin to ruminate on the nature of free time.

There is only one truly precious resource in life – your time.

Time is the only thing you can’t get more of. It’s the resource you trade for everything else. When you go to work you trade it for money. With hobbies you trade it for fun. With girls you trade it for sex and affection. It’s your most precious resource and you’d better use it wisely. Don’t give it away cheaply. Don’t waste it. Don’t let people steal it. So my mind wanders further and I do a quick calculation of my free time now compared to when I worked “in the matrix” in my banking job. So, let’s compare:


  • 07:45 – Wake up, shower, rush breakfast, get dressed, walk to work.
  • 09:00 – Morning in the office, until the lunch break from 1pm till 2pm – half of that is walking to deli and waiting in queue.
  • 14:00 – Afternoon in the office, usually getting out at about 6pm.
  • 18:00 – Walk home, pick up dry cleaning, unburden myself of work clothes, put on normal clothes, start cooking.
  • 20:00 – Finally I’m rested and well fed. My free time begins.
  • 00:00 – Bedtime.


  • ??:?? – Wake up when I damn well feel like it.
  • ??:?? – An hour or so on my business, blog, and related mails and admin
  • ??:?? – If I feel like working I’ll do anywhere from one hour to ten hours work on a product or blogpost.

So I realised that while at work I only really had four hours of free time per weekday, or twenty hours a week. Now it’s more like fifteen hours per day is free. I’ve quadrupled my weekday free time. Now, that’s not to say I lie in a hammock and watch Family Guy all day but almost my entire waking life is a blank slate that I fill with the things I feel like doing and only those. Future project that over the rest of my life. Twenty hours a week vs fifteen hours a day. Let’s say weekends are the same in both lifestyles.

Someone who wasted my time, yesterday.

Someone who wasted my time, yesterday.

If you consider, like I do, that the real business of living is doing the things you like in your free time then I’ve “extended my life” by four times.

I’m not saying the maths is perfect, but it’s a thought isn’t it. Unplugging doesn’t just extend your life through better health and lower stress. You’re pretty much extending it just by the incredible multiplier applied to your free time.


  1. Good post. Makes you think about how to count time.

    I sympathize with your teeth issues. English teeth suck. English skin, too. I got English blush, Celtic skin, but fakking English teeth. [I’m very proud of my high-status skin colour. To be born English is to win the genetic lottery. K.]

  2. Let’s say you can live like this for the moment but if a major economic crysis will strike the economy next year or a war will come do you think someone will be interested in your “work”?What will you do then? [I already survived Crysis 1, 2, 3 and now Warhead. No problems. K.]

  3. Doesn’t your mind suffer from restlessness?

    I mean having free time is good and I wish I had more, but 15 hours a day, after doing the handful of things I enjoy doing I wonder if I’d go a bit mad?

    This is somewhat related: Farmers in Quebec perform back breaking labour on a daily basis for decades on end with their bodies holding up fine well into their 60s. Then after they stop, retire it’s common for their bodies to break down and die within a couple years of their retirement.

    What I mean by this, will I be consuming that free time or will that free time eventually be consuming me? [Such a question would never occur to me. Even 15 hours a day isn’t enough time to read all the books, play all the games, get to the gym, meet all the girls. K.]

  4. Cool story. To speed up teeth healing as well limit pain 10.000mg+ (daily in several doses) of pure vitamin C (in severe cases some extra amino acid l-phenylanine in doses of 1000mg) will aid. A friend of mine got his widsom teeth pulled out with only 4 days between both of them. He did not even need painkillers, but he took 15.000mg vit. C powder daily without any sign of titration (light diarrhea as a sign that your body has enough vit. C). The dentist was amazed that he healed up so remarkably fast and had no need of painkillers. They could pull the other tooth just after 3 days. Yeah – it only took to take the equivalent of almost 200 oranges in vit. C – also it works as a painkiller in that dose.

    But yeah – I have walked away from my corporate job some 3 years ago even before swallowing the Red PIll some 1,5 years now. The job just sucks up so much time off your life – still remember the precious 2 weeks of holidays I had and so much stuff I tried to stuff into that pitiful time-frame.

    Red Pill makes men reassess their priorities and use their creativity to do what masculine men do – walking their own path instead of serving the feminine imperative.

  5. My favourite way of locating “lost time” is to look at how much time I spend traveling, doing boring work or doing things for other people. When I was at school and uni I would spend my travel time on a bus feeling bored or annoyed or tired. Now I try and cancel-out the wasted time by using it better. I either travel with someone (conversation), walk (exercise, meditation) or wrap all my jobs together so I don’t have to travel much. I’m saving money, getting more exercise and feeling more relaxed than before. Again, when I was at school and uni I spent a lot of time appeasing people who had nothing to offer me and doing work that added no value to my life. Now I work on my own hours, avoid people who aren’t worth my time and only do work I enjoy or that pays really well per hour. Although I probably spend an equal sum total of time on travel and work, I am enjoying both of them and using them for more than one purpose. Plus I, like you, have noticed how much more rest, random fun activities and general free time I can fit in now there’s no timetable. If I want to do something, 9/10, I can. And it’s hard to understand the importance of that until you’ve experienced both sides of the coin.

  6. Obviously we need steep bachelor taxes so that single men can never save up enough money to quit their day jobs. It’s the least we owe womyn, whether we’re married to one or not.

  7. Great post. It’s given me a boot up the arse to try and increase my passive income. Check out any of Lawrence Block’s novels if you haven’t already, sensational writer.

    Any plans to revive Count Cervantes, now you’ve got so much free time? 🙂 [I’ve read about 6 Block novels. If I go back to CC it’ll be as a book. K.]

  8. Congrats on improving your daily/weekly living so much. The value of that change is priceless really. .
    Yup, free time is worth so much, I’d rather have more free time with less income. Let’s hope we stay healthy so we can make the most of our time.

    Because of the high value of my time, for me, any speculative endeavor (with no guarantee of getting the desired results)
    is worth doing only if I can enjoy the process enough along the way (finding new women, writing a book, etc.)
    So I try to take an approach & attitude which makes the activity enjoyable enough in the moment.

    As for “the real secret of eternal youth”, I’d say the change you achieved is only part of it, but what a big wonderful part it is. Ahhh ….

  9. I spent my twenties fucking around, I had so much free time. Now I hardly have any, but what I do I savor.

  10. Amen my friend. This is is timely, this is all I can think about lately. I am stuck in a 40 hour per week Job working for a menopausal cunt. All I can think about is how great my life would be if I could wake up when I want, and never fucking be at the mercy of any employer ever again. I know you probably won’t divulge the source of your income, but don’t you bank a few months outta the year? You got any tips for someone trying to get the fuck out besides the obvious hard work? [Check out my “your life is a project” posts. Also, Tom has a product in the works about this. K.]

  11. I’ve often thought that people over value money and undervalue time. Money is very important, but it’s main utility is that having enough of it enables you to have more free time

    This is why I think in the future starting a business will be the only viable option for me. I am already at the point where I earn more money than I need from my office job. A recent pay rise combined with the end of my student loan repayments mean that as of next year I will only need 75% of my income to live well (as long as I don’t spend frivolously), and it’s possible my income will increase by a further 10% next year. This money does me no good in terms of it giving me more free time. It’s the nature of office jobs that you have to do 40 hours per week, even if you only need to work say 25 hours a week to earn, pro rata, enough to live well on. This isn’t going to work for me going forward.

  12. This guy is good on exiting the matrix:

  13. Do you make enough from book/product sales to fully fund your lifestyle, or do you have alternative sources of income, from investments for example? [In 2014 I lived entirely off my book business. K.]

  14. I hear there are loads of nice lasses in Newcastle.

  15. Hehe I bought chivalry yesterday. So much fun. :))

  16. Wahey Krauser luv! down near the tyne drinking newcastle brown ale whilst watching fat birds throw up their kebabs and alcho-pops! ye canee beat it lad! ;)))

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